Saturday, July 04, 2009

2nd July 2009......

2nd july, this is a date marked that I am officially out of singlehood. Woo hoo.

Yup. neko chan finally acknowledge that I am her BF in the facebook, and I have a GF.

Actually I changed it earlier, but she procastinate over it, and I deleted it.
Only on that day, She asked me to check my facebook, and I turn it up, and see the new word "Confirm relationship status"

Of course I immediately click yes, and we are offically together. Hmm... Thanks to veronica's first wish, I sometime think there must be a lot of poeple noticing me. hee hee. Cos quite a fast replay to some changes I made.

Anyway, I hope this relationship can really last, because I am so dead beat of changing, heartbroken, crying. So tiring and sad one.

Both Neko chan and I like to take photo, and dance one. And the most touching thing is that she get me a birthday cake out of surprise, and through her sister, I know that she was very sick that day, yet, go out and find the cake for me. And on my birthday, she got me a monkey. The monkey that I like, and it can sing and clap his hand one. I like it a lot and she remembered of one thing I said before she get the monkey. hee hee. This word is a secret of ours. we name the monkey Kong kong, because ie looks like king kong, but it is a cure brown little monkey. Hmm... I remembered I post it up some where, but can't remember where is the video of the original monkey that I recorded it in Melbourne.

Thanks dear for everything you do for me.


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