Sunday, March 13, 2011

A very poorly designed bus shelter.

This is perhaps one of a very poor designed bus stop at Novena Square.

It is on many occassion, The rain actually falls on the inside of the bus stop and everyone have to get back to the shelter in Novena Square.

The reason: The bus stop rains inside in raining days. Judging from the ceiling, I believe the electrical must have also gone off, because rain water drops through the lighting also.

What is the use of a bus shelter when it cannot shelter the people who are waiting for the bus? Is there a flaw in the design of the drainage system? Or due to poor maintenance. And since this bu shelter has been existed for a long time, how come no one knows and feedback about it?

This is such an inconvienace to everyone who are waiting for the bus at the novena square there. Can you imagine how helpless are the people who wants to flag down the bus? Have to run through the rains to board the bus also. What if she is an old lady? Well, we can't just say tan tock seng hospital is just a block away.

On one incident, I observed a lady(in pink) was waiting with the rest of us for the bus inside Novena Square. Later, the bus was approaching, she have to run out to the bus shelter amids the rain water pounding on her. After she cross the zebra crossing, she fell down and landed on her butt. And the bus turns over and stop. then a man also rushes out to board the bus. The lady in pink is still rubbing her butt as she walks to the bus. Poor chap


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