Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fried Electrical

Last month, there was a power

breakdown in one restaurant. the fault was restored immediately, and investigation to the power fault proof futile. there was no longer another fault.

It is only last wednesday, when servicing to one equipment, the problem to a fault was found. It was a connector melted.

It is not know what is the source of the problem, is it the arcing, heat, or high current that causes the connector to melt. This connector is a small size connector, and it have since changed to a bigger size connector, and put under observation for the next few months.

The company takes a serious view over who installs and how it happens. I suspect it to be high heat, because the wires are sufficient enough, so arcing cannot be the problem. Over current may be the source, since the connector is a small type, which is not recommended for this equipment, which is a current eater.

Servicing equipment is a very essential operation in the maintenance site. I am sometime so proud of the team, who is so dedicated into the job, and take pride in the work.

So far, the most problematic job for me would be switchboard troubleshooting. It is the most difficult job for me, because you have to do the electrical work, under LIVE connection. and it is a Single phase 230AC. Can you imagine how shocking you could be, if you are to do this. and if servicing is done on the neutral side, it is more dangerous, because even if the circuit breaker is off, never forget the neutral line is still LIVE. As the whole switchboard is earthed to ground, if you touch any neutral line, you will activate another circuit breaker called Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. If it doesn't the higher level will activate. and this will render you safe from further electrocution.

Unlike one place I know, this doesn't work there, because the current overload relay was tampered with, and no one bother to find out the exact amount. ha ha, we just wait for the day, when it happens. because in that place, action is only taken when there is tragedy strikes.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Midnight Shopping

2 days ago, I came across one topic that has been debating in Singapore, and many people are procastinating over it. Past midnight shopping, or 24 hours shopping.

This has been becoming such an issue, because certain tourists thinks that there is no place to go after midnight in Singapore, unlike Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, midnight shopping is common, because many shop opens 24 hours non-stop. Especially eating places. When I was in Hong Kong last year, I don't recall seeing any shop that opens 24 hours. Even the famous woman's street was closed at 2300.

If the claim that Hong Kong opens 24 hours, it would be in Nathan Street, where the shops are laying along the busy roads and hotels. In Singapore most of the shopping stores are in the shopping mall. Shopping malls, are buildings housing many shops in one building. If one store such as Mcdonald requires a 24 hour operations, and he is the only shop that opens, the shopping mall may generate a loss, because of the air-conditioning bills, housekeeping bills.

Most maintenance work in a shopping mall, especially major job, have to be done after the shopping hours, where the whole air-conditioning have to be switch off. For example, if one cooling pipe have a leak, the whole system have to be shut down, so that the cooling water can be drained, and then take down the pipe and replace the pipe. The entire operation may take 5 to 6 hours to do it. And during this time, there won't be any air-conditiong available. Therefore, in the night, this is the best time to carry out such activity. If the shopping mall is opens 24 hours, many people will complain of the heat, and overhaul of equipments is extremely hard without any complains.

Although it is true that at night, air-conditioning cost is cheaper, because of cooler weather, this is not entirely true to the theory unless the compressor is a inverter , or vsd type. If all shops are to opens 24 hours in the shopping mall, then the shopping mall may be able to generate more revenue, but the cost of employing the maintenance staff, and housekeeping staff will be greater, because they ahve to take two action. Either employ more staff, or pay the staff more allowance, and this also includes taxi fares.

On the other side, if there is not much customer patronise the shop, the shop may suffer a loss, because they are required to pay a higher rent and utilitiy bills. In Singapore, most of the people are asleep, and thus, less people will do the past midnight shopping.

Occassionally, once in a while, stores may requires to take stock taking. And stock taking is only possible, if the shop is closed, and every items are accoutned for without other people removing the stocks until the stocktaking is over. Sometime, if the stocktaking is carried out in batchs, certain shelf have to be labelled. If the labels are taken away by playful shoppers, the stock taking may be not accurate, and then, then whole process have to be repeat again. And if shoppers are to move the thing from one place to another, the stock takers may missed that item again. If the shops are to close down just for stocktaking, they have to pay the same rate of the utility bills, and it will be unfair to them.

Road maintenance also requires a closure of the road. and in the pathway, certain place have to be condor off, so the work can be carried out. Such as washing, and waxing.

In Australia, shops are closed very early, so that the workers can have fun after work, and make merry all night. If the workers are to be made working long hours, I think the morale of the workers will be very low, and their family lives will be affected as well.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Pablo, From extreme poverty to extreme rich

I had just have a inspirational dream, that after I woke up, I would like to share with you.

