Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Angry and Tired.

I am tired today, I am very angry also.

This is because someone gave me the wrong timing, and the people arrive at the wrong timing, and everything jeopardise.

4 contractors, all arrive at the wrong time. And this is something that I do not like. I was following the schedule that is on the memo, and planned all as it is required.

At 1015, First team arrive, when it should have been 1400.
Second team, arrive at 1100 when it should have been 1030. Luckily, this is no time constraint.

At 1350, this starts to jeopardise because the other 3 contractors arrive at different timing, and haih, made my work all haywire.

One even went without my knowledge, and made me a kuku.

I believe that the misorientation is due to the lack of communication. Next time, I would like to take up bangalah language. This ius because one team is a banglah, and I have a big communication problem with them, and lead to both confusion. hmm....

So many lesson taking up this year......I wish to learn a lot. perhaps next year, can change for the better.

Too tired to get angry...


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