Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project BA, week 2


Basic: 92%
Front: 90%
Hip thrust: 52%
Frame lock: 71%

Frame isolation: 32%
Quarter turn: 11%
Half turn: 0%
Full turn : 0%

Change style: 31%

No improvement. hmm.... need more practice.

Chotto Matte

This word, it is only through Fujimoto san, that I realised that there is limitation in using it.

Bearing the meaning of "One moment please", the correct word that should be used is

Shosho machi kudasai.

The word Chotto matte is used for friends, and shosho machi is widely used in formal occassion and it is more polite.


There is a new plan formulating. hmm... looks like this year end I will not be going to Hokkaido. It is amazing that not many people I came across came form Hokkaido. How come wo?
I was intending to check out from them about the Hokkaido place, but most come from Kyoto, Tokyo. Basically they are big city bah. Fujimoto san was telling me that Hokkaido is famous for their seafood, and she have visited Hokkaido many time. A pity, most of the planning trip is done by goshujun. So did not managed to find out more from her.

Fujimoto san itsumo domo arigato.


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