Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cameron highland trip 11th July 2009

Cameron Highland

Yippy, it is the day which I have been looking for since the day I return bacl form Australia. A vacation. A nice vacation. It is to the Cameron Highland. Weel, and this time round I am not going alone. It is with Neko Chan, togther with her friends and sister.

I always do not like bus trip, and this time, I think Neko Chan's constant sayang made me feel better. Also, it is a night bus, so I dozed of in the bus during the trip sometime. Neko Chan is so good, she did not sleep through the journey. hmm..... Even got see a very serious accident but I sleep through it.

When we reached there, is is really like heaven to me, cos it is a cooling weather of appriximate 22 degree celcius. And I really love the weather so much. The breeze is also good. There are a lot of strawberries selling product. In the day time, we went for a day trip, where the tour guide show use around the place, such as a strawberry farm, veggie farm, cactus farm, flower place. and it is really lovely.

When we went to the first strawberry farm, Janette was shouting for the strawberry ice cream. She got the first strawberry immediately the moment we touched down. hmm.... I got myself a strawberry milkshake, and it is really wonderful. Took a lot of photo with neko chan.

Bee Garden

Rainy day. and I dropped by the bee garden. hmm.... it is suppose to have this maze, but because it is outdoor, and it is raining, I did not get a chance to go in. but rather, we walk around the market

Steamboat buffet

At night, we were guided to this place where we have steamboat buffet. and it is really nice, and it have generous helping of the vegetables, as if it is somethng that does not requires money one. wow, we really had our fill, and I think Neko Chan is also full eating the veggies. At night we went back to the hotel.

Neko Chan is really sad because she did not managed to get tot he pasar malam at night due to the rain. but perhaps, next time, I can bring her back to the pasar malam and get her bag. hmm.......

3 post cards

On the next day, we went to the cafe for the buffet breakfast. hmm..... I tried to avoid eating too much, cos we are going off by bus. Before moving off, I grabbed three postcards and mail one back to Neko Chan as a surprise to her. I did not mention a word about it. It is at that precise moment, I forgot about her postal code. Oh DUH. But luckily, I remember the rest of the address.

When I do the posting, Neko chan came and saw I post some postcards. hmm..... But I tell her it is for someone else, but did not mention a word about it. Dunno she know or not.

Along the journey out to the city, the stupid driver was driving fast and turn here and there till I always feel like wanna puke.

KL Stopover

When we reached KL, I was so thrilled, cos it is one place I visited last year. hmm.... Really feel like wanna get down the bus, but the thought of the idea of getting back is really pulling me back. Somemore, we do not have enough cash. Neko Chan is so ready to get off. But after the bus got on the expressway, I start regreting that I did not get down the bus. hmm.......

During this trip, I got the stuff that I always dreamt off. the sotong head. yum yum. and also, a couple shirt for me and neko chan. It is real cool and despite the fact she tells me not to find it, hee hee, I keep on searching and was so rejoice when I found a matching pair.

We got back at night and luckily, I have applied for leave on the next day, so I do not have to rush to work on the next day. Such good planning.

I am so happy that I have lots of fun in the Cameron Highland, cos it is the first time that I go oversea with a girlfriend, and neko chan goes to oversea first time as well with a boy friend.

Hope we go out more often. but still continue to save up.....

Love you.


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