Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1 Fish Missing

AHU system before modification
One entry Removed
For almost 3 years ever since I joins the blog community(4th Feb 2004), it is the very first time today, that I have to remove one entry from the blog. The first time...Well, everything has it's first.

Anyway, the blog that was removed is not an offensive article. It is a blog, that when I read again today, makes no sense one, and the photo is being commented to be from the newspaper, but it is the fact that I took the photo myself, because the angle that the papers took, is different. Nevertheless, after much consideration, I have decided to removed it. Hmm... feel a bit sad, but it would be more sad, if it stays there. Removing a blog entry really takes a long long time to consider.

FCU only1 Fish Missing
As I was doing study today, and took a look at my fish tank while thinking, I noticed that one of the clownloach is missing. I search all their playground and sleeping area, but that missing fish cannot be found. So strange one. This is the fourth(I guess) generation fish tank. I remember the second generation fish tank, that comes with underground sewer system, lies a hidden place, where the fish can go dissappear, and re-appear another day. But this time, there is a sewer system, but it is a vertical unit and not the horizontal type. So wonder where it goes......

By the way, in case you do not know, I design and construct my own fish tank filtration system. One of a kind.

How many people have been using the OCBC ATM outside HEEREN on yesterday 27th November 2007 before noon?
Something is very wrong with the ATM, and thank GOD I did not use it. That ATM seems to be hungry, and eat cards when I noticed it in the morning. One malay guy was very angry, he shouts on the phone. When I approached him, he is very furious about the way the customer service asking a lot of questions. When confront the customer officer, he comments he have to do verification to ensure the person he talks to, is really the client. OK~ other than IC, address and phone number, what does age, monthly income, where is the first place to apply for the account got to do with verification? Who have the time to go and remember the date and location of applying for the account? I personally think phone number is enough, because it can be trace anywhere else, unless it is not registered. I really have to take my hat off to this guy. But Thank GOD, I withdraw my money in another place. Otherwise, I have to start another round of going to the bank. I hate going to bank.


Monday, November 26, 2007

1 Corinthians 13:4-7; 13:13(New Living Translation)

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.


Monday, November 19, 2007

I am getting Old~

I am getting old, and hmm.... hopefully not useless.
This is exactly true, cos today, I went for a game of blowling. hmm... It have been 4 year since 2003, that I went to play bowling.

During those days, I can reach 160 to 180 easily. but today, I can barely reach 100, and the highest is only 145. This is more than half of the full score for bowling.

Orchid Bowl, is the only bowling lane where I believe it is a dry lane. Well, whether is there another dry lane, I do not know. But dry lanes are good, cos it leaves less oil on the bowling balls. Of course, it do affect a bit of performance on the hook ball, I guess.

Why am I bent on practicing this game, is because there is a person who keeps on jabbing about his bowling skills, and challenge everyone for a game. hmm.... I just want to tease him a bit, if I win him. But today's mock bowling (alone) proves that I am not capable to fight him down. I wonder how to beat him in next week's showdown.

Furthermore, the event is held on a wet lane. Hopefully it have some advantages on my side.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Charles Proteus Steinmetz (1865 – 1923)

Charles Proteus Steinmetz (1865 – 1923) was an outstanding electrical genius who specialized in mathematics, electrical engineering, and chemistry. His three greatest electrical contributions were his investigation and discovery of the law of hysteresis, his investigations in lighting, which resulted in his theory on traveling wave, and his discovery that complex numbers could be used to solve AC circuit problems. Solving problems was in fact his specialty, and on one occasion he was commissioned to troubleshoot a failure on a large company system that no one else had been able to repair. After studying the symptoms and schematics for a short time, he chalked an X on one of the metal cabinets, saying that this was where they would find the problem, and left. He was right, and the problem was remedied to the relief of the company executives; however, they were not pleased when they received a bill of $1000. When they demanded that Steinmetz itemize the charges, he replied - $1 for making the mark and $999 for knowing where to make the mark.

The strong message this vignette conveys is that you will get $1 for physical labor and $999 for mental labor, and this is a good example as to why you should continue in your pursuit of education.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Most difficult campaign

Tiberium most challenging campaign
The Most difficult campaign in Tiberium War is the one in cortia(:P forgot the name)

In this scene, there are two enemy, the GDI and NOD, both coming for me. well, occassionally, they would fight with one another. Defending the base is really a challenge, because I have to make full use of the Mastermind's ability, and when he is killed, aiyoh, have to take a lot of time, to train another one.

