Monday, July 20, 2009

First Month Anniversary 19th July 2009

Today is the day I have been waiting for. Hmm…. It is the first month anniversary of me and neko chan.
I will always remember the day when she says yes to our relationship. It is on the bench, along a beautiful beach.

And today, it is the first month anniversary, and I really planned it all ut since two weeks ago. Thank GOD for his blessing, I got hold of a car from a friend, and is able to bring her around.
Last Wednesday, I promised Neko chan that I will cook for her and give her some surprises on this very day. And it is thank GOD again, falls on a Sunday, a weekend. It is a pity, I have an examination of the day before, else, I would have enough energy to go to more places with her.

Forced myself to wake up at 3, and then do some preparation and planning, and then, it is off to the road. Hmm…. It is really very quiet both on the road and on the expressway. But still, I managed to control the speed of the car, cos it is a very important day, and if there is something happened to the car, It would have really screwed up the whole day.
I remember that on Saturday, when I got the car, it actually come with two flat tires. Duh, I have to fork out a huge amount of money and get it changed immediately, and there is no turning back. Anyway, when I reached the house, hee hee, parked in front of the house, and then come from another direction. She noticed the car, but have no idea of whose is it.

We cooked some pancake, which is manufactured from Japan. Wow, and it is really very fluffy and nice and sweet. Together with the maple syrup and strawberry Jam that we bought form Cameron Highland ast week, It is truly a blessing.

Neko chan’s mum is very surprised that I was there early in the morning, but perhaps she is not too. Hmm… but I told her before, so it should not be so much of the surprise. She then curse at the car which parked outside the gate. And haha, she did fall for it. And when we go out, we walked pass the car, and then I turned back and open the car door. Neko chan is very surprised that the car is mine, and we made a big joke about it between the car and her mum.

Changi Beach

Brought Neko chan to change beach, cos it is one place that I passed by many years ago, but did not managed to get a chance to go there. It is a long long way, and I almost thought I am going the wrong way. Too bad I do not have a GPS with me. But luckily, I have the faithful street directory, and as I drive I could see the map in my head. We finally reached and Neko chan is always talking about the acting to be My melody. Hee hee. In case you din know, it is a decoy to distract you from the real surprise.

We went to the beach and have tea, and some strawberry biscuits, watching the sunrise and the aeroplane touching down. So cooling day and it is a fine weather too, despite the 41% forecast estimation of rainfall some 2 hours back.

Keppel Bay

After that, we went to the Changi village and have the breakfast. Hmm…. Pancake, strawberry biscuit, Breakfast, sure a lot of food that day. And then after that I brought her to one place which I sees it when I returned back from batam some days back. It is the place where no buses can go, and there is no name known for the place yet. But I managed to drive there, after I missed the turn on the first time.

There it is, it is called the Keppel Bay. And it is a really wonderful and peaceful place for those who wants to look at the sea in peace. We went to this place and walk around, and find it is truly peaceful with only two people doing fishing. And there is a very nice carpet grass and there is one cute little doggie on the grass playing.

Surprise in Orchard

After that, I brought Neko chan at the appointed time to Orchard. And show her the surprise that I have planned since last week. The timing is a bit early, so we have to stayed for a while before the thing appear. Hmm…. Neko chan is really surprised, and said there is no one else doing so much things for her… As for what that surprise was, it is a secret between us and it is really worth the effort fighting for it last week. It is not a perfect one, but it doesn’t matter.

Ice Age 3

We went to the new shopping center in bugis, and Neko chan got a ticket for the Ice Age 3. Hmm… It is a three D movie also, so we went and have roat pork rice as lunch before that. The roast pork rice is very nice, and it is huge amount de lor. Even got soup that she like. Hmm…. I like it too, and also, I found out that her mum also know how to cook that soup that we both like. Told her to learn from her mum, so I can have it soon. Hee hee

The Ice Age 3 is so funny one, because it is about dinosaur. And the first part, I really dozed off as the nap attack kick in. Well, but in the middle of the show, the nap subsided, and I can watch the rest of the exciting part of the show. It is real good.

After the movie, we walked around and even stopped by Starbuck at the Shaw Tower, and have the Mocha something. It reminded me of last week, and I really really regret that I did not get off the bus when was in KL. One of these days, I want to go back there again.

Steamboat Buffet

At night, we went to eat steamboat buffet at the bugis. Hmm… the one that we went to, It is really a big big mistake, cos later found out the food is not so nice. I should have to to the place which she suggested and have lots of crab crab to eat…

Nap Attack

After the dinner it is quite late, and I brought her home sweet home. We went through the photos, and later I drive back home. Along the way, wow, I must be really tired with the three hour sleep on the night before. Was doing the turning when this stupid car just whizz pass. Aiyah, forgot to turn my head to see the other side. Then when climbing up the carpark, made the wrong judgement and almost hit the wall. Luckily I woke up in time and step on the brake. Hee hee.

The next day, when it is time to return the car, aiyah, again made the wrong turn in Orchard, and brought me to a one big round before I reached the place. Hmm….. But luckily, and thank you Jesus, I got the car back on time, and safe.

Thank You Jesus

Lastly, I want to thank GOD so much for the blessing of making the police car turn into centerpoint on Saturday. And thank GOD for the wonderful day.

I am glad Neko Chan is happy with the whole day I planned for her.

I love you. And I will never leave you. K.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cameron highland trip 11th July 2009

Cameron Highland

Yippy, it is the day which I have been looking for since the day I return bacl form Australia. A vacation. A nice vacation. It is to the Cameron Highland. Weel, and this time round I am not going alone. It is with Neko Chan, togther with her friends and sister.

