Saturday, May 23, 2009

What happened to me in a room in the afternoon?

A Phone call

First of all, I just want to share a great enjoyment. I received a call from a friend, who is been disappeared since last year. Hmm… was working and near afternoon, he called and ask how am I. How thrill I was, and we chat and chat till I was asking him whether when can we meet up. But we couldn’t make up a good timing, cos Saturday I am working, but he is out of town. And so is Sunday. And next week, there is a 5 day project DJML. Of all the timing, why this timing wo. Anyway, we couldn’t conclude the timing, and thus, I say next time. Hmm…. I must remember to give him a call.

Cough and Cough

Duh, the cough is still on, and I got sick of coughing, and keep on coughing in the night. When I woke up in the morning, the diaphragm is weak and painful. It is that 4th rib again. I really hate that 4th rib. Cos it is one rib where the nerve is trapped and sometime causes extreme pain under pressure. When I woke up, I really hope someone could take a chopper and chop off the 4th rib, so it wouldn’t be so much painful.


This is a weird stuff that happens today, and I have always been thinking. I woke up in the vacant room, and with the phone’s ringing. I pick it up, and it have 5 missed call, and all is called by the security and the head office. On the wall is an exposed electrical circuit, and the tools are lying around.
Last thing I could remember is I was walking to the lobby, and everthing else is black, till the time I hear the phone ringing.

What actually happened inbetween? Was I electrocuted? How can it be wo? There is no tripping in the room. I walked around and saw the drill is in another room. And the window handle was just replaced. I know the task today have window handle replacement in it. So it must be happened after the window handle replacement.

At this time, I really wonder. If I was electrocuted to death, who would miss me the most? Will anyone remember about the white teddy bear. My precious white polar teddy bear. As I was moving around the places, who would be able to find that I was really missing in the building and who will be able to find me in it?
Real scary, but I am glad that I am back into this world again.

Nemoto san

Funny thing happens today, and I just wish I could laugh over it, cos it is a bit angry, but thinking back, I really should have trust my conscious.
Nemoto appear out of nowhere, and told me she wanted to change a lightbulb. As she was struggling with English, I speak to her in Japanese, so she could easily understand. Then, there is a sentence I really got totally weird, cos it was so long, I couldn’t piece them up.

When I go up, and do the one job she request, and later, found out that she remembered another thing, and I have to go down to take it. And after that, she remembered another thing, and I realized totally, it is the fault of the leasing dept that did not follow up on her previous promises. Thus, I am yet again, yo face the direct bombardment. Quickly made a call back. And once approval is given to change it, I wuickly went down and get the spare part and change it.

Hmm… At least we got rid of the problem. And sometime, I really cannot tolerate the way people break promises, and I have to face the firing squard. In this case, it is only the gun man. Haha

Anyway, as a token, I learnt a new word from Nemoto san. And it is the word Do-gu. Hee hee a very useful word. I learnt from watanabe san yesterday: O jamashimasu. A totally useful word, and I used it on Nemoto san, and she is quite polite and answered back.

Project BA
Basic Step : 89%
Front step : 84%
Chest move : 12%
Right turn(own) : 91%
3 combination turn : 26%
Quarter turn : 67%
Half turn : 72%
Change style : 49%


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