Pablo's starting life
This is about a boy, perhaps, about his life. Although in the dream, he had no name, but when I prayed for a name, the word 'pablo', came to my mind.

Pablo is a black african, who is from the thrid world country. Ever since he was birth, he follows his parents, and work non-stop. When he was young, where everyone's kid went to school, pablo was helping out in his uncle's shop, which I don't know what he sells.

Pablo's teens
When pablo was in his teens, I saw his uncle talked to his parents, and they were crying. It seems that pablo's uncle had a plan for him, and it would cost pablo to leave his parents, to go to america, somewhere in the surburb. Pablo, since small, did not know what was going on around the world. And then, it zapped to the day, where pablo's parents and him were in a jeep, driving to a place. The jeep was driven by their uncle, and then, they set off from their home, to a house, by the sea. When they nearly reached the place, pablo's parents told him he have reached, and advise him to work hard, and stay with the american family.

First visit
Pablo went to a door, and knocked on it, and after he said his name, the american let him in, and show him the place around. He was shown to a room, which is the size of his whole house. (Can you imagine the size of the house of pablo?) It seems that pablo's uncle have a plan for him to be adopted by the americans.

Later, Pablo was shown to a restaurant which is on the streets level. It is a house, by the seaside, where the top is the house, and the first floor is the restaurant. While every regular kids are studying colleage, pablo is busy working in daytime, and night time. before sleep, he share his quiet time, and studying books that is on the shelves of the americans. It was never know who are the americans in the dream.

Pablo's Adulthood

When Pablo reached his 20s, he have an urge to go visit his family. He took a short break, and went back to his home, which he remembered. When he reached there, the house, which is thought to be there, was no longer there. The place have gone through mordernisation, and was no longer there. Pablo, with his tears non-stop, returned home. He was very sad that he have lost his root. The next day, he pursues on sharpening his cooking skills through strong determination. The american couple supports him very well.

Then, the american couple died, not knowing how they died, but they were childless. The american man had made a will, that his estate be willed to pablo. And a contract between him and pablo's parents came to light. He was an adopted child, planned by his uncle. His uncle had observed that he have a keen interest in cooking, and that is why, he was sent to this family.

After the funeral, Pablo became the boss, and starts on reading books that aids him to expand his restaurant. He became very successful man, and married a lady. He continues to stays in the restaurant by the beach, waiting for one day, his parents would return.

Pablo thinks about his root

One night, while Pablo was looking out the sea, he cried. His wife came out to see him, and was also sad. Then his wife gave a recommandation to him, to advertise on the newspaper, looking out for his parent.

Pablo published for 1 week straight, and many people came to make the claim that they were Pablo's family. But he knew, they were not his parent. Weeks went by, and the con man were still coming up. But as it gets lesser, his hope of meeting his parent were getting dimmer and dimmer. One night, a car stopped by, and a man came to knock on the door. Pablo answered it, and immediately the man ask about the house pablo was living in. Pablo answered by a railway, and a rotten one. And the man continued describing the house, and then give a short brief about a shop, but saying it is their shop. Pablo dismissed that it was his uncle's shop, and not his own shop. Pablo then question by saying on the last day he leaves, the parent sent him to the door. the man dismissed that he was not sent to the door. The two man stopped for a while, and tears splashes out, and they hug each other. He was pablo's brother.

Pablo meet his brother

Pablo's brother was also sent to another family by his uncle as well. He found a letter about his uncle's plan for them to have a better life, and their parents have to let them go, so they would be successful. They were united, and Pablo knew he was no longer alone, as he have his brother. They never met their parent, nor their uncle anymore.

Pablo's brother is a student studying law, and he lives on the other side of the town. Occassionally, Pablo's brother would came to drop by, and they would stare out the sea sometime, thinking about their life, and about their future life.

Woke up~!

After that, I woke up.
I was feeling very sad over the dream, because it seems so real, it was like watching a life of a man in 3 hours. I slept at 2300, and woke up at 0200.

Some may think that poverty is a bad thing, but poverty, can drive a strong determination out of a man. Rich kids are rebellious, and they think the world revolve around them. They do not study, given a comfort home, with a life with their parents. But in a world, without schools and parents, a kid would be driven to drive the best potential out of them.

It is ironic, that poverty, can drive a person closer to GOD, and the non-poverty, was lead away from GOD. That is why, GOD prefers to choose the weak, to be strong, as he picks on David, to fight the Goliath in the times of David.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Haze, haze and more haze.

This is an annual exhibition, called Globaltronics. As an engineer, I like to attends to these exhibition, to get to know the technological advancement around these days. Have you noticed that most of the technological advancement have speed up a little?

