Friday, July 03, 2009

Father day 2009

Hmm... This is so weird, I can't seems to post up photos in the blog. So weird de lor.

Anyway, This year the Father's Day is really quite nice. All thanks to Jeremy that back the idea of going to the phoenix restaurant for dinner.

I got us a durian cake from emicake, and it is real expensive de lor. This year is more expensive because of the complicated design and the size of the durian cake. Probably this is the last time I am getting it.

We had the promotional package in the restaurant, and it is a huge amount of food there. Luckily we have a large group and managed to gobble them all.

Was thinking of getting the shark fin soup, but someone object to it. The shark fin soup is real nice one, because the shark fin is thick and nice soup.

After the dinner, I pack up a small piece of the durian cake and go to meet up neko chan. She is attending this event in the clarke quay gallery.

Yup. She is real happy because I showed up unexpected and she really cried when I got there wo. We got some mojito and it is a bit bigger than the normal mojito. It have some lime leaves crushed.

We dance for one hour before we went home. Dead beat, because very tired. As I was unprepared, I only know of a few moves that day. hmm....


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