Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adelaide 2011 Day 5 End of Holiday

Day 5

Time really flies when we are having good time. It is the last day of the five days vacation and we gotta go back. And this time, we are going to stop by Sydney for a transit back to SG. Darling wanna see how Sydney looks like.

Our breakfast, the leftovers, to clear it off. These are turkey leg, lamb chops, scrambled eggs and the pasta salad that we bought on day one. Packing is really sad, cos we really loves it in Adelaide. Especially the cooling weather. We gotta wash up the dishes, dry it and clear as much as we can otherwise there is a surcharge for the housekeeping if it is left in very untidy state.

Sun’s up when we leave and we takes a lot of pictures that the old lady who sits by the couch seems to look at us. Putting the key into the keydrop is really unbearable. Not knowing when will we return back to this wonderful and friendly country of Australia.

And for the first time, we finally get to see the men who keep Adelaide clean spick and span. The road sweeper. Wow, they really work in a great team. One blow the fallen leaves on the path, another blow the leaves from the grass patch to the road and a vacuum truck suck up the dirt on the road. It is a great team work to keep the road really clean. And as usual, we are taking the bus to the city, where we will be connect to the bus that brings us to the airport. On the bus, darling bid farewell to justin as though he was there. Wow. And as the bus roll along, aww… we just so sad.

Waiting for J1

At the city, it is only one bus, J1 or J1A bus. And we gotta wait for a long time, cos the timing is not stated. So we just wait till I gotta let go, so gotta go and find the toilet. Hmm…. It really is hard to find a toilet around there cos the public toilet is far away or probably I dunno where is it. When I returned back to the stop, darling told me the bus just went off hmph. So now gotta wait for the next bus.

The bus ride is a different feeling from when we just got here. It seems long long ride. When we reached the airport, we just take and take photos, and have a final check with bokku. Yup. To make sure we have bokku with us. Else bokku will be lost in Adelaide.

Yup. Bokku is in the luggage. Since we have no one seeing us off, we check in early and have a look inside the airport. And it is fills with vibrant life inside the departure lounge with shops and shops, unlike outside of the departure lounge. Adelaide really wanna leaves something inside us before we went off huh. Darling said she wanna drink hot chocolate. So we stop by a place called cocolat. We have wuite a great experience because the hot chocolate comes with a mashmallow and biscuit. Yum yum. And later while touring inside, we found hungry jack. It looks so much close to the burger king back home. Everything seems to be the same.


As we are close to departure time, we walk slowly to the boarding area and saw that the plane that we are taking is a domestic flight, so it is a small plane. It is a one hour flight to Sydney. In the flight there it is, our lunch, so it is said and darling have her sandwich and a small can of coke. It is a small size of what we sees in the market. And I have my pastry and coffee. As we were reaching, the pilot make a circle around the airport so we get to see Sydney twice. There is a beautiful beach with big wave before the airport but we may not know where is it or go and visit there. When we touched down, we walk slowly to the other terminal as we landed at terminal three and have to go to terminal one to get a plane back home. It is already noon when we got there. Along the way, I notice a chocolate shop and found a chocolate piece that is a shape of a cat. Yup yup. Kitty cat. Got two piece from terminal 3 and we continued along the way. When we reached the transit lounge, we have to take a bus supplied by the airport to go to the other terminal. When we reached the terminal one, we saw again, Kitty Cat. And this time, it is much cheaper than the other terminal where we buy it from. Hmph.

On Quantas A380

We were at the departure hall when we noticed that there is an area where there is a chess set and some board games for the people to play while waiting for the plane. Hmm… we have a quick shot and then walked to a shop selling shirts. One of the shirt we saw is the pink shirt with the name Adelaide. Wow. I love it and darling love it too. So we get a pair of the shirt and wear it before boarding the plane back hoime.

While we were on the plane, I felt that there is something different with this plane and looked around. It seems bigger and there seems to have a staircase leading up. After sometime, I realized that WE WERE ON A QUANTAS A380 AIRBUS~! UNBELIVABLE~! I though only SIA have the A380 and we din expect we were arranged on a A380 Quantas. Darling also got quite a surprise too. As I look out the window, it has a very big wing span. Pity the window is too far front so looking out the window is very straining.

We had our dinner and supper onboard throughout the 6 hour journey flight and pity the sunset is not on our side of the cabin. Aww…..

Back Home Sweet Home

When we touched down in Singapore back home, we were so relieve that we were finally back at last. And then there it is, the duty free shop. I have been waiting for this moment because I have been wanting to buy a bottle of XO. Haha. It is still unaffordable and I have been thinking and thinking and finally get a VSOP instead. Hmm…. Looks like I gotta try my luck next time. We have absolutely no problem in looking for the luggage and went home after a few photo shot at the Changi Airport.

So there it ended, our 5 days of holiday alone in Australia. It is a really beautiful country that I wanted to make it as my retirement home. Haha.


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