Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Bluetooth again

Since Monday, the bluetooth of the Nokia 6233 have been having problem, and it stopped functioning. And this is a very bad news for a heavy bluetooth user for me, because without bluetooth, there is no more music for me to listen to while I work. And yesterday, working was like a drag, becasue there is nothing to listen to. Sp sianz.

I was trying to switch it on on monday, and the phone just went blank, and ever since then, the phone cannot activate the bluetooth after that.

This is so sad wo. work become meanlngless.

Just one more month, and I will be getting my new HP. This phone is a standby phone that I am using ever since I sold off the N81 because the buttons does not work when I need it the most.

Well, hope to get the new HP, is N96. Yup. This is a Nokia new model phone. I was searching for the Sony ericsson some time ago, but most of the sony ericsson does not use the 4.5mm pin headphone jack.

4.5mm pin headphone jack

This is a very useful function because with this feature, I can plug in any good earphone and listen it with an improved sound. Furthermore, if it is other type of headphone jack, the wire will become absolutely useless once I discarded the sony ericsson. Thus, only Nokia N series now use the 4.5mm head phone jack. so I decided on N96, because it have GPS, and all the features that I want.

Oops, I did it again

Woops, I knew, I should not have done it, but I really did it again.
Was taking dinner yesterday night in Chinatown, and while waiting for the food, there is this old lady came to throw the tissue on the table and tell me to buy it.

I took a look and found out that I saw her earlier at another table drinking beer. And since she have the money to buy the beer, I guess she have no problem with her living expenses at all. why is she still selling tissue given the chance that she have the ability to live by wo.

I say "No, I dun want" and she keeps on talking, and I repeatly told her I do not want it. And after the third time tlling her that and she refuse to leave. The fire rapidly coming up, and I speak slowly and clearly with a bit of fire and told her again. I guess she sense that I am going to rise on the 5th time, she quickly pick up the tissues and walk away. Lucky for her she did not stay on to ask again, else she is going to get it from me.

On the journey home, when I chilled, I then realised again. I let my emotion gets in my way again. Haih, how can I get rid of this bad habit wo. Am I destined to live with this on all my life? What will hapopen, if one day I mwet someone who is as short tempered as me, will we fight together or throw things all over the place?

I must learn to control it. But if I did not see her drinking beer at another corner, will I buy the tissue? hmm..... probably I would not.

Project SS


Basic : 94%
Mini Shine :82%
Cross body lead : 89%
Cross body lead turn : 89%
Cross step: 90%

Pose : 61%
Pose with turn : 44%
Shoulder turn : 36%
Slide step : 69%


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