Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Finally, the end of the 5 days DJML project. So difficult wo. Anyway, I am glad I pulled through it. Now it is time for DPC project. To understand it.

Enlightening SMS

I got a sms some days ago, and it really made me wonder…… If I were to meet someone few years earlier, where would we be? Hmm…. We will not have to go through some hardship. And perhaps. Avoid the loss of time. And then again, even if we meet now, we should look at it that time is still not too late on our side……
Then, another thought came. If we were to look at the present now, and start working on it, wouldn’t it better to get on with our life, than spending the whole time pounding why doesn’t it happen earlier……

If the facebook was not invented, will we not meet together, or shall we be delayed or meet by other mean? Hmm… If MSN is not written, will we not know of each other number ever?

All things happens by fate of eventuality. Then again, now that it have come to past, better get on working to see how will it go.

Restaurant City

If you are on the facebook, look me up, I am now into restaurant City. It is a very fun and interesting game in the facebook, wher eyou can watch the money and space of the restaurant grow. I really find it fun, cos you can recruit your friend to work in the restaurant, and help out, and see people eating the meals. Some would demand for certain things, and if you do not have something that they want, they either give you a thumb down, or just walk away.
It is a hard game on one hand, cos you have to really optimize the cook, so that the patrons are happy about it. Making too much table, they will give you a thumbs down if you are not cooking it fast enough. Putting too less table, and you see the cook will have idle time, making a loss in the revenue.

I really thanks Veron a lot cos she showed me a mistake in my restaurant, and oh duh~! It is a irreversible mistake. Can’t really bring it back, unless I have to restart the whole game again, and my points and everything I work for will be back to zero. Anyway, after listening to her advice, I will continue on it, but avoid making that mistake again. And with this mistake, I really loses out a lot on an opportunity to make my money grow faster.


Finally, I got a chance to go spa today. Phew, it is a great relief, cos the spa treatment can really repair all the body ache, and regenerate all the muscles faster. Feel so relax now. And together with the hot water and the bubbles, some less than 40 minutes treatment is enough to cure all the aching around the body, and staying too long should be observed, cos the chlorine smell is toxic, but it is necessary to kill the bacteria in the spa pool.

If only there is oxygen tank in it, then I can breath through the oxygen tank and stay in it longer.

Blood drawn

Finally, after third week, I got the blood drawn out. Some 450cc of it. Now is having less blood now. But well, one step closer to the 50 point mark.

I have been going to the HAS since last month, cos somehow, the blood HBP is less than the requirement. It is caused by too little iron. Hmm…. If too much of binge drinking causing this? Maybe I should cut down. Anyway, on Sat, when I got there, I tried not to drink any caffeine drink, and also to drink more water. Guess what, it is exactly the lowest limit, but still pass, so I got through, and have the blood donation done. Hmm…. Did you know that one blood donation, you can save three people’s blood? Cos the blood will be separated, and well, the nurse said my blood is a rare blood, but a selfish blood also, cos it can only save a type of person, but many others can save me. Hmm….Can you guess what blood type I am? Hee hee.

Terminator Salvation

I have watched this terminator salvation, and I really watch it in hope that the machine war would end. Well, apparently, the machine still wins. Duh

The resistance are organizing a world wide skynet invasion, and all because of the guy Kyle Reese, is captured, and John Connor have no choice, but to go into the skynet to save Kyle from the skynet, or else, john will not be born. Hmm…. Speaking of terminator salvation, have anyone been following the Terminator, the Sarah Connor chronicle? Hmm…. Cameron is dead, because she was badly damaged in the rescue of Sarah Connor. She gave her chip to Cromarty, who dunno went to where. Then John went with Katherine to the future, in hope to find Cromarty, and kill it.

If there is a link between Terminator and the Sarah Connor chronicles, I think I will win the whole story telling, but too bad, there is no connection. I was puzzled, because in the terminator Salvation, John did not exercise the role of programming the terminators, or if he can reprogram the hunter killers, it will serve him well,. Instead, he have to blow that hunter killer away when he learnt to disable it.

And did you know that John did not know about the way of the reprogramming of the terminators. It is through Cameron, that John learnt how to disable the terminators, and take the chip out. Else, I think he may have to delayed his learning of reprogramming the terminators.

December Hokkaido abort

After given much thought, I have to give december hokkaido a miss. This is due to some factors, and one of them is that the capital will not reach enoguh by that day. and also, it is a winter, and there will be a need to spend more in buying the winter cloth, and this inturn, will add to the expense, and because winter cloth is used, there will be less space int he luggage. Thus, maybe I go in april instead.

Anyway, the nearest holiday. hee hee. a place near to Singapore, and it is on a $300 budget. yippy~!


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