Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project SS phase one completed

Got myself distracted during performance yesterday. Hmm... Is it because of something else?

Basic Step 94%
Bonkelp: 93%
Right turn (own): 93%
Right Turn: 79%
Side step: 97%
Cross body lead: 88%
Cross body lead turn: 65%
low turn: 77%
shoulder turn: 91%
2 hand turn + crossbody lead + low turn: 52%
change style: 61%

End of phase 1. Going for next phase next week. Intemediate 1. I must get the steps right by then. Seems there are so much to learn each day.

So far, seems to be able to do 3 hit combo. I am aiming for 7 hit combo before proceeding on. hmm....


This saturday, there will be a blood donation in Douby Ghaut MRT station. Been a long time overdue, maybe I should join them also. Wow, quite a packed schedule this Saturday. Every week, life for me sure is busy. Is there any time that I can be free?

How much do you know Stephen

Yup, I posted up a quiz in the facebook saying how much people know me. Duh, no one got 100%. Looks like I am hard to be understood. hee hee. But it is amazing, cos through the quiz, people can get to know another people better. provided the quiz is easy. Think there is one that is confusing. Cos the artist that I like is someone that people rarely heard of.


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