Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dinner in swenson


It have been a long time since I went to swensons. hee hee, was craving for it, and then, feels that the spring chicken is really very tempting de lor.
I have not been to swensons since 24th November 2008, the day I returned from Australia. Aw...

Anyway, the chicken is really tender, but I still dislike the taste of the chicken breast. so dry. Maybe next time I try other dish. Came to think of it, is it really possible, for one guy to gobble up the whole earthquake after eating the main course?

hee hee. Go figure.

I still like Sticky chewy chocolate. Thanks for the two scoops of sticky chewy chocolate. yum yum.


Lately, I have a big problem in one unit, and it is very frustrating sometime, cos cockroaches would pop out from dunno where, and crawl around the toilet in one unit. I went in, trying hard to locate the entry poinbt, but it is really hard wo.

I cleared the room of cockroaches by spraying the insecticide, and then, I close the door. The next day, cockroaches appear from dunno where. Aiyoh, all the water trap have the water seal, and the toilet bowl. where could be the point of entry be??
It is really really hard to figure out. Shall we purchase a camera recorder and see where they come from? Maybe a auto targeting machine gun like those used for the alien killing in the movie Alien 2

Kill the cockroaches. dun care how.

But I have been scratching hard where do they come from wo?

Water leaking is another stupid problem that never ceased to end...

Xiao Lao Shu Birthday

Around 25th April, it is Xiao Lao Shu birthday...

Why why I never get the date right wo.
But Xiao Lao shu Birthday is somewhere there.
I am so sorry that this year the cake is smaller, but it is your favourite cake, and I just so sorry I forgot your exact birthday date.

Last year, it is the starbuck Oreo Cheese cake. This year, it is the banana chocolate.....Happy Birthday to you, XLS~!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Angry and Tired.

I am tired today, I am very angry also.

This is because someone gave me the wrong timing, and the people arrive at the wrong timing, and everything jeopardise.

4 contractors, all arrive at the wrong time. And this is something that I do not like. I was following the schedule that is on the memo, and planned all as it is required.

At 1015, First team arrive, when it should have been 1400.
Second team, arrive at 1100 when it should have been 1030. Luckily, this is no time constraint.

At 1350, this starts to jeopardise because the other 3 contractors arrive at different timing, and haih, made my work all haywire.

One even went without my knowledge, and made me a kuku.

I believe that the misorientation is due to the lack of communication. Next time, I would like to take up bangalah language. This ius because one team is a banglah, and I have a big communication problem with them, and lead to both confusion. hmm....

So many lesson taking up this year......I wish to learn a lot. perhaps next year, can change for the better.

Too tired to get angry...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

KTV on 25th March


Yippy, have this KTV and it is really great. And to the sad part, I can't execute sakuranbo project. Basically, because the KTV does not have the song. AIYAH!

Why WHY! why no songs that I want one??? it is a popular love song in JApan wo. how come dun have???

And to add to it, hmm,... they still do not have any songs by Aikawa Nanase. DOUBLE AIYAH~!!!

So the only songs I can sing is Believe , Together when, Faraway and actually wanted to sing First love, but remembered there are some kanji that I cannot figure it out, so din sing that.

Anyway, Hacken Lee song I like, cos there is a concert where Kacken Lee sing with Alan Tham. Yippy, so nice to sing. No one to sing the alan tham side. so sians. Perhaps next time must find one who can sing cantonese fast fast. Thanks shirley for trying, and sorry, I really like this song, and sing it three time. hee hee.

Sang quite a lot of song, dunno why, a lot of people left the room......Is my singing that bad mah? Anyway, thanks shirley who sits down and accompany me to sing. hee


Yippy, the destination Hokkaido is formulating now. It is made independent from the Australia trip, so it is confirmed, I will be going to hokkaido. So looking forward to it. It shall be the first trip to Japan. So exciting. exciting. Yuki yuki doko ka.

Speaking of Hokkaido......Remember Ian Tan's souvenir from Hokkaido. SHIROI KOIBITO~!
It is the most tasty biscuit because it can only be bought fresh from Hokkaido. Really thank Ian for that. Although you are no longer working with us now, but your positive and diligent working attitude is deeply remembered. Up to now, I still wonder how did Ian Tan survive in Japan one. Does he knows Japanese? Never heard of him speaking JApanese before wo.


I am shifting the facial product gradually now, cos I find that Fancl product is great. Hmm.... looks like Johnson and johnson lose another loyal customer. But I really like the product of Fancl, cos it actually changes the skin texture, and it is improving slowly.

