Saturday, May 09, 2009

Project Ba

New project started

Yup, it started, a new project Ba. and it doesn't stands for project Baby ok, I am still single wo.

Project Ba is a new sport I taking up recently.

Here's the result

Basic: 35%
Hip thrust: 17%
Front step: 67%
Right turn (own): 89%
Right turn: 53%
Change style: 49%

Next round, I must get more improvement.

What are you saying

I have to thank Otaguro san for giving me the embarrassment in the lobby. I take it not as a shame, but as an opportunity to make an effort to find out more about what is it that she wants.

I was in the lobby when I met Otaguro san. She is very nervous and saying sometime in very soft voice.

Me: Nihongo ii desu yo, Otaguro san
Otaguro: Ano ne, doa......(shisper)
Me: Nani ka.
Otaguro: Doa ??????????Kagi, oroso warui desu te.

The word doa and kagi indicated there is sometime wrong with the door.

I tell her that I will check with the mangement and refer back to her.

Then, when I went down, I made a big mistake, cos it is not the problem with the key, but it is the lockset that is giving the problem because the word orosu is in the sentence, making the sentense a totally different meaning.

Anyway, thw word "Nani ka" is used in an impolite way, because the word is short and required some other words to support.

After that, I learnt two new word:

Nan dato
Nan desu te

These are the same meaning to "What did you say?"

Hmm... I must learn these two sentence. it could help in future when doing a japanese conversation.

Another new word is learnt from Ishisaki san.


These are new words because they are used in age related addressing to people.
From Ishisaki san, I now knoe when to use them.

So ne, Ishisaki san to Otaguro san. Domo Arigato

2nd May

Made a call to China yesterday. I was thinking how are you...and you are married off, on the 2nd May

I thought it was on the 8th, but found out that the 8th is the start of project Ba

I wish the new guy will treat you better than I can to you. Seen your wedding photo, and you have grown thin. Have you been eating well?

But still, wish you happiness.



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