Monday, March 28, 2011

Adelaide 2011 Day 3 Mac, Graduation

Day 3

Yup. This is the main objective of the Adelaide trip. A chance to attend the graduation ceremony for my degree in Adelaide. I was studying for almost 3 years and got a sudden notice to go to the graduation in March 28. So we got up early, and iron that shirt of mine. As we walk pass a house for sale, I really have such a temptation to get a house here. Probably next time when I retire, I might think of getting a house here and retire.

Macdonald at Hindley Street

As usual, it is a long wait for the bus but at least we have a cheap ride to town. Darling wanted to eat the Adelaide MacDonald. Yup. We set off early in the morning on empty stomach and along the way, we noticed a fire truck parking on the road. This is the first time we see the fire truck so quickly we stopped for a photo shot and then take a photo. We found a McDonald at Hindley street, and it is a busy day for the Mac as there are a lot of people going for their lunch. Get darling a happy mealwith a toy. She gets a limited addition star shaped fish. It is really yummy and then we noted there is a star without a “leg” Aww….

After the meal We went to her regional office where she met justin, a colleague who is based in Adelaide and took a few shot with him. And lastly, we set off to the Adelaide Festival Center. It is something like the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and we are really early. Well. I prefer to reach early and then register for the event soon. And then, as quickly as it happens, the crowd came from nowhere and starts queuing. Wow. The event took a very long time, because it is the first time I saw a lot of people also graduation from the university. Hmm… most of the people I have never met before. And it is only here I realized there are many campus for the University.

After I got my cert, We went around for a few Photo taking around the place because there is an hour allowance after the event for us to do some photo taking.

Haigh Chocolate!

After returning the robe, we went out to buy the haigh chocolate. Yup. Haigh Chocolate is the most famous chocolate in Adelaide. It is sweet and tasty. Yum yum. As easter is around the corner, they have quite a lot of chocolate egg shell and chocolate rabbit. Looks real Cute. I though of visiting the factory but never seems to made it. So we got some Toffler, and it is super awesome. We walked to Hudson coffee. For them, Hudson coffee is like the starbuck coffee. There are a lot of Hudson coffee around. As we sees the Hudson chocolate seems tempting, we tried and it is great chocolate taste.

Went to take a bus back, and we stopped by BWS, which stands for Beer, Wine, Spirits. It have a lot of alcoholic drinks and we looks for the dessert wine and it is real cheap for them. Wines seems cheaper than the Coke here.

Turkey and Lamb Chop

Dinner of today, Turkey leg~! Yum yum. And well, there is no oven which I thought they have, we tried to cook it panfried. And then, Found it is hard to pan fried because the frying pan is too small, so we try to deep fried it. Aww…. Not enough oil, but we try to cook it. It is a real long time cooking it. When it is done, the Turkey leg is really nice with the lamb chop. Yum Yum.


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