Perhaps one of these days, I can tell the Jean Yip bye bye also.

Basically, Fancl is a trusted brand, cos it is spread by word of mouth. I went to many Japanese houses, and noted that they uses Fancl product mostly. One guy really depend on Fancl for the entire supplement and washing product. He comment it is great, because it energise him. There are some girls that are really beautiful because they keep a constant stock of Fancl product.

The beautician lynette suggest to improve it step by step, and well, it is improving. Perhaps I can say bye bye to Jean yip soon. kee kee.

The Fancl Tense up is really a bit expensive cos it is $70++ for ten hmm.... but it is good, only a bit expensive. maybe change the lifestyle slowly.


Saturday, April 25, 2009







7 lessons......

This morning, when I use the PC at work, I caught sight of one weird email address.
As I thought it is a spam mail, and was about to delete, and realised, it is from one of the resident.

Somehow, she managed to get hold of my email address, which I dunno how she gets it.

From that, I found that it is very touching to know that this resident actually remembers a short and brief conservation and she was at a lost of explaining it to me, and thus, she spent some time, writing on the email, to explain to me.

This coming 5th May, it is the Japanese children day. it is for the boy now, and every household who have small kids, will display a samurai ninggyo, and it is a symbolise that the good health follows, and drives away the evil spirit as the boy grows up.

Thank you very much Nitta san for explaining the japanese culture to me. So embarrass that my japanese is still not to the standard yet. I took a test before, and found that my japanese level is compared to Kindergarden level 2 of the japanese education level......

I must polish it up, at least by year end. A draft plan is being formulated, and I may go oversea this year. And as one of the japanese comment, it is a snowing weather, and I can get to go and see yuki~!

It is weird, cos so far, I have not met a single japanese who is from Hokkaido. Cos I really needs the info there. hmm... Most of them is from tokyo vicinity...

Yuki yuki doko ka.

Anyway, I really appreciate Nitta san's information on the children day. perhaps, on the 5th may, I can get to see how they celebrate the Japanese children day for boy.

7 Lessons

From one, span to 3, and from 3 span to 5 and from 5 to 6, and 7th is soming up. Wow, this year, I seems to be taking more course than ever, because I have quite a huge interest to learn everything. GOLF, is one of them, since I got a golf club set now. No guidance......Where is hemant when I needed him?


I have not yet get a bluetooth yet. aiyah. Working life is really miserable without music on my ear.....The budget for next month is out, and it is only a 23% chance of getting a bluetooth next month......Am I doomed to get to work next month without a bluetooth? I really hate that fountain.

本とに本と嫌いな! 馬鹿!!

It took the bluetooth away from me, and now, I cannot work with ultimate efficiency. If approval is given, I will sure get that hacking tool and hack it down. I get to be the first. Cos it caused me much misery.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

25th April 2009 Sakuranbo Project


25th April, it is the Sakuranbo project. Woohoo. so looking forward to it. Last time, I did not get it right because I am not in a happy mood. This Saturday, I must think of something to make me cheer up. Then, I can execute the Sakuranbo successfully.

Funabiki san 's comment.

I was striked down by one of the conversation by Funabiki san's comment today and it is a real "asking for trouble" question today.

During the course of conversation, This is how it goes

Me: Funabiki chan koibito arimasu ka.
Funabiki: Hai moichiron. Doshite ka.
Me: Ano ne, Funabiki chan wa kawaii desu ne. Koibito ga omoimasu ne.
Funabiki: stephen san, kimi koibito arimasu ka.
Me: Iie, mata koibito desu. Kanashii ne.
Funabiki: Do shite desu ka?
Me: Wakaranai desu. Itsumo boku ga, kono mondai o kikimasu.
Funabiki:demo, kimi zenbu wakata iru yo.
Me: Eee.. to. . .watashi wakaranai desu ne. demo boku ganbarimsu.

Got hang by a question that is suppose to be a compliment,
but ended up embarrassing myself.

Next time, I must choose the right topic, but Funabiki chan is really pretty one, wonder what is her facebook address, perhaps can get it from funabiki chan one day. Then on that day onwards, there will be a real japanese in my facebook profile. ha ha.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Respond to NSY Wonderland

I read your blog yesterday dated 7th april.

I tried sending you emails, I tried sending you MSN, offline.

Can you call me??
If you lost my number, you can still email me, or leave a message.

I know you have been reading this blog.

