Sunday, May 03, 2009

BENG 20 DFMA marked assignment.

Got a bad news when I switched on the laptop yesterday. It doesn't work~! oh no~!

It seems it has recently installed a patch of software updates, and it start behaving abnormally. Hmm....

Somemore there is a folder that simply doesn't seems to go away. It has registered itself in the windows registry.

As I look into the windows registry, WOW~! it really changed a lot loh. so many keys.

Anyway, managed to get the name of that, and delete it.

after many time trying to resuscite the laptop program, I was too tired and let the PC to repair the laptop automatically. Wireless is really slow at 10MBPS.

Let it run and go to sleep. Amazing, I observed that sometime the laptop goes online wo. hmm.... is some foreign program controlling the laptop?

When I woke up in the morning, the laptop is back to normal, and the PC have fully repaired and replace damaged files in the laptop. Darn I really love that PC.

That's why, the PC hardly goes online, cos there are really a lot of weird people trying to get into the system.


This is for those who taking DFMA with me, Have you noticed the weird marking in the recent marked assignment?

In question 7, the crank machining, the answer stated in the note is 20.85, and we did get the 20.85, yet, the marked assignment says the answer should be 17.1. Aiyah!

Actually we did get the 17.1 with the correct working, but in order to get the 20.85, we add in the overtravel in, and then can get, but in the end, from the marked assignment, he wants only 17.1 and not 20.85.

For the BENG20 batch of people onward, look at the answer for question 7. Is it 20.85 or 17.1 voice it out or do it infront of the lecturer, ok.


If this come out in exam, really faint loh, cos dunno what is the real answer wo.


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