Sunday, August 02, 2009

NDP Preview 2009

First of August is a new month beginning of the new month. And this year is a different start of the whole year because it is a new month starting with Neko chan. And it is the first time, that I was being lead by neko chan to the NDP preview. Wow, All thanks to her cousin who have won 4 tickets from the ballot. Hmm… I was wondering how come he is so lucky de lor, to get the preview ticket so lucky that I dun even win a piece of the ticket no matter how many years I joined the ballot. Anyway, Thank GOD that he got the ticket, and he have two extra piece, that he gave it to neko chan, who then invite me to the NDP preview. Hmm… she have attended the NDP before, and I din know about that until that day wo. Hmm… anyway, I met her up straight after work. And it is very sad that everytime before we are going to have a good time, there is always a hard time of working. Hmm…. It was a Saturday, and I have to get to work because it is my time that week.

Anyway, when I finished it, I was so glad, and went straight down to the Marina to meet up with Neko chan in the marina square mac. IT is real crowded that time because it is the entrance into the stage.

Anyway, when I met her, I gave her a shirt that I have been keeping it for two years.
It is a NDP shirt that I got 2 years ago. Hmm…. At that time, it is the first year perhaps that the NDP is held at the floating platform at the marina square.
I have been keeping that shrt, thinking of giving it to someone who is worth my effort, because it is really hard to get that shirt, and it will have some antique value, because I have been keeping it for years before having someone to give it to. And It really nfits neko chan. It have the same imprint one, and it is both red in colour.

Neko chan loves the shirt and we went straight to the viewing stage. And then we went straight to the blue stage. And when we got to the blue stage entrance, we found out that it was closed on that time, because it is full. We were then lead to the staircase where we have to climb this long long flight of stairs straight to the top. It is real tiring climbing it, and Ibeginning to think what would the old and needy do if they come across this long flight of stairs wo. Where is the lift when I needs it. Hmm…

Anyway, when we made it up there, we were lead to the empty place where there are a lot of blue seats. Hmm… it is although a long distance from the seats to the center stage, but no fear. Haha, I got the binocular with me, and I dig it out and see the far far stage with ease, we can even see the merlion park from there. Well, the binocular is bought by my dad, nad have to thank him for that wo. Else we will not have a clear view of it.

We took many photos, and all because Neko chan have a great camera, and we took many photo, like the flag flying past. And It would be darn great if we can take a great photo of it with the F15. Too bad we did not get it because did not managed to get sight of the aeroplance earlier and there is no time to aim the camera on it. Haih. But we did get with the flag.

What is most amazing this year will be the cannon shot this year, because this year, the NDP managed to bring the five canons out into the sea and they shot during the parade with ease. Hmm… later after the NDP preview, we went to take some pictures with her cousins, and also on the stage which is around the seats,

What is the most memorable will be Lee Kuan Yew’s favourite verse in the Independence day saying “Never fear” and he said about his vision that he have 10 years later. And it is through the hardship of the many people, that Singapore made it to the day that it is tosday, all because of the leader’s guide and also the people’s sweat and blood, that Lee Kuan Yew’s dream came through, and also to the Singapore people.

After the NDP, we went out to the marina square and I couldn’t help thinking that every year, the marina square must have a lot of sales around, because a lot of people will be going there and sure the restaurant is fulkly packed. We later went to the Japanese restaurant and have our dinner there. It is quite nice, and got her her favourite bento set wo. While I eat the Tonkotsu ramen as well. It is disappointing of the ramen, cos it doesn’t taste as good as the Ramen Ramen in the railway mall.

Wish to go back to the Ramen ramen one day and have that tonkotsu ramen or the salmon head ramen also can. Hmm…. A bit ex for the ramen ramen, but that is one good bowl of it.

After the whole thing we went back home and ends the day. The fireworks is real great this year with Neko Chan around…


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