Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Biscuits on the next two months

Oh gosh, I found out recently that the auto transfer for the internet banking have expired. thus, I get a hold on my account, and realised that I am very low in finance these days~! so much of 6 months not looking into the banking account.

Well, the bank is wise to set a 6 months validation period, where it automatically transfer the cash to anf fro one bank and another.

It is only this morning, whne I check all accounts and found out that the cash is really low. hmm... going to biscuits for the next two months. This is what it was estimate to be in order to recover back to full health.

Next year, there will be a planned oversea trip to japan woohoo~! Target is hokkaido. cos it is what my friend Ian tan recommand me to go to. It have been ages since I met Ian, cos he is quite a nice guy and always goes oversea.

Got a news that one guy resigned today. hmm... so happy for him that he found another new job, but thinking how will he survive in the other job wo. hmm.... but anyway, now the company is short handed, but it is hard to get good and experienced help these days. I am glad I am posted to off site building, so I do not have to worry about a thing about the HQ.

How I wish, I couls just resign like him, and get on to another higher job. hmm... Still I must endure for the next 1 year. hmm....

Tour group

I never like tour group oversea outing. and this is speaking through experience of having a very bad experience on 3 guided tour last time. All we do is travelling around in buses, and I have a very bad sickness in buses. The most tiring experience is the Batam trip more than 10 years ago. all the thing that the tour group do is to go by bus here and there till I puke for many times, and later giddy all day. That is the worst experience.

Hmm... next year is the japan trip. and it would be a tour group one. hmm.... should I go again? Will it gives me hell if I were to go there in group?

I like to go independent tour, cos it is free and easy. Can sleep till late, and go wherever I want.

Sato San

Tomorrow, will be meeting one of the resident. Sato san. hmm.... this is a real challenge, because sato san is someone who speaks only japanese, and no other language. Oh, there is an option to use sign language too, cos I think sato san knows sign language. Sato san is a very nice old lady, and she speaks traditional japanese language, which some of the words I uses is not understood to her. And whenever she speaks a word, I went back to find from the notes, and found that it doesn't exist. aiyoh. Jia you jia you.


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