With many form of integration, and new developments of nanotechnology, The machines are getting smarter, and more reliable than it was ten years ago. Who knows, the words you are reading now, may be read by another program in your pc as well.

And one more scary thing to note, is when will we hand the keys to robots, just like when mankind hand over the world to the robots in matrix.

Coming back, Globaltronics is a trade exhibition, and it is a very pity that it is held during the office hours, say Tuesday to Fridat, 0830 to 1730. This is the time, when everyone is working. I have to rush off to the exhibition, and quickly glance through before the exhibition closes in 30 minutes times. Hello~ Mister, can you put these exhibition so we can join in the weekends too?
This is a pity of it, because there are a lot of interested people who wants to take a look at it but have to work. I am sure of it, because I am one of them.

On the first day, I was very blur, because I did not know that I have to register for it. When I was downstair, I was looking for the registration booth, and it took a long time, because there is no direction as to where to register. and upon registration, It really takes a very long time, trying to fill up the form, because there are so many things to fill up.

Anyway, after filling up the forms, and I was up for only 5 minutes, the exhibition was closed. DUH~ You know? I spent $7.50 each day getting a cab there straight after work.


We are now experiencing the yearly event, and this year, it just got worse. It is not a total natural disaster, but a man-made disaster.

It is Haze. And this yeat, thanks to Kalimantan, we have experienced one of the worst haze, where vision gets very low, with the smell of burning in it. National Environmental Agency is also busy displaying and reporting the values of the PSI every hour.

Why do people in Kilmantan like to practice the slash and burn method, when it comes to crop rotation? Presuming the cheapest way of getting their land to fertile again, they are laying waste millions of dollars everyday for other countries. Event the president is having a hard time bowing down and apologise to other neighbour countries.

It really is a devastating effect in singapore because the outdoor activities have to be stopped, and more people prefers to stay indoors, with the air cleaner by their side. Nevertheless, I am one of these people. Speaking of my air cleaner, this air cleaner have been with me for years. It is a ionizer, and an air filter as well. It is a german technology, patented, and cost me $200 around more than 5 years ago. nowadays, it is cheaper now.

Air Cleaners

Of course, air cleaner works better when you change the air filters regularly. no use depending on an aircleaner, where the filter is choked. I guess the only happy people are the air cleaner sellers and manufacturers.


Monday, October 16, 2006

One of the recommandable Chicken Rice.

NEWS Flash!

This is for the folks who are living in Woodlands.

If you are living in Woodlands, or near sembawang, you can try this Chicken Rice.

It is located in Block 17, Woodlands Sector.

I used to work around the coffee shop very long ago, as an Assistant Engineer in a fabrication factory.

Good for Fiona

Fiona is the only one working there. Yup. So she gets to have more chances to eat there.
The shop opens early every morning, so I get to eat the Duck Porridage there, and in the afternoon, I eat the Chicken Rice. The butcher is really friendly, and will joke around. And he is good in remembering people, cos he will instantly know what you like to eat.

How I know this place

I remember the first few week, I always though the only canteen is at the downstair of where I was working. Then one day, while I was enjoying the scenary on the fifth floor of the industrial building, I noticed that there are people walking towards a small passage, and people returning from the passage are carrying packets of food.

I went down the next day, and follow the people walking through the passage, and there I found it, another food center, which is more economical, more worthwhile food than the food center which is down the building.

What about the soup?

Oh yes, for the soup, this stall offers free chicken feet. Yum Yum. it is a free flow, and the butcher welcome you to come and finish it up. There opens from 0700, and ends around 1500, or when they ran out of chicken or duck to sell.


Speaking of the duck, they are not selling rubber duck. The duck are tender, and juicy. Yum Yum. I once bought half of the duck home and eat with cooked rice, and it is a marvelous delicacy.

In attached is a picture of how you can identifty the canteen when you are driving through Woodlands Sector, so you will not miss the canteen.

Around the place I work in, There are only 3 coffee shops around. the next one is 22 Woodlands Industrial, and it is not worth speaking about it.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Village's ERDINGER Oktober feast 2006

Last Friday, I was feasting in China Square Central, during the company's dinner.

It is a really wild party. It is organised by Chinatown's Village, and a german beer called Erdinger. From the photo, you can see, how big is their glass is!
And a small class cost around $10. Yup, just a small glass, which is a fraction of the picture that you see here.

As a novoice to places like this, I did not know that the food, which is the free food, is actually to go with the food. Nevertheless, I hurried to finish up the food. Then, Around 2000, Glenn Ong, the DJ from the Class 95, came in and announce the start of the party.