Call me, K.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog stop for 5 days (at least)

I won't be blogging for the next 5 days at least.

18th April, perhaps.

I would like to thank the encouragement of those who rendered me help today.

Thank you Fukada San,
Thank You Nitta San.

Without your help, I will not learnt about the thing that awaits me all these while.

Nevertheless, Sakuranbo project is still a go.
Only this time, the feeling will be entirely different...



Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 days of Alcohol

2 days of drinking

The days is finally over. Din expect to have drinking session that last for two days. Hmm…. While everyone is celebrating the good Friday, went with few friends to a place for clubbing. Been 3 years since I went to those places.
The scene is still the same. Youngsters, crowds, liquors, smoking room, everything is still the same. And last thing that always is around, people fainted, and got carried away.

I think drinking should be controlled. Cos if too heavy, the person might get fainted, or even worse, alcohol poisoning.

I was there till 0200 and then later, take a bus home. Thank God there is a night rider around, and it even stop at my doorstep. Hee hee. Although the journey is long, but it sure is cheap. The last time I took a cab home from there cost me $25. But then again, with the time into consideration, maybe I should have take a cab. . .
Friday night, half jug bourbon coke, two tweezer. Low kick.

Saturday working

Duh, also have to work on Saturday. So only sleep for 2 hours. But it seems enough one. And I really enjoyed myself, cos free of all worries, and party.

On Saturday, is another drinking session. And this time it is even more. Woohoo. Cos there is a rich guy paying for it. We have 6 people going for it, and one of them even challenge the rich guy for a drink. And they both start it. Looks real funny, cos they really gobble up all the beer. All sort of beer. We have Chang , Carlsberg, Sapporo, Heineken. And on top it that, a year 2000 red wine. The guy who start the challenge is still standing. Wow his drinking is really lasting de loh. As for me, I stopped after third can, cos the limit’s reached.

One guy drank 6 cans and dropped down. While another throws up. Ha ha. The beer is suppose to drink slowly de lor. Else the gas will stuck inside stomach de lor.

The red wine tasted weird, cos go one strange taste. But the one who bought said it is like that, cos it is 9 years old. Hmm…. Anyway, drank one quarter of it. And then slowly one Sapporo, one Chang, and one Carlsberg. I think Sapporo is too gasy. Chang is better taste than others. Change is a beer from Thailand, while Sapporo is from Japan. The most expensive would be Sapporo, cos it is made in Japan and shipped here.

Got a headache after 2 hours, but still can manage to walk and cycle back home.
Thank you Ah Wong for the generosity in getting the chicken and beers and asking me to go.


Friday, April 10, 2009

More than SGD 1400 bill

Credit card bill

Today got a letter from the credit card company, and I was shocked to see that I over spend my budget, which was predicted last month. Wow, Last month's credit card bill is more than SGD 1400~! Duh

This month, must save up on budget. Was thinking why like this wo. Thought of getting only a few things, but later ended up getting more and more, and ended up with such a big debt. April......Must save must save. No more express chicken rice~

Think Going for maggie mee all afternoon now.

Japan holiday plan seems to be drifting away by the look of it......My master plan for the end of the year......

Kuang Blog

I was looking at a blog, and found out that my previous blog I posted online was in her blog. Hmm.... She sure is happy that I blog about her previously. Yeah. Both of us have the fun days de loh. I always sayang you one de hoh. hee hee

Since the day I carry you when you were a baby, now you are so big and working better than me and gets to drive a car to work. As for me, haih, still taking public transport.....I wanna drive a car too~! If got nissan march, it would be darn cool Buy me a Nissan March if you strike Toto, ok.

The most needed time when I needed you is the day my dad passed away. and you stayed up all night on those days and made a lot of arrangement for him.

The day I flew off to a foreign land, you picked time out to see me off.

Really Thank you a lot.


MSN messenger problem?

Lately, there is an upgrade of MSN messenger carried out, and ever since, the MSN stopped to auto log in le. hmm... what is wrong with the thing now?

I tried checking the options, the startup scripts, all is in order. Is there something that I do not know to set?

My laptop is set into a way that it start up all the selected application automatically. Then, there is a problem with the messenger, cos it doesn't auto log in. Each time, I have to go and click on the connect button.

Does anyone face this problem? how to solve this wo?

Beer Vs Wine

I found one one thing today. I think the body no longer allergic to beer now. Duh. Why is this so wo?

