Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adelaide 2011 Day 4 Cleland, Strawberry farm

Day 4

This is the day where we both have been waiting for so long. . . . STRAWBERRY~! It is the last day for the attraction as we will be returning home tomorrow.

We are so going to pick our own strawberry, and in Adelaide, there is only one place where we can pick our own strawberry from the famous strawberry farm called Beerenberg. If anyone have been opbservant enough, yup, Beerenberg can be seen in supermarket as strawberry jam. Before that, We also going to visit the kangaroo in Cleland Wildlife park. Yup yup.


Yup, we are so going for the Macdonald again for our breakfast. This time, it is much earlier because we need to board a bus that arrives in the city around 0845. It is only bus that cannot be missed otherwise we have to wait for another long long time. Before the sun rise, we have started set off to board the bus with the morning crowd into the city where we go to hindley street for Macdonald breakfast. This time, we are having Hot cakes and NYC Bagel. Yummy. We do not have NYC Bagel back home so might as well try it. We walked a long alley that leads to another side of the road.

Bound for crafer park

When we reached the bus stop, we are still early so sit down and wait for a while. The bus ride will bring us to a transfer stop, where we have to drop down and wait for another bus that brings us up to the lofty hill. The bus is a really long ride because the place is far luckily, the bus fare are a fixed and all thanks to Adelaide Metro, we have got a All day bus ticket so we can take unlimited bus ride for the whole day. When we reached the transfer stop at Crafer stop 24, we got out and wait for the only bus 823 that operates up the hill.

At the bus stop, we met a friend from Singapore too. Her name’s Lily. She is travelling alone so we tag along. Her main place is mount lofty. And I explained to her that the mount lofty is just a big space and invites her to go with us to Cleland wildlife after mount lofty. And when the bus came, the bus driver agrees to stop at mount lofty for a 15 minutes break and then goes to Cleland Wildlife. As soon as the bus stops, we dropped down and went to take alook of the Adelaide which mount Lofty offers and it makes Adelaide looks like a small square. And after that, we rush back to the bus and the bus driver is waiting for another family to return back to the bus. Well, he have loads of time to spare so no worry about waiting for that family.

Cleland Wildlife Park

We reached the Cleland Park and as clearly as I remembered, nothing seems to changed. First we went to the koala area and hand some photo taken. Also later went to visit Dingo. Yup. Looks like a doggie and also behave like a wolf. We walk around the park and walk towards the kangaroo. Yup. I have some feeds around, so darling, lily and I started feeding the kangaroos. The kangaroos are friendly and nibbles the feed out of our hands.

After half day is gone, we went out of the Cleland and board the bus back down to crafer. The friendly bus driver speaks about the Australian life and he is an Italian. Wow, He have been living for more than 10 years and is quite happily living there. He gave us advise on the bus stop where we have to drop off and wait for the bus that brings us to the Strawberry farm. This is where we and lily separates.

We go back to the same stop where we dropped off, and waits patiently for the bus that brings us to the strawberry farm. It is a long ride and darling doze off probably very tired because of feeding the kangaroo and walking. It is a hot day today, and the german town just whizz us by. And then, doom. The Zorro restaurant is no where found. It is taken over by a pizza place. Awww…… When we dropped off, we head to the strawberry farm and get an ice cream. As it is a weekday, Darling and I seems to be the only person there picking the strawberries. Yum yum. The strawberry ice cream is so much delicious than the one in Cameron Highland. It is called Berryberg Swirl ice cream with strawberry pieces withstrawberry ice cream. We picked one whole box of it and get some strawberry jam too. Also some garlic and tartar sauce. Yummy. We took the bus straight to Adelaide city and well, de dropped off a few stop earlier so have to walk a long long wait to Victoria Square. And at Victoria square, there is the famous fountain with the statue of Queen Victoria.


After taking a few picture there, we head to the Central Market. Aww… it is quite late and lots of markets are closed. I went to the market because I have strong craving for the Austrlia’s famous Black lip mussel. Yup. I just simple loves black lips mussel because of the sweet juicy taste. There are green mussels too but it is easily found so I choose the black lipped mussels. And other than that, there is also squid head. Yum yum. And then the main item: Suckle oysters. Yum yum. As we are out of cash, We went out quickly to find any ATM to get cash. When we found one, we quickly get some money out and went back to get the seafood for the night. So glad darling loves my cooking. Else we are eating out. We made a mistake to stop by a Chinese food shop for the dumplings. Awww….. but we are simply too hungry cos for lunch we had only strawberry. I was thinking of how the dumpling taste like too so we have a try and finds it not suit to our taste. Along the way, I brought darling to one place which is very interesting and not available in Singapore. An outdoor toilet. Yup. I brought her to the place nearby where there is this toilet that cleans automatically, and at a push of the button, a toilet seat comes out and it is free~!.

Victoria Square back home

After that, we walked to the Victoria square where there will be a bus that brings us back to the apartment. Yup. And after a short change, I quickly went on to cook the delicious mussels, squid and the strawberry. It is like heaven with the dessert wine too.

It is an exciting day and night and I just hope time stop at there. Tomorrow we will be flying home……And it is just the right time as we are out of cash too. Woops.


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