Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sweet dream yesterday night.

Yippy, Today got a CD from one of my friend. It is one CD that I lack, and it is nice wo.

Thanks to Keith for that. I make sure it get into my database soon.

Date setted for something wonderful

Yesterday went out with my friend to check out on the price of the next vacation, and wow, it is within my budget wo. Hmm... can't wait to go there. The date have been setted, and will try to apply for leave next week, when the manager is around. Hmm.... He have been on one week leave.

Anyway, assistant manager took over and well, it is suppose to be a relief, but he seems to be trying to incharge of everything there. Duh. I really hate this kind of arrangement, where there are two commanders and they may spoilt the whole schedule. Dun even wanna bother about it.

Hmm.... well, some of the stuff have to backlog it, because the manager is on leave, and as the head, he will know what is going on. and it is the role of the assistant manager to do urgent arrangement should something mess up. Well, most of the mess have been averted because I hold the key now, and now, this assiatnt manager is trying to add more workload to us. Hmm.... feel like firing him sometime.

You think I am free in MB? think again loh.


I have a wonderful dream yesterday. And as soon as I woke up, I just couldn't resist to write it down first.

I was on vacation with neko chan. And we went to sun tan and Spa during the day, and then a dinner by the beach, and then, went to see people fishing. After a short stroll, I brought out a mat out of nowhere, and flip it on the sandy ground. We lie down and count the stars and chat under the orange moon by the horizon. So relaxing, and shiok.

Then, as we were about to kiss, STUPID Otsuka woke me up with her sweet voice. hmm....What a bad timing wo. just a few second later, it would have been wonderful. Wat a sweet dream it is wo. hmm.... I wish so much to go to a beach. where I can see the sun rise and sun set. Been bored watching sun rise every morning. Where is the rainbow???

Ishisaki San

Met Ishisaki san in the lift today. hmm... I seems to have met her lately often, and s she is good in English, Ishisaki san sometime teaches me some japanese, and I am so glad to learn from her. Apart from that, Nemoto san, Funabiki san, Fujimoto san also helped me a lot in improving my japanese. So blessed to met such nice people in MB.

I also met Mr Hugh, who is a really handsome looking guy, and he was rushing to work in the morning. As I enter the lift with him in the morning, I greeted him, and he greet me by name~! Wow, is my name really that easy to remember? I reply back, and have a short conversation before we went off. I think I should train myself to be like Mr Hugh. Young, tall, handsome, nice perfum smell and smile a lot. No wonder he got a very beautiful wife.

Nice song

I was listening to the radio during lunch, and came across this very nice love song. It is something I hear people sang in the KTV before, but I did not take down the name of the song. and in the radio, I realised it is a very nice song with two people singing. Wow. I recorded it down, and call up my friends, and ask them what this song is. And thanks to Drexler, I know the artist, and next time, I will search for it in the KTV. I am so glad I am still using the Nokia 6233. It is probably the best phone only the fact that it does not have wireless.

This phone may be old, stopped production, but I really like the functions and the speaker.

Yuki chan

I was practising dancing with yuki chan yesterday and today, and I realised that yuki chan seems to be dancing wrongly. hmm.... I think I seems to lost touch of it, because now, the dancing is split to gal style and guy style. As I usually learn the guy steps, I did not managed to catch how the gal steps are. Thus, sometime when I teaches Yuki chan and practising myself, I seels to have lost some steps, or messed it up. hmm....If only there is some gal expert who is here to guide me one day.

By the way, yuki chan is someone who is fictional and assist me in my dancing one. If I have perfected it, I will get these on someone who can follow my steps.

In dancing, timing are the essence.


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