One strategy, is to capture NOD, then concentrate firepower to GDI. NOD have Obelisk to fear. But if capture GDI first, the defense is strong with that ultrasonic weapon.
After a lot of loss battle, the one strategy, if you haven came up with, is to capture the NOD first. Concentrate on teleport shock trooper to obelisk, and take it out fast~ before the reinforcement come. And after everything capture, do not capture the two info building. instead, if you go for the bonus objective, build up troops, and then move them to near the base entrance.
Destroy the bridge at the south east of GDI base, and then, teleport all the shock troopers to the 6 power plant and take it out fast~.

After the powerplant is down, use forcefield on GDI machine shop then move NOD commando from the west-north-west, with 3 tanks and 2 Avatars. At the west, move in all the remainding troops, with either manipulator or saboteur, to take over any machines that are shot down.

If you have Vertigo Bomber, use it to take down the rocket turret during the power down, and then that ultra sonic turret.

Another way is to start the show, with a nuclear blast on the 6 power plants, instead of teleporting the shock troopers to make the sacrifice.


Finished Command and conquer: Tiberium War.

Tiberium War Screen Shot 1, Courtesy of Electronic arts.
This morning, I have finally “command and conquer” Tiberium War. Yahoo~!

I have been playing this game for quite sometime, and the most difficult is the Scrin Campaign, where both GDI and NOD combine forces and come for me. DUH~

Need to co-ordinate well enough, then can fight them both.

Tiberium War is a great game, because it have awesome graphic, and true sound that rotates if you have 5.1 system at home. Of course, I have to really hook up my sound system. But still even with 2-1 system, playing this is also great. Imagine if I have 5.1 system.

I have been thinking of upgrading my PC to 5.1 sound systems. But it is quite a big capital investment, and my room is using plaster ceiling, so not much potential for an upgrade. The Scrin soldiers are really a bit of disappointment, because they seems to be the weakest faction. The soldiers cannot garrison building one, so making use of them is quite difficult. No wonder playing as scrin is very difficult.

Tiberium War Screen Shot 2, Courtesy of Electronic artsAnyway, if you are into strategy gaming, Tiberium War is a great game. If you follows the story close enough, it is actually not stupid. It goes like:

“One day, there is this tiberium drop on earth, and whatever it touches, it turns into tiberium. Kane, leader of NOD is interested into refining these tiberium into weapons of mass destruction. They wants to lay waste the land, and use the tiberium for themselves. The Global Defensive Initiative (GDI) stand up and tries to defeat Kane and his army, because they wants peace. And after a few fight, the GDI fires their Ion Cannon on Kane’s Liquid tiberium, and set off a massive chain reaction, that triggers the attention of alien species called SCRIN. They follows the signal, and launches 6 space ships to earth. Their objective is to harness the power of tiberium, and eliminate all humans on earth. On the way, the GDI fires the Ion Cannon at the 6 alien spaceship, sending them scatters all over the earth. The GDI then seek out every SCRIN to eliminate them. Meanwhile, Kane learns of this, and tries to defend the alien species to gain their trust and protection because he believes that with their technology, NOD can defeat the GDI with ease.

The SCRIN always view NOD as part of the enemy, but during the last stand, NOD helps SCRIN to defend the construction of one alien object, and gained the trust of the Overlord. The Overlord then trusted Kane, but not fully trust him.

Oh yes, you have to finish the GDI and NOD campaign, only then, it will opens up another menu with Scrin campaign in it. “

I am now looking forward to the next game, Starcraft 2. It is by blizzard, and according to some reviews it has new units and more powerful graphics. Just waiting for it to reach the store.

In starcraft, It is also a three faction campaign. IT is between the human race, Zerg and Protoss.

It goes like:
“ Zerg are aliens that spores quite fast, and wants to dominate the whole universe. The humans vents on destroying Zerg, just like the starship troopers. Throughout the course, the protoss, a high tech alien species joins in and they have teleportations to travel around. Then, one commander Kerrigan was kidnapped and infected by zerg. When she became queen zerg, she develop a nasty plan to wipe out the protoss and human. The overmind controls Kerrigan, to leads the army of zerg to protoss homeland, and eliminate all protoss on the planet. The protoss were left with no place to go to, and the humans were defeated. And that is where the story ends, if I am not wrong.”

This leads me to wonder: What happens in Part 2? Is the protoss going to drive the zerg out? Are the human race really gone, and where are they going? Hmm….


Monday, November 12, 2007


Village New Zealand Promotion说真的,有谁可以告诉我,我几时才可以休息?





