Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something changed

Hmm... today felt something has changed. so weird wo. Hmm... what could have caused it?

Anyway, at work was very disappointed in my skill in a leaking repair work. I think it is because I did not think out of the box, and let the trouble remain there for three days.

It is a leaking pipe, and no matter how I do it, it just keep on leaking. and this morning,t here is a contractor here to check on a house leaking problem, I put down my hat and ask for them to help.

When they came in, in less than 10 minutes, they managed to solve the problem with ease. and the solution is so simple. Just a change conversion of a pipeline, and it solve the problem entirely with ease. And the reason is that the old pipeline will not work once it is dismantled. acquired new skill. such a simple skill and I did not think of it for the past three days. Duh.

4 months on......

Been in MA for 4 months now. It is sure shiok, and I was so happy, cos everyone knows me by my name. hmm.... is that a good thing or bad thing??


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