I always do not like bus trip, and this time, I think Neko Chan's constant sayang made me feel better. Also, it is a night bus, so I dozed of in the bus during the trip sometime. Neko Chan is so good, she did not sleep through the journey. hmm..... Even got see a very serious accident but I sleep through it.

When we reached there, is is really like heaven to me, cos it is a cooling weather of appriximate 22 degree celcius. And I really love the weather so much. The breeze is also good. There are a lot of strawberries selling product. In the day time, we went for a day trip, where the tour guide show use around the place, such as a strawberry farm, veggie farm, cactus farm, flower place. and it is really lovely.

When we went to the first strawberry farm, Janette was shouting for the strawberry ice cream. She got the first strawberry immediately the moment we touched down. hmm.... I got myself a strawberry milkshake, and it is really wonderful. Took a lot of photo with neko chan.

Bee Garden

Rainy day. and I dropped by the bee garden. hmm.... it is suppose to have this maze, but because it is outdoor, and it is raining, I did not get a chance to go in. but rather, we walk around the market

Steamboat buffet

At night, we were guided to this place where we have steamboat buffet. and it is really nice, and it have generous helping of the vegetables, as if it is somethng that does not requires money one. wow, we really had our fill, and I think Neko Chan is also full eating the veggies. At night we went back to the hotel.

Neko Chan is really sad because she did not managed to get tot he pasar malam at night due to the rain. but perhaps, next time, I can bring her back to the pasar malam and get her bag. hmm.......

3 post cards

On the next day, we went to the cafe for the buffet breakfast. hmm..... I tried to avoid eating too much, cos we are going off by bus. Before moving off, I grabbed three postcards and mail one back to Neko Chan as a surprise to her. I did not mention a word about it. It is at that precise moment, I forgot about her postal code. Oh DUH. But luckily, I remember the rest of the address.

When I do the posting, Neko chan came and saw I post some postcards. hmm..... But I tell her it is for someone else, but did not mention a word about it. Dunno she know or not.

Along the journey out to the city, the stupid driver was driving fast and turn here and there till I always feel like wanna puke.

KL Stopover

When we reached KL, I was so thrilled, cos it is one place I visited last year. hmm.... Really feel like wanna get down the bus, but the thought of the idea of getting back is really pulling me back. Somemore, we do not have enough cash. Neko Chan is so ready to get off. But after the bus got on the expressway, I start regreting that I did not get down the bus. hmm.......

During this trip, I got the stuff that I always dreamt off. the sotong head. yum yum. and also, a couple shirt for me and neko chan. It is real cool and despite the fact she tells me not to find it, hee hee, I keep on searching and was so rejoice when I found a matching pair.

We got back at night and luckily, I have applied for leave on the next day, so I do not have to rush to work on the next day. Such good planning.

I am so happy that I have lots of fun in the Cameron Highland, cos it is the first time that I go oversea with a girlfriend, and neko chan goes to oversea first time as well with a boy friend.

Hope we go out more often. but still continue to save up.....

Love you.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

2nd July 2009......

2nd july, this is a date marked that I am officially out of singlehood. Woo hoo.

Yup. neko chan finally acknowledge that I am her BF in the facebook, and I have a GF.

Actually I changed it earlier, but she procastinate over it, and I deleted it.
Only on that day, She asked me to check my facebook, and I turn it up, and see the new word "Confirm relationship status"

Of course I immediately click yes, and we are offically together. Hmm... Thanks to veronica's first wish, I sometime think there must be a lot of poeple noticing me. hee hee. Cos quite a fast replay to some changes I made.

Anyway, I hope this relationship can really last, because I am so dead beat of changing, heartbroken, crying. So tiring and sad one.

Both Neko chan and I like to take photo, and dance one. And the most touching thing is that she get me a birthday cake out of surprise, and through her sister, I know that she was very sick that day, yet, go out and find the cake for me. And on my birthday, she got me a monkey. The monkey that I like, and it can sing and clap his hand one. I like it a lot and she remembered of one thing I said before she get the monkey. hee hee. This word is a secret of ours. we name the monkey Kong kong, because ie looks like king kong, but it is a cure brown little monkey. Hmm... I remembered I post it up some where, but can't remember where is the video of the original monkey that I recorded it in Melbourne.

Thanks dear for everything you do for me.


Friday, July 03, 2009

Father day 2009

Hmm... This is so weird, I can't seems to post up photos in the blog. So weird de lor.

Anyway, This year the Father's Day is really quite nice. All thanks to Jeremy that back the idea of going to the phoenix restaurant for dinner.

I got us a durian cake from emicake, and it is real expensive de lor. This year is more expensive because of the complicated design and the size of the durian cake. Probably this is the last time I am getting it.

We had the promotional package in the restaurant, and it is a huge amount of food there. Luckily we have a large group and managed to gobble them all.

Was thinking of getting the shark fin soup, but someone object to it. The shark fin soup is real nice one, because the shark fin is thick and nice soup.

After the dinner, I pack up a small piece of the durian cake and go to meet up neko chan. She is attending this event in the clarke quay gallery.

Yup. She is real happy because I showed up unexpected and she really cried when I got there wo. We got some mojito and it is a bit bigger than the normal mojito. It have some lime leaves crushed.

We dance for one hour before we went home. Dead beat, because very tired. As I was unprepared, I only know of a few moves that day. hmm....


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