Monday, August 10, 2009

National Day Bintan Trip

It have been a rather short while since I went oversea trip.
But this time, although it is a short time since I returned from the cameron, I planned another trip to go with bintan with neko chan this time round. hmm.... Was missing indonesia, because the last time I went to batam, I din wnjoy to the fullest because I did not go with Neko chan.

Thus, this time , I decided to bring Neko chan to the beach no matter what, because I know she is missing the days of going to the beach for suntan, and she wants to go to another country for a tan. So I thought of planning for a surprise for neko chan, to go to batam.

When I met nakarin, I was reminded of a bintan trip, that neko chan says she missed the day of going there. so I got a chance to have a word with nakarin on the train going home, and asked him about the last bintan trip he went to. He shared with some of his experience, and then, I give it a deep thought. I changed the destination from Batam to Bintan. So I can experience a different way to the holiday. As Nakarin mentioned, there is a great beach, and Nekochan says she wanted to go there with her BF, which failed in the past. Later, I told her about it, and we immediately went to book for the holiday. Hmm... can't give her a bigger surprise, because I can't be sure that whether is bintan Nirwana resort is her ideal one. cos Nirwana gardens have a lkot of resort de lor.

While waiting for the day to the bintan, it really is a dragful day, because time seems to go very slow. and we waited and waited and says how much we look forward to the trip.

Then, when I received the call from Vincent, the guy who plans the holiday for us, he told me the hotel rooms are fully booked on that day because it is a public holiday and a lot of people are on the waiting list too. hmmm. I asked him to search for any availabilities, and he found a suite which is the last room, and so far no one have confirmed the room yet. I give a quick thought and told him I would top it up, and get the suite, since there is no other way le lor.

And the days of waiting for the change is really long, because so worried that the trip will be cancelled.

And then, vincent called to confirm that I got he room for the day. Yippy, I was so thrilled, and went down to get the ticket.

LAter, we got a problem because her mum doesn't allows, hmm... but we got the help of her sis, to convince her otherwise, and have to top up yet again, so her sis can go also.
She wanted a holiday too, because she did not have a chance for a beach holiday for a long time, and we can have a great photographer for the day.

When the day arrived, time really fly very slow while waiting for the time to the ferry terminal arrive.

Went to Neko chan house to wait for it, because I was so tired after the day lecture and was affraid that I would not be able to wake up, so I went to her house to wait for the next few hours.

Wake up ad we went to the ferry terminal, and it is real pack wo. Probably a lot of other people are also going for the holiday. It is so crowded and we went to the departure straight. so fast, that it is like a blink of an eye, and we reached the boat. In the boat, we got a three seats, that no one takes, as we are in early.

After we reached the bintan ferry terminal, I was so thrilled. And neko chan and her sis is also thrilled about the trip. Got a bus that brought us to the nirwana hotel, and when we reached the hotel, it is so huge de lor. it have this swimming pool, quite big and have a few spots of open jaccuzzi. wow. very nice, We went to the restaurant for the breakfast buffet. yum yum.

The bacon and the pancake is really nice nice.
After that, we went to check in, and book the ferry ticket for the next day.

Once inside the hotel room, it is a suite. and it is very beautiful. It have a living room, and a huge bedroom and toilet with a bathtub.

the aircon is pretty cold and I love it. We took a few photos int he room, and then went to swim in the big pool.

After the swim, we walked a few distance and reached the beach, which is just a few distance away. went to plat the kayaking, so cool, cos it have been a long long time since I went to play it. It is real tiring rowing the thing nonstop, so sometime we stopped and rest. and yup, it is a double seat kayak. Was planning to go to this stone island but later we later give up, because in the middle of the sea, the wave is getting stronger and neko chan is quite afraid of the wave. We went to the other stone island on the extreme left side. and it is real hard to row to it, because is seems very very far going there.

Once we reached there, made a joke about going to touch the stones. haha. Lucky later we went back to the beach and found we have another half hour left, so we went to the middle fo the sea and have a short tan before we went back to the pool and have another round of jacuzzi.

After that, we took the shuttle bus and went to the town pasar oleh oleh and wanted to go for the spa. Went around and look at the dinner buffet and it really looks yummy yummy.

When we reached the town, we went straight to the spa that janette recommands, and it is really look very classy wo.

Although we saw a lot of spa the hotel recommands, but we went to the hotel "Martha Tilaar"

The place is Martha Tilaar salon day spa.
Kompleks Ruko Pujasera Blobk C no. 03-04 Township
Kawasen bintan resort
Lagoi Bintan Utara
Puala Bintan 29155
Tel: (0770) 692888
Email at

It is fully booked for the day when we got there, but we made an appointment to go on the second day.
The reception says they will provide a service of fetching us from the hotel and to the ferry terminal once it is finished.

We went to have a short while and then found out there is no place good to eat there, cos it is mostly expensive, and we waited at the town till the next bus ride.

When the next bus came, we went straight for the dinner buffet and it is quite nice de lor. a lot of BBQ food. but we did arrived too late and they were closing soon. Yum yum The cray fish is real nice and there is a huge lamb roasted to prefection de. we eat till very late and then went back to the hotel room and rest. Very tuired on that day that we sleep in a very short moment.

When we woke up the next day, I found out it is already 7 in the morning. the day is break, and we went to the swimming pool. After that, to the beach and have a tan.
Yup. real nice tan there.

and when it comes to the time of noon, we went back and get ready for the final event, SPA. yup.

We waited in the lobby and got some nice souvenirs and waited for the spa driver. When we saw the driver, we went to the spa and have the chocolate rose spa. It is a big room, and there is huge scent everywhere. There is a massage, follow by steam, scrub and then spa and follow by a wash.

