Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moon movie review

Recently finished watching a movie called “Moon”. It is a very simple movie but it has captured the attention of mine because in the middle of the movie, things get a bit complicated with the appearance of another Sam Bell. An astronaut, who is contracted to be on moon, is to tend to the harvesters loading and unloading of gas cartridges. It is explained in the beginning of the movie that a company called Lunar Industry has developed a way to harness the energy of the helium to become electrical so that energy is safe and clean. And the abundant source of helium can be found by harvesting it from the moon. The harvesters will go to the point of coordinate and begin harvesting the helium. When the harvesters are full, Sam has to drive to the harvester and collect the helium tank and send it back to earth where lunar industry will collect it and use for fusion. All things develop like clockwork until Sam develops hallucination and had a crash with the harvester while doing the check on a stalled harvester. The next moment, another Sam Bell wakes up. And this time, the Sam Bell is different. He found one harvester stalled (the one that sam bell had accident with) and wish to go out and check it out. In the space station it also has a Artificial Intelligent robot called gerty. His job is to take care of the chores around the space station such as cleaning up and washing and preparing meals for Sam. He also can talk and feel for Sam. At first, Sam is very confused that he is a clone. And wish to return back to earth.

Meanwhile, Lunar Industry sent out a so-called “rescue team” called eliza. Their mission is to visit the space station every 3 years and do a check and also to “collect Sam body” The clone Sam all has a life span of 3 years and every three years, a Sam will die, and the rescue team will go and clear up and start up a new clone. While the dying Sam is trying to get back to earth, the new Sam come up with a plan to get back to earth and also to finds ways to deceive the “rescue team” so that they will not find out the Sam who has escaped back to earth.

In this movie, the movie plot has lots of evidence in it so it looks real that many astronaut team has visited the space station. Only the last Sam mentioned and asked “How is it that every astronaut is able to do the wood shaping the same thing as the others? It was done halfway when you(dying Sam) get here and you continue on it. Who started it?”

So it occurred back. How is it that every astronaut is able to continue on the woodwork with the same theme? There must be the same person.

Things is sad when the dying Sam managed to make a call back to earth and realized that he is 15 years away from the earth instead of less than 3 years. And the original Sam is still back on earth. His wife Tess Bell is dead when he made the call but the video link that he received are later found to be recorded many years ago. Then Gerty showed dying Sam of how other the previous Sam Bell died and wanted to help both Sam.

Gerty is although a robot, but he can express his feeling of happiness, sadness through the face on a small TV. It displays the crying face when revealing to dying Sam who Sam really is and what is his purpose. And his purpose is to keep on working till he die at the end of three years and another clone will replace him.

Moon is a good movie for those who enjoys science fiction and the writer of the movie came up with a plot that not I can think of.


Electrical Flash

Had a shocking experience of electrical flash today. Was checking on a burning smell and found a molded current circuit breaker smoking. When using a test-pen to try to trip the breaker, a huge bright spark with a loud bang gave quite a shock. For a mere seconds, I was stunned because it really happens too fast that requires time to think again for the next step. So once the electrical supply is isolated, I handed it over to the professional who will assess the damages and do the rectification. Think there is insurance claim for the loss of income also. Hmm….


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