Monday, January 31, 2005

Prayers, the Radio Version

Interesting parables.

This is something I picked up during one of the prayers, when I was asking about it.Since the beginning, GOD have setted up a radio Station in Heaven.
He, our heavenly father have been speaking to us all the while, but we each, having the radio, does not know how to tune the radio set, because there is just too many buttons.
And we never know which radio channel is he in.

When someone, who introduced GOD into your life, and passed you the Holy Bible, you have attained an instruction book called :" How to tune the radio set" After you learnt to tune the radio, you gotta know which channel is he in.

When You accepted LORD Jesus Christ into your life, and proclaimed he is your Saviour, he will send you holy spirit. to tell you what is the channel you should tune in to.So you now know how to tune the radio, and the channel, and you did that, You must understand what is he talking about, because this is like you, a chinese, tuning to the hebrews channel.

Then you have to have the habit of saying prayers, and ask GOD, for his wisdom to make you understand what is he speaking in the Radio.
That is why, by prayers, you are building your vocabulary, to understand GOD's message to you.

After you have understanded GOD's message, the most difficult part, is to do it. Remember, upon every stages of upgrading, lies a harder task.Many, listens and forget, Some, listen halfway, stopped praying, and lost touch with GOD. Some, failed to remember which channel is he on, and some, have the radio tuned to the wrong channel, and found the purpose in life dimishing.

Pastor Rony, or Lighthouse mentioned 3 dimensions of GOD's presence:
1: God's presence is everywherePsalms 139: 7-8
2: God's presence can be indwellingJohn 14:16-17
3: God's presence can be manifestedLuke
4:18-19If you were to do what GOD have instructed to you, he will be pleased with you, and will bless you in tens, hundreds, thousands of fold.

Remember: Although GOD, is bropadcasting in the radio channel in heaven away, but his blessing travels to you instantly. GOD is just a PRAYER away.
Keep up the prayers in your life, and do GOD's will in JESUS NAME.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Schooling Vs Territorial

A siamese fighting fish died some days ago, and it made me realised, that schooling and territorial fishes cannot strive to live together in the same tank.
This arose when I was puzzled of the reason why the fighting fish died. or is it the female is dead, and he is missing her? hmm... I dunno that.

Anyway, now the species that are in the tank are schooling fishes. Can you believe how cute when the cardinal group together and swim from places to places?

And how'd the snails get into the water?? hmm... that puzzled me a lot, when I found snails trapped on the filter. By the way, the filter is the sponge, pressed together, and worked by differential pressure of 2 partition.

Persistant. do you know how persistant, have made me strike an idea of doing something, that for the past 2 years, cannot be accomplished?

The new design for the water fountain is underway. hmm... hopefully, I have enuff money to start it up.
the new water fountain, aims to clean more air volume, and to run through the filter. fan is also installed, to widen up the air circulation.

People uses water fountain for presentation, but I would like to use the water fountain, to cleans the air, by using the forced aeration technique, and mix the air into the water, and then, filtered it before it diffuses by itself. the key is how to make the air, after forced aeration, and then seperate the air from the water in the later stage. hmm....

Well well, this month's sms gonna be up. bec of freebe, who constantly sms me. ha ha


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Forced aeration, to revise.

Yup, one featiure of that ultimate fish tank have failed to perform.

Last week, new fishes are added into the community. Then, the fishes starts grasping for air in the surface. A check on the acidic lime stone indicated the carbon dioxide it present in the water. How odd. the 3 stage water crush fails to provide sufficient oxygen exchange for the fishes because the fishes breath in faster than the aeration can do it.

Now I have to pump in air with the use of Air pump. the new possibility is to raise the water head, and this involves modify the entire third level hydroponic to raise the water head.

however, the sub level sewer is still working find. hmm... not the tank have 15 Cardinal, 5 small Clown Loach, 1 big clown loach, one algae eater and 3 cory. Yup. it's all schooling fish, and everyone is peaceful.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Verjean show

How many listens to the Morning Express this morning?
The three guys did it again.
They fooled all audience thinking that they are splitting up.
Actually, this entire week, they are having the holiday, and vernetta and jean danker took overtheir show (for a short wild)

I really think the three guys are better than the verjean show. The guys have lotta stuff to joke about, and the vernetta and jean danker, they are just a bit of a......Lame jokes.

Check out the class 95 website, at Http://


Female Betta, Terminated

This morning, really is sad, cos one of the betta which I kept, jumped out of the water.

Apparrently, I didn't notice it at firsst, while I was watching the fish tank this morning.

When I forgot about some stuff, anbd returned home, in the mist of the darkness, I spotted a black thing that was not suppose to be on the floor. it is in the living room, 5 M away from the fish tank. As the light was warming up, I saw it moved. The natural instinct kicked in, and the leg moves in for a kill.

Hmm... it felt soft, and when I panic, and very curious to know what it is so big, I switch one the spot light. There I see, blood all over my feet, and the fish is dead.

And I bought it 4 days ago!


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Harnessing Power of Photosynthesis

Have anyone seen my second generation improved fish tank? It is something out of nowhere, and my superior officer recommand me to market the fish tank.

Built under the technology of the cleanroom, the fish tank requires no water change at all. Only topping up the water, and the environment is so concealed, that evaporation is returned back to the water. Cool tower, when fully recharged, can cpture the water vapour from the air, and returned to the fish tank.

Filtration? Mechanical, Biological and optional chemical. The fish tank is filtered mostly by biological, and the mechanical medium only changes once every 3 months. Suggstion have been that the fish tank could be improved, if the fish tank is able to be filtered entirely on biological.

The most proud technique is the 3 stage water crush, where the process called "forced aeration" crush water to force the surrounding air to be combines into the water, and provide oxygen to the fishes. Therefore, no air pump is needed absolutely.

The only thing needed is only a water pump, 10 watt, and it is good to go.

I am into harnessing the power of photosynthesis, to understand the hydroponic, so that the biological process can be faster. The conclusion is if the plant can absorb the waste of the fish faster, I can eliminate the use of mechanical filter.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Never curse, in troubled times

This is something new today, I learnt.
We must , however hard the time is, never curse at anyone.

Rather, pray, say your prayers, and you may be gifted by wisdom to finish it.
The reason behind, is that, if you act rashly, you may make worse the situation, and will led into downfall.

In a court proceeding, the judge was so mad, that she take a time off, with her prayer, beforte continue. Otherwise, she will make the wrong judgement, and give the wrong conclusion.

On the contrary, when devil tries way to bring you down, and you say prayers, it will not only make you think positively, but also brings defeat to the devil, that he will leave you alone. "Why would I want to strenghten this person, who is going to destroy my kingdom?"

There is one time, I was to the resort of giving up this project that never seems to be able to work. but in the end, after weeks of prayers, the problem is finally solved. Praise to the LORD

When LORD Jesus is on the cross, he , did not ever curse those who pin him, rather, he cpontinues to says prayers and ask the FATHER for forgiveness and mercy on mankind.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

The undesirable sight seen today

What is the shock of ya life in the morning?

To me, SHIT! wow! when I reached the office, the smell really is so strong!

Apprantly, someone shit yesterday night, and din flush it. furthermore, the shit is not in the water. yucks. Well, since the office is so huge, I will never know whodump it there.

it is really lucky I got there before the AHU turns on. Otherwise, the smell will be all over the office!


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