After the spa, we were quite hungry, and there is this coffee shop just beside the spa salon. There is a coffee shop, and can you believe the nasi padang there for three is only $10 wo.

we have a hearty lunch, and then went back to the spa salon where there is a drive r to drive us to the ferry terminal.

Before we set off, took a few photos of sad look,cos it is sad going back.

It is the last ferry for the day, and I am glad we made it, cos the boat expecially the last one is usually packed one.

When we reached ferry terminal, everyone thought it is over, but I brough Neko chan later to the marina square.
Yup, it is national day, and we went straight to the marina square to look at the fire works.

The firework this time is great, be because we look at it, and then when everyone thought it is over, there is a second round of firework too. Yup. and getting tot he exact spot is real hard because the marinba square is really crowded as a lot of opeople are gathering at the marina square.

After that, we went to pick up a cinema ticket which I booked some weeks back, and it is neko chan's favorite show. It is called UP, and it is in 3D also.

While waiting for the showtime, we walked aorund, and found this place there it is the centerstage and there are a lot of people there., And I noticed this giant board, and it have a lot of notes that people stick on it.
It is quite full, and we went down and wrote on the papart and stick on it. ha ha, it is quite high, all thanks to the fact that I can jump high wo.

We went to get janette's present which is cute and useful. hmm.. Janette birthday is on the national day too wo.

And after that we went to see the movie. it is a really sad at first because it speaks of a man's life with his wife. and when his wife is dead, that is where the story starts, about an old man and his big dream. He made his house fly and went to the place where he and his wife wants to do it. It is a real adventure of the old man, trying to get his house to the hill.

After the movie, we went to take the last train and change to the taxi go home.

It is a real nice weekend, and I love Neko Chan.

thanks for the wonderful idea of going for a tan.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

NDP Preview 2009

First of August is a new month beginning of the new month. And this year is a different start of the whole year because it is a new month starting with Neko chan. And it is the first time, that I was being lead by neko chan to the NDP preview. Wow, All thanks to her cousin who have won 4 tickets from the ballot. Hmm… I was wondering how come he is so lucky de lor, to get the preview ticket so lucky that I dun even win a piece of the ticket no matter how many years I joined the ballot. Anyway, Thank GOD that he got the ticket, and he have two extra piece, that he gave it to neko chan, who then invite me to the NDP preview. Hmm… she have attended the NDP before, and I din know about that until that day wo. Hmm… anyway, I met her up straight after work. And it is very sad that everytime before we are going to have a good time, there is always a hard time of working. Hmm…. It was a Saturday, and I have to get to work because it is my time that week.

Anyway, when I finished it, I was so glad, and went straight down to the Marina to meet up with Neko chan in the marina square mac. IT is real crowded that time because it is the entrance into the stage.

Anyway, when I met her, I gave her a shirt that I have been keeping it for two years.
It is a NDP shirt that I got 2 years ago. Hmm…. At that time, it is the first year perhaps that the NDP is held at the floating platform at the marina square.
I have been keeping that shrt, thinking of giving it to someone who is worth my effort, because it is really hard to get that shirt, and it will have some antique value, because I have been keeping it for years before having someone to give it to. And It really nfits neko chan. It have the same imprint one, and it is both red in colour.

Neko chan loves the shirt and we went straight to the viewing stage. And then we went straight to the blue stage. And when we got to the blue stage entrance, we found out that it was closed on that time, because it is full. We were then lead to the staircase where we have to climb this long long flight of stairs straight to the top. It is real tiring climbing it, and Ibeginning to think what would the old and needy do if they come across this long flight of stairs wo. Where is the lift when I needs it. Hmm…

Anyway, when we made it up there, we were lead to the empty place where there are a lot of blue seats. Hmm… it is although a long distance from the seats to the center stage, but no fear. Haha, I got the binocular with me, and I dig it out and see the far far stage with ease, we can even see the merlion park from there. Well, the binocular is bought by my dad, nad have to thank him for that wo. Else we will not have a clear view of it.

We took many photos, and all because Neko chan have a great camera, and we took many photo, like the flag flying past. And It would be darn great if we can take a great photo of it with the F15. Too bad we did not get it because did not managed to get sight of the aeroplance earlier and there is no time to aim the camera on it. Haih. But we did get with the flag.

What is most amazing this year will be the cannon shot this year, because this year, the NDP managed to bring the five canons out into the sea and they shot during the parade with ease. Hmm… later after the NDP preview, we went to take some pictures with her cousins, and also on the stage which is around the seats,

What is the most memorable will be Lee Kuan Yew’s favourite verse in the Independence day saying “Never fear” and he said about his vision that he have 10 years later. And it is through the hardship of the many people, that Singapore made it to the day that it is tosday, all because of the leader’s guide and also the people’s sweat and blood, that Lee Kuan Yew’s dream came through, and also to the Singapore people.

After the NDP, we went out to the marina square and I couldn’t help thinking that every year, the marina square must have a lot of sales around, because a lot of people will be going there and sure the restaurant is fulkly packed. We later went to the Japanese restaurant and have our dinner there. It is quite nice, and got her her favourite bento set wo. While I eat the Tonkotsu ramen as well. It is disappointing of the ramen, cos it doesn’t taste as good as the Ramen Ramen in the railway mall.

Wish to go back to the Ramen ramen one day and have that tonkotsu ramen or the salmon head ramen also can. Hmm…. A bit ex for the ramen ramen, but that is one good bowl of it.

After the whole thing we went back home and ends the day. The fireworks is real great this year with Neko Chan around…


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