Monday, July 02, 2007

14 Strong Metal Blades Versus 1 Soft Cloth

Nowadays, stuff are really piling up. As today, I was just back from a long leave of 5 days, I found I am stuck with many unfinished stuff.

This is something to share about 1 very interesting incident.
One of the restaurant put a cloth on the cooking hood, to soak up the oil. And in one test, the cloth was suck up, and up the ducting and goes to the fan. With 14 fan blades, die casted. Each blade when rotates, is capable to slice and crush a real human and cut into human chop.

Imagine what happens when a cloth went in?

A $600 loss. with the 14 blades broken, and just a slight tear on the cloth.

Sentosa is quite cheap these days. with only $6, as compared to some more than tens of dollars, It really is a great drop, and with great ease, I get to go to the Sentosa by the sentosa express. It is a short distant trip, and reach the beach quite fast.

I goes to the beach with Xiaolan, to have a drink, and eat some food, by the beach, and watch the sunset. After that, we went to lie on the beach, to watch the stars, and oh yes, a brief 5 seconds firework. It is a real pity I didn't get to watch the closing firework of the National Stadium.


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