Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birth of Air Conditioner 1925

Shopping centers, office,home and last but not least, cinema. These are some of the places that benefits greatly from air conditioning. So how many people actually think of the the question of how the air conditioning started and who started it.

According to the Discovery Science Channel, the invention of the Air-conditioning is merely a study made by a man called Willis Haviland Carrier (1876 - 1950). He discovered a use of the refrigerant and think of ways to improve it again and again. At that time, it is so secret not many people knows about it. He have it patented and acquired patent U.S.808897 in 1906. He patent it as apparatus for treating air. It is to control humidity and temperature. He presented it to the American Society of Mechanical Engineering in 1910. At that time, Air-conditioning is not popular as it is undergo studies and Willis Carrier is still in studying the psychrometrical cycle of the refrigerant.

It wasn't until 1925, one of the movie industry Paramount faces a difficulty. Summer strike, and sales dropped in every summer period where hot air heats up cinemas with no windows and covered with walls. In 1925, Carrier found the problem and approach Paramount a solution to their problem. He persuaded Paramount Pictures Coporation to part with 65,000 dollars to install a climate control device. Paramount at that time is constructing the Rivoli Theatre, a flagship movie house in Times Square in New York City. He installed the machine in the movie theatre and there it is, on Memorial Day, the air-conditioning is a great hit to all movie goers and Paramount not only made huge profit all years round, Carrier also made his big step forwards as he is appointed to install the climate control technology in 300 movie theaters over the next 5 years.

So this is how air conditioning is made known to the world through Movie Theaters.

"I fish only for edible fish, and hunt only for edible game even in the laboratory." - Willis Haviland Carrier on being practical.



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