Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Target within 6 months.

4K within 6 months

I am thinking of setting a new target. Yup, to get $4000 in 6 months. hmm... is that possible?

Bills to pay, food to eay, places to go to......gotta raise $670 per months. hmm....

This is because of the oversea project......and plus, another $700 required in 4 months time... We are controlled by the world of the money. hee hee

Anyway, $4000 is the cap. the last time went to australia, it cost me around $3500 wo. this time, it is a further place, but shorter time.

For the one who ask me the question whether am I serious or not hoh. yup. I am darn serious. Once I set the thing, I will keep it going. As Adam Khoo said, "no use planning something that doesn't move. When you made the decision, do it now."

Big project...One of my friend, recently bought a car. wow, I really envy him. but still, what can I do, but to watch only, cos I do not intend to get a car. it is like a slave to the car, rather than the car slave to me. But it is really convenient de lor.

Today, it is a hot hot really hot day. So darn wish to go to the swimming pool to dive in. and speaking of which, I finally got to the one enjoyment yesterday.


Wow, I finally got the time out of the busy slot to go to SPA yesterday. 45 minute dive in, and with the bubbles, the body finally get back to shape. yup. been a long long time since I went to the spa. Spa is really good, cos the hot water will release all the tension, and the bubbles massage the skin, making it more moisturise. when got out, really feel great. the steams are all over me. hee hee
And after a good night sleep, everything is feel great.

Plus a session of KTV after the SPA, life's like a heaven loh. Thank GOD for making it happen.


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