Saturday, June 13, 2009

Test on Project SS and project BA

Went for test on project Ss and project BA.

hmm.... major fault is still in timing on project SS.

For project SS

Met a few people today. hmm... too bad din managed to exchange details, but one who reminded me best is Alexis.

Alexis has been in the project SS for 5 years wo. and she is very good in it. Pointed out that I am not following the timing, and a bit stiff. hmm...But when she do project SS with other people, it is very quick, swift and professional. Hmm... when wqill I be able to become like Alexis or rather, like Mr Keith. haha

Aiko, she is a Japanese, and somehow, I think she is quite good in it wo. found out that she is good in project SS, because when she do it with other people, she is able to follow. and she is not into project BA, but managed to catch up with me too.

Neko chan is not in today, hmm... sad, cos I have made some planning last tuesday night, and well, the plan moves, but neko chan is not around. so sad......

Throughout the whole 1.5 hour project SS test, I feel that I have indeed a lot need to improve on it, and most particularly is the change style and timing. Must keep up with the timing wo.

Project BA

Done only one project BA, and that is with Aiko. hmm... I intended to do project BA with neko chan, but too bad. haih.

Today ends the second phase of Project BA. I am thinking should I join project BA phase 3 in another place or not. or self learn on it.

I have not seen yuki chan for the pas 6 days......where is she wo. hmm... I am thinking how to tell her about my experience on last saturday wo. anyway, probably meet yuki chan on monday bah.

14 days left

Woohoo, 2 more weeks, and it is something special day liao./ So really looking forward to it. It is a 3 days break, and I really hope I can give myself a good break out of it.

I have been working hard and without any leave for the past 6 months. and in 2 weeks time, it is the day to rest. haih

Working in MB is real tired sometime. and for the past 1 week, I have been thinking about that stupid fan on the roof top that doesn't move. I think and think, and manager is pressuring me on it. So in fit of anger, I remove the whole duct with the fan, and bring it back to HQ.

A lot of people was looking at me carrying this huge exhaust duct with the fan, and all that he want is just the fan. hmm...

In the afternoon, there is simply too many calls, and in 30 minutes time, I rushes to install the duct back, and s\tart the whole thing up.

Black listed

New restaurant blacklisted. Blue mist restaurant.
Why was it blacklisted wo. hmm.... It is because neko chan was sick after eating from there. Cannot detect which is the problem, but well, it is expensive as well, so might as well blacklist it. ok Blue mist, in Tanjong pagar, you are blacklisted by me because you made neko chan sick after eating your set dinner which consist of steak, salad and drink.


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