Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coughing days is here.

Cough Cough

Now is the season to get sick, I guess, a lot of people around me is getting sick. I got this bad cough, that never seems to end. Hmm... wonder where it comes from too.

Anyway, the Swine Flu nowadays is getting quite serious with lot of people getting infected. How is it that this kinda flu get mutated into such a state wo. Is someone not finishing the antibiotic and lead to this catastrophy?

Coporate Trust

Working in a company always have this politics, and stuff like that. I was observing and reviewing about this cycle that goes on, and realised of one word of caution by cynthia last year. hmm.... I think she is trying to tell me something about this company and I found out who and what is she refering to.

Working place is like a fighting warzone everyday, and people like to spread rumours around. In this kind of environment, it is very hard for the compnay to progress. and sometime, there will be black face all over the place. Say too much, and you get grilled by the very person you trust in the meeting.

And now, I can see a cycle now where there is this person alwyas enquire about stuff from other department, and he is quite nosey, to step his leg into everything. What is with him wo? Doesn't he have enough things to do? and the funny part is when there is credit, he just take it on himeself. and when there is trouble, you know the scrap goat have to be pulled in.

Just today, he enquired about the stuff in building MA, and I just tell him to check with my manager. And he is not happy. Well, it is another person affair, so without any head, why should I tell you the tail? Can see he is not happy wo. But the pattern is like this. Say too much, and there will be confusion everywhere.

Building MA seems to everyone that it have nothing to do. But there are quite a lot of things to do actually, just to see whether does anyone wants to look for it. Everyone think there is nothing to do over here, and it is only when they reached here, they would know there are a lot to do here wo. This is especially so when I am around here. kee kee

Jean's favorite song

Thia iS a favorite song of Jean, Lamento Boliviano, Toque De Keda.

Seems to be like a theme song. Was checking the move yesterday for 3 hours, and thought of using it for dancing. Was actually shy at first, when the australia feeling kick in, and I went up and ask for the song. Hmm.... the singer said just for me, they will play it. and I thought it is played in the middle, but did not expect them to play it on the first song.

When the song was played, I was at a total loss, cos a lot of planned moves are not ready ye. Duh. not quite the expectation, but it is fine. Some of the moves was actually forgotten. Duh

So glad Jean like it.

Allergic to Fancl sunguard

This is somethng that is confirmed I cannot use it. the Fancl sunguard. It was actually suspected at first, but after I ask for the sample and try it, It is confirmed that the skin is allergic to it. First, I will get this itchy feeling, and then, the sweat will keep on coming out, following by reddness. Quickly, I rinse it off with the mild cleansing oil, and use back the old sun screen.

Precious bear

Not many people got this right in one of my quiz in the facebook. And it says:

If stephen is dead, what would you bury him with?

And the answer is actually, a white teddy bear.

To think I am quite old, but I really love that bear a lot. Even reminded my cousins that if I die, please bury me with the whilte bear.

The white polar bear is the one thing that followed me through thick and skin. When I am sad, it is the only bear that I hug to. After the hug, everything would be better.

At one time, I was passing by a pasar malam, and when I walk through a store selling baby cloth, my cousin was pointing at a shirt and say maybe the bear can fit in it. I was at a daze for a while, and then thougt of the bear. Wow. I am a genius. I went up and choose a cloth for the 1 month old, and dound one that is nice with a head cover. From that day onward, the bear have a shirt to wear.

It is in 2007, the bear got a new cloth. a Maize looking cloth. And it is hand knitted. The bear looks very nice in it, can you imagine that the shirt for the bear actually was made in less than 2 weeks wo.

Love that white bear......which is now perhaps a bit black. but I sill love it.

Project SS

Glide turn: 51%
Cross lead turn + Cross lead + Slide turn: 52%
Right turn(own) + Right turn + Cross lead turn + Cross lead + slide turn +low hand turn: 42%

Project BA

Basic: 71%
Front: 80%
Quarter Turn: 51%
Half turn: 45%
Full turn: 0%
Right turn (own):81%
Right turn: 80%

Toque D Keda Lamento Boliviano :
Me quieren agitar
me incitan a gritar
soy como una roca
palabras no me tocan
adentro hay un volcan
que pronto va a estallar
yo quiero estar tranquilo...

Es mi situación una desolación
soy como un lamento,
lamento boliviano
que un día empezo y
no va a terminar
y a nadie hace daño...

Y yo estoy aquí
borracho y loco
y mi corazón idiota
siempre brillará
y yo te amaré
[ Find more Lyrics on ]
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar...

Y yo estoy aqui
borracho y loco
y mi corazon idiota
siempre brillará
y yo te amaré
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar

Y yo estoy aqui
borracho y loco
y mi corazon idiota
siempre brillará
y yo te amaré
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar


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