This follows by a loud music, and a german singing, and saying the rules. The Universal Rule of Beer appplies in everywhere including this party. They are:

1) Thou shall not refuse a toast.
2) Thou can toast with anyone in the party.
3) Before you take a drink, toast with anyone nearer to you before you move it to your lip
4) After a toast, bang the glass on the table before putting to your lips.

I saw a lot of people taking this opportunity to get to know more people. and then you know what, some of the peopel order the gigantic glass, and drink all the way. Ha ha

I took one glass at first, and finished up. And then, the Senior Engineer offers another drink again. And after finishing up, a lady, dunno came from where, offers me another glass.

In total, I had 3 glasses of beer. To me, drinking wine tastes better than beer. I don't like the gas. you know why people vomit, just because they glurp down the beer in one shot, and then, the gas build up and rush out through the nose and mouth.

During the feast, many step on the bench and tables and dance. I stand ont he table. Wahahaha.

During the party, I can see a lot of people who are working around the city area in the feast. they seems to be enjoying themselves, and treating it as a way to release their stress, by dancing and shouting. It costs $38 per person. and the feast opens for 4 days.

Liver system
I sometime was wondering how badly damages is their Liver. Do you know that the liver and intestine shares the same nervous system? And the bad thing, or rather the good thing, is that the Liver feels no pain. And by drinking beer, the liver sacrifices some of the cells, to removes the toxics.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Motor Control

Training and retrain

Last Week, While I was working, one of my colleague came and told me that I was to attend a last minute conduct training session.

It is a training programme for the workers, to upgrade themselves with a new skill. In my case, it is a skill on Motor Control. It is conducted in Ang Mo Kio, by a company called Schneider Electric.


Schneider Enectric is a company that have been providing us with switches and a motor drive called Variable Speed Drive. It is not a cheap course, and I can see the company have high hope for me.

Apart from supplying Variable speed drives, they supply Programmable Logic Control, Sensors, and High Tension Bus Bar.

In the three day course, it emphasize on how the motor control, works, and how to connect the motors. The instructors are very attentive, and they know what they are saying.

After the three days course, I went back, I was astonished that the electrical panel that I was working on, was carried out by someone who is unfit for the task. The labor of my friend’s work and mine, was wasted. Apparently, someone cut a big hole, that the cover of the electrical panel was deemed useless. And I have to start up with another new one. This is a bit of a waste, because a lot of care has been taken to make the panel look nice.

In this company, it is quite nice to work in, because it is huge, and a lot of welfare, and the company is not stingy in retraining workers.

Does your company spend on you by sending you to courses?

Chinese Garden

Hacve you been to this year's Chinese Garden Lantern lightup? I was there, and it is really nice to see the efforts made by the Chinese Garden. There are the seven wonders of the world structures, and one of the most impressive is the Tower of Pisas. Although it is not tilted, but it was formed out of plates, spoons and cups. and they are made of China. Well, that is what it looks like. And I was w onderiong how do they fix up that structures, because it must have weigh a lot.

Oh yes, there are a loot of merchandises, and one of them, is a man selling candy. Yum Yum.
I have to pay $2 for it. After you paid the money, the seller would draw a picture out of candy, and after setting for some time, you can get to eat it.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Mid Autumn Lightup

Lights, Camera, FIREWORKS!

Have you been to the Chinatown Lightup recently?

The Roads have to be closed up, because the participant is so huge, that the organization commitee have to close up the road, to facilitate the lightup of the chinatown mid autumn.

Some of the old folks are actually grumble because the road is closed, and I see that they are really old fashioned people, who are unwilling to change, or innovate.

Frankly speaking, there is really no harm closing the road, because it is a huge events, a lot of money is spent, to make the Chinatown a wonderful place. Not all old man are stubborn. Some are happy about it, because they find it rare to be able to walk on the roads of the Chinatown. Becuase only on Chinese new year, would the government close up the roads, for the celebration.

Fireworks, although it is small, but it is well organised. It accompanied with a story of chang-e and it is really beautiful.

President Nathan, is a busy man during these few days, because a lot of people are inviting him for the party. On that day, he is to watch the mid autumn lightup. Then the next day, he was invited to the Singapore Idol final.

Singapore Idol

Speaking about Singapore Idol. Hady won the singapore idol 2006.
It is a malay again, and I am sure suria is making a big show out of it. Why Jonathan never win? Perhaps it can bring Channel 8 some glory as well. It is too bad, he can't sing as good as Hady.


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