P.S 我真的好累。


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comapny BBQ on the 2nd November 2007

For those who know me well enough, One of the things I like is BBQ. Yup~! Especially when it is free. Wahahaha

This is an outing organized by the company. It is a BBQ in Changi Resort. It is just next to the sea, and well, it have massage center, swimming pool, bowling alley and a playground. I like BBQ food, cos it taste great, minus the carbon, that is It is inevitable that carbon will fly to the food, during the cooking process, because the air is constantly rising or caused to rise by the hot air. If you would ask me what are the things I regret, I can personally tell you this: It is the fact that I follows the company bus, going to the bowling alley first instead of swimming, and to invite a person to join the party.

First Regret: Company bus.
The company bus is aiyoh, going from places to places, and we departed at 1530, and reached close to 1800. If time would go back, I would have rent a car and go there myself.

Second Regret: Go to bowling alley first.
The swimming pool is very attractive, and I am so looking forward to jump into the pool. However, my friend invites me to join them in the bowling. So I join them for 2 games, and looking forward for the swimming, and realizes that it is closed. Oh duh. And to add to my misery, I did not bring my usual gears for bowling. Instead, I got my swimming gear ready. So……

third Regret: Invite a particular person.
So much of the thought of delegation job, and expecting. This is a very confusing stuff. I have the idea that the whole organization is going down to the BBQ, and so, everyone will be involved. In the end, I found out that it is only our department who is involved, and only the top brass were invited. The rest were not invited. I look forward of seeing one friend who I got to know, and realized that she didn’t turn up. It is quite a disappointment.

Overnight stay
I stayed overnight, because it is a really rare opportunity to get together such informally, and then pack up together. And of course, this is also a rare opportunity to sleep in ICE-Land. Ha ha. At home, I can’t afford to tune down the aircon below 25. Whereas here, I tune the air-con to 18, and sleep peacefully. In the morning, I got up and go and take photo at the sea side. And of course, to go for a swim, cos in the middle of the night, I was constantly thinking of the pool.

Getting to drive
After 2 years of anticipation, I finally got a chance to drive that day also. My friend lent me his car, as he is very tired, and so, I drove his car around. I am not quite season, and I do not know the true performance of the car, so I drove quite slowly.

New network established
Along the day, I was talking to one boss from another company, and I found out from her that nowadays, a lot of company are organizing the BBQ, to allow the staff to relax and get to knoweach other. I think in Singapore, it is a great idea. In the US, rural area, residents do start BBQ or any party they can think of, to get everyone together and enjoy. I also enjoy BBQ, but I can’t do it in my flat, cos the smoke and ashes will fly all over, and my mum will start her nagging again, and forcing me to clean up. Since the BBq, I have establish more network across other department, and got to know who and what they do. No ranks are speaking on that day, as everyone say things commonly, and haha, trying not to bring up the work stuff.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Energy Saving through Air-conditioning

My Fan Coilt Unit, With a breaker
This is a new modification I have done in my home, to attempt to cut my cost of electric bill. In my home, we have a compressor, and 4 indoor fan coil unit (FCU). As only one room is in high usage, whereas the rest are always in standby mode, I rewire the circuit, and connect them to a hardwire switch, so that I can control them.

In this case, a Miniature Circuit breaker is used, because it is firstly, current control device, and it is also not used often. Only once in a blue moon, would these FCU be switched on. The Miniature Circuit Breaker main role is to cut off power to the FCU, so that it would not draw any current from the compressor. At the same time, the compressor do not need to listen to the FCU, because there is no power. This prevent the FCU to be in standby mode, because during standby mode, both compressor and the FCU draws a less current, to wait for the remote control. But over a long period of time, this can add up in the electric bill. So this is installed, except one unit, which is serving my room. And of course, if I am not using the aircon, I would just shut off the isolator.

My Fan Coil unit by the sideYesterday, it is quite a nightmare. There is this renovation going on, and those contractor are always using the only lift, that can only go to the roof top. It is the service lift. Occasionally, before that, some office people uses the service lift, instead of the foyer lift. I mean, by right, service lift should be used by the service personal to go from one place to another, because it can goes to places where public should not be going to. However, office people uses it because of one reason. The lift door is close to their table. Oh duh.

Anyway, since the contractor starts the renovation, not much office people is using it anymore, because it is dusty, and they have to wait a long time, because the contractors are occupying the lift. And sometime, it is usually fully loaded, that the lift skip the floor. Haiyoh.

I was involved in one of the renovation work, and well, I was so hurried, because there is a problem arise, and waiting for the lift is very troublesome. So sometime, I gotta walk up and down the stairs. I think I should be able to lost a few kilos here and there. And carrying a 7.0KG bag along with me. Duh.


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