Thursday, June 18, 2009

Energy saving heart?

Collected my phone yesterday, and found that my Nokia 6233 which have been with me for many years, will never have the bluetooth function working again.

Hmm..... Sent it for repair after found out the bluetooth device fails to operate. and commented that it is beyond econimical repair wo.

Time to change a new HP? still 2 months away......

Heart stopped?

two days ago, while working halfway, suddenly felt giddy and weak, and after a short self check, I felt the heart seems to have stopped. but there is no pain feeling. Hmm.... went straight to check with a doctor in the afternoon immediately.

The doctor while checking it,suddenly look nervous amd put me down on the bed and do a check. later comment that there is a stop on certain occassion, and requires to do an ECG check on it.

As it is near lunch time, I have to return later, and for the next 40 minutes, I am very worried wo. hmm... what will happen to those around me if there is really something happen. Will I collapse if I do jogging halfway like those in the newspaper?

In the afternoon, when returned back for the ECG check, the machine never pick up anything. and the doctor check again, and find it is pumping as normal.

So it is an occassional stop which is hard to detect. She comment it is a symptom called skipped heart. It will occassionally stopped but it is normal.

When I met neko chan, she says the heart did stopped after 3 counts, and it resume back again. and sometime, I felt it can stop for 10 seconds before it resume back. hmm.... quite scary wo.

I call it an energy saving heart, cos hee hee, it seems to have stopped to conserve energy wo. but is it really normal?


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