Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Life is like a box of chocolate......You never know what you are going to get......

I wish my life is like a box of chocolate too, Hazelnut chocolate. yum yum. I love hazelnut chocolate. dunno why.

If my life is like a box of hazelnut chocolate, how good it will be.

But still, I would like to thank GOD for making my life as it is now, because I have been through these far, and I have been with good company all these while.

Working experience

I have noted today one thing......
My working experience halted. and new working style stalled.
I feel that my exposure here is darn limited. I apply more than I learn, and there are a lot of things I wish to try it out myself, but the management doesn't approve of iot. so too bad. Electrical troubleshooting. they are a small piece of bread to me. the systems are so easy to understand by hardwiring. Whereas in indiustrial, all electrical circuits are in softwiring. which is near invisible also.

Was doing this troubleshooting with this guy and got so heat up, because he cannot see the logic behind the whole circuit despite the fact he have been trained many time by other people. In the end, I have to do it myself, and it is such simple task that is excuted within 10 minutes.

Electrical are really a simple curcuit by hardwiring, because it operated on I/O. and through understanding of how the cuircuit goes, a mild malfunction can be detect easily with a meter at hand. a simple testpen is the most valuable tool too.

haih. Good help are hard to come by these days.

Project SA

Mini clip, 4 combo of bumkelp + side step + slide + right turn boot turn.
result: 44%
cross step 2: 87%
pose step: 23%
Side step: 93%
Bumkelp step: 91%
framework: 54%

Maximum combination step today: Cross body + cross body lead + right turn(self) + right turn + low turn + half turn (x2) + pose step, 7 combination maximum.


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