Monday, June 15, 2009

13th June KTV

Went for a session of KTV on last saturday, and it is really great.

Hmm... met with a wrong judgement on the weather, and got delayed in time planning.

I planned the timing of leaving house, but then there is a huge storm brewing. and I do not bother about it, until it gets very dark. It rushes quick from the north, and before I could respond to it, it rained. and it is heavily raining one.

I quickly rush out of the house, and have no choice, but to grab a bus. and the bus is really slow de lor.

During the train ride, jean keep on sms me, and I respond saying I am not going to KTV. She seems disappointed and encourage me to go. At that moment, something reminded me of the few things she did recently. hmm... while thinking hard, feels that something is wrong wo. Why jean wants me to go to KTV whereas she is not going wo. I think and think and then feel that she might be going to the KTV as well. Well, I would never cancel a promised appointment unless something really urgent come up or a new priority set kicks in.


During the KTV, the organiser came in the room and ask about the cake cutting. And strangely to me, he go straight to jean and ask her. At first, I was thinking, huh, jean bought a cake for jon and they are planning a party for him. And thinking that no one in the KTV should have known my birthday day, I was surprised when the organiser told me to sit behind the cake wo. hmm...Later, I found out jean told the organiser that it is my birthday in june. and she bought me my favourite chocollate cake from sweet secret.

Got a present from paul, angela, and some other friend. thank guys for the wonderful gift. I managed to cut off more than 44 pieces of cakes from a 20cm cake this time round. This is after learning from jean's birthday experience or trying to cut her birthday cake last time.

During the singing, found out my throat is not very good, and singing hacken lee's red sun is not very good, as I forgot about the lyrics.

Anyway, it is a wonderful night, and jean is wonderful and I am really touched that despite she is sick with fever and stomachache, she still goes out to get a cake for me. So sweet and wonderful tonight wo. Next year I plan a bigger cake for you, ok. Love you all.

Aftermath: I really thank GOD that I met jean and these good friends and I am also thankful that GOD brought the rain and delayed the timing. Cos of the rain, it delayed my timing, and I never get to see the cake. hmm.... if it does not rain, I would have reached around 1845. And due to the rain, I got delayed, and even the bus driver drives slow wo. Reached at 1900 on the dot.

Jon and Michelle

It is Jonathon and Michelle Goh's birthday on sunday.

Happy birthdya to you both wo.


Went to junction 8. So nervous day and well, it is great relief it is over. 3 months......I hope they feel better now knowing who is the other guy.


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