Monday, November 29, 2004

Which life to decide?

I like to watch the show, Twilight Zone.
Remember that shart pitch melody/tune? ha ha ha, everyone would think of it, when it was mentioned.

It's a show in created somewhere very early, when the screen are black and white.
Just recently, it showed this story about a man, who is frustrated with the world of rush hours, jobs ends up in a paradise with another woman.

Wow, I really that place. it's actually more like a test for human, where he is in a perfect place with a perfect house and food that keeps replenish itself every morning, and no care with another world. The couple plays and relax all day long. Hmm... more liek the beginning of the book of genesis. If one day, I can be there, I would like that.
Then, came another lady, from the forest, and she showed him a handphone, and the man, who is filled with all the relaxation, called up his friend, and telling him he is is the weird place, and would like to get out. And then, the sky immediately turn dark, and the lady, spoke like the devil, and he was zapped back to the place and time, when he was lost in the forest.

Why oh why does he have to think back of the past, when he have a perfect life? hmm...

City harvest, is a church that is very well organised, and spiritual upbringing. But sometime, when it is too crowded, it does also have its setback. I was on the Friday service, and it not nonly crossed my mind once, but many time. "If I missed the bus one night, what should I do? hire a cab? It would cost a lot going back, and if I reached the auditorium, and there is no seats for me, am I gonna sit on the stair? Why am I going to a church faraway from my home?"


Monday, November 08, 2004

Qualification's up!

Just last week, my big boss was asking me out and gives me advise.

After I listened and listen to it, I starts to think what he meant.
Our Diploma trend is dying. Which is what I observed, and people are looking out for degree holder, rather than diplomas.
Remember in the 70s and 80s?In that time, the O levels are very much looked on, and the diplomas. but noe, the O levels are not anything that is so important now. rather, it is the degree. Oh my workplace are made up of masters and honours, so it is no surprising. What are the odds?

As I make a rough estimation in the possibilities, it is so true, that the probability of the fact is higher. I have missed the chance of applying the admission for the january intake, and hmm....

Yesterday, the filtering system for the fish tank is fully completed. it is comprise of the main tank and the bottom, and a filter system on top. As on the same level, the water are made to run through channels, as to make the water circulating.

OIn the tank, is a house, hanged in mid-air, providing shade and shelter for the fish in the house, or under the house.

OK, time to work, talk about the fish next time.


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