Monday, June 08, 2009

Cascading Style Sheets

Hmm.... today was looking at a Flash FX notes, and come across this familiar name.


CSS in the programming world is known as Cascading Style Sheets.

It is a sorta style sheet language, written in markup language.
It is used in a part of the Cytronic program last time, in a sub program yo automatically arrange the colors, font and layout.

In some of the dynamic link library, the seperation can improve the accessibility of the content, and reduces complexity in the structural content.

In certain cases in the auto programming mode, CSS is a very useful tool, because it have the ability to set priority to determine the style rule if more than one rule matches on an element. Thus, with CSS, Cytronic is able to assign probability rule and determine which results are predictable and choose the most highest rule and append it into the webpage.

I always remember about this because CSS is one of the most difficult progarmming language to understand. But if it is set up properly, it is a very useful tool to allows the main program to do the decision in the judgement.

Of course, programming the library is a very ahrd and tedious work.


I have a chance to met a person on the street today. And immediately, something came to my mind, and I spoke to her.

After a long conversation, I realised that there is a misunderstanding last week on a Wednesday.

Met J on the street last tuesday, and I enquire about something on a last saturday. She mentioned that Huan is going to canada for her ACCA exam. Then somehow, I made a note that huan is going to canada on the thursday because of soemthing. So immediately, I went to Taka to change my laundry. and at the same time, get huan a present from there. It is a farewell gift bah.

I looks through many shops, and found this chocolate that is made in Japan. I got it and also a wraping paper to wrap it up.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to find J and wanted to give huan a surprise. and to my astonishment, Huan left the house at 9 AM. Alamak~!

From the housekeeper, She said the flight is at noon, and huan is already off. I wanted to immediately hope on the taxi, but too bad not enough cash. and furthermore, huan is already gone.

I passed the box of chocolate to the housekeeper, and asked her to give to J and let her know I came, and perhaps send it by air. and that is the end of last wednesday.

Today, I met J on the street. Thus, I detected something is amess, so I ask her about the present whether was it sent off. And she was at first very blur, and later checked with the housekeeper. And when the housekeeper answered her, J and I was so shocked, because J thought the present is a gift from the working colleague,and she ate some. ALAMAK~!

Well, this is the third time Huan and I have no fate to meet.

First is the Saturday, when she is not home.
Second is she flew off before could give her a present
Third is she did not get the present. haha.

Anyway, if Huan is reading this,

I Stephen as a friend,
Wishes you the best of luck in your ACCA exam in Canada a flying colour.


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