I love to drink wine one, but it can cause some rashes, and so is beer. but lately, I have been on drinking spree, and found that the allergic to beer is no longer there. But the wine drinking still stands. What really happen wo?

This saturday, we are going on a beer drinking spree. hee hee. dunno how many cans can it last. I really miss the days of drinking with the Secondary school friends. Remember the time when we drink so high, one of us jump into the singapore river. and then, I also jump in, and was woke up by the chill. Or ended up in a hotel room without realising it, until we woke up. Those were the days...

Anyway, I dislike the gas of the beer. That's why I go for the wine. but cannot drink wine. Duh.

Sopporo Beer, that's what were are going for it this saturday. With a new group of friends, and hope it would be successful. Kee kee. someone must not know about it.

Anyway, I wun go for binge drinking one, ever since the day I had a fight with someone after that. Yup. If I am drunk, I can actually go bersek one. That's why. and it can lead to more problem later on. Must control must control.

Wine is ok, a bitter taste, I like red wine, and rice wine. They are so nice one. Aiyah, too bad this body is allergic to it. Else I sure buy many bottles back from oversea.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki

Amanda Val

Wow, I was reading up on one stuff, and found one person who like Ayumi too, and can even sing WITHOUT the music. This is so awesome. Can even sing the evolution somemore. I totally cannot believe it de lor.

evolution is one the the hardest song that I ever sing. hmm... this is because it is a fast pace music, and there are a lot of words to follow in the beginning.

So far, I have been practicing ayumi song very long time, but I still think Rainbow is the most favourite song. Perhaps it is because rainbow is sonething that is beautiful. The only site that I put up the song rainbow is still in the friendsters.

Anyway, I am learning up on Ai Otsuka songs, because one of the song is really very meaningful about the real fact of life, that we have to smile even when we are sad, because someone could fall in love with the smile. And it is called Sakuranbo.

Sakuranbo is actually means cherry, because cherry is always comes in pairs. and they are sweet and cute. The song is about a girl, flipping back her notebook and found that she have been with a guy she like for 2 years, and through the two years, there are a lot of things happening between them, and some is about fighting. but it is later all cleared because the girl knows she is in love with him and forgive him everything.

It is fast pace, and it is a bit cute. there are two sentence that suddenly swing very fast out of sudden. But it is the idea of the song. Hmm.... If only, there is someone singing it for me. Duh~ It is 7 in the morning, maybe I am still dreaming.

Ai Otsuka songs are cute, and lovely. with her voice, it really makes a hit one. And she laugh very weird too.... people all laugh hahaha, she laugh he he he he he. So cute de.

In fact I have a resident with me, who have a name called Otsuka too~. It is a very very sinple name to remember, because Otsuka is cute. If only, there is a resident called Hamasaki, It would be the most easiest to remember. And if her name is ayumi hamasaki living in, I would definately be very very busy, cos it might be Ayumi Hamasaki her self living in it.


I was given a set of golf set by one resident, because he is returning back to japan, and have no use of the golf set. How generous of him. Thank Hirusaki san.

I was trying to practice, and realise out of sudden: GOLF is so much difficult to play with~! Unlike watching it from TV, there are actually so many body have to co-ordinate one. It is a total full body synchronisation so that the club can hit a ball of 38mm. And it is an illegal ball somemore.

Golf reminds me of Hemant. Wow, wonder how Mr hemant Pun does it with golf. and to think, 4 years ago, he actually won a tournament. Last time I heard of, he is in England. but no more contact ever since......

Hemant, dun forget us people in SG~!


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sleepless night...Happy Morning

New front suspension

Today it is finally done, something that I have always wanted to do it for a long long time.
After the second time that I fell down with the second bicycle, I made a decision to sell it off, or at least, trade it for another bicycle.

After thinking of whether to buy a new bicycle or not, I changed it to sell off the second bicycle, and trade it for a new suspension for the first bicycle. The old suspension have been with it for many years, since don’t know when. The new suspension is a more heavy duty, but more lighter. Much lighter than the old suspension. Cycle half way and noticed a huge dark cloud approaching from the North. Tried to fasten it up, and when I reached the shop, I first look around the shop, and spotted two suspension. It is made of different material and cost $30 paart. The steel is very thick, an it have a lockout button to disable the suspension if it is not in use.

When the guy opened up the old suspension, I am very surprised it is so heavy. Did I uses that suspension for a long time and not known the weight? I thought it was the wheel that is bringing the weight.

And after a new suspension is inserted, the bicycle feels lighter than before. Was cycling halfway, and then it rained heavily. Duh~. Lucky there is a coffee shop around.

Sleepless night

Lately, I wqas experiencing some sleepless night. Hmm… am I caught up with loss of sleep. Hmm…. How did it happened wo? Could it be stress? Hmm…. Was checking the whole body system and finds there is something wrong with the rhythm of the heart. I was reminded of one medical test made some weeks ago. Should I do another test just to verify??

Happy Morning

Meet up with someone this morning at 7 for breakfast. Very happy de lor. but miscalculated the bus arrival timing. Duh~ But the breakfast taste really good.

If only the bus arrive on time, it would be perfect.

Sorry if I drag your time. . .


My programming days......are long gone.

I was reading up on a site about how virus and it reminds me of the days when I was in my teenager. Hmm…. Computer viruses. Sometime, you gotta love it, cos you could laugh at people who was struck by it, especially when it is the programmer. Sometime, you could just count yourself bad luck, just like me last time. But, I was only struck down once. And from then on, I have been very careful

Self destruct program

In my secondary days, when I was using the computer, it is the stage of when it is using MS-DOS programming. With the programming, I created a programme called “devastator”. It is a self destruct program where it erase the hard disk content with a single activation. As a safe guard for me if I were to execute this, I add in a countdown, so that I would have a grace period to disable it by punching the keycode that over-ride it.

The program was created to clear off the hard disk one shot at a time if I do not like that PC. Hmm…. Sounds fun, but it would be difficult to start back up. And the most ingenious part of it is that devastator will even delete itself after all the things have been done. But, the effect will not be seen until the PC is reboot. When windows is created, devastator failed to work anymore.

Auto executor

Auto executor is another of the program, to set all the program parameters before launching a program. It is used for a game, where each time, the user has to set the speaker mode, sound level, video graphic setting before starting the game. For auto executor, it’s main role is to set the parameter automatically after the windows icon is click. Nothing much roleplay of it.


Cytronic is the best program ever created by me. It’s a program created patch by patch, and it is in the days when internet bloom. I created a web page and it seems boring with one page only. Then, during the resourcing of webpage source code, came across many different language. From these, Cytronic is created.

Purpose of Cytronic

Cytronic is a program with many other support files, where it is continuous executing. I load it up to three remote server because it end up to be a huge files, and remote server can only handle 15MB at a time. Support files are created pieces by pieces through reading on books. The program Cytronic is integrated into the webpage, where it goes to different website, capture source code and integrate it into the webpage. After it is integrated, it would send an email back to inform about the changes, and ask to keep it or return back to original coding.

The webpage frame, info box, time, are some of those that is created by Cytronic. Many interesting source code is been sourced and integrated, and I continue to update it weekly. It is until the day when one of the server shutdown, and the program is like losing part of the body, failed to work. The coding were missing as I did not save it on my computer as a backup. Since then, I do not bother about the webpage anymore, because I lose interest in creating the next generation webpage. A Flash playing webpage.

Creating virus, is nothing beneficial to everyone except the antivirus company......


Friday, April 03, 2009

Blogging For my Dear Sister...

I was reading up on previous SMS from someone, and came upon one that says:” ….work oversea”

Working oversea

It reminds me of one girl. Fiona. Yup, if Fiona is reading it, it is Fiona Soh. I am so jealous that my friend Fiona can get to go work oversea. Hmm… somewhere in Hong Kong. And then, there is Ban Tiong, who travels overseas once in a while. Then there is Kenichiro, who works in Taiwan.

I was also reminded of one lady, whom I met in Australia. She said she is from Malaysia, and she migrate to Australia and was living happily there. Never got to know the name.

One deep impression is when Fiona told me that she is oversea in HK. I thought it is for vacation, and then found that it is working oversea. She have a cute little doggie called pipi and was so worried of her dog when it went missing, and she and her BF have to go around the street looking for pipi. Yeah, I could just imagine that. Imagine the day when I lost twinkle, for 2 hours, and pipi was lost for 2 day~!

Sometime, I wish to go oversea to work too. If not Japan, maybe Australia, or England. Or maybe the romantic France. Ever since I step into Adelaide and Melbourne, I really love the cold weather there. The chill is simply too great, and it is real sad when I leave it, because I am coming back to the hot weather country. I love the chill, and sometime, wish to work oversea. But I am stuck here. For the next probably 2 years.

If one day, I go oversea to work, hmm… will definitely misses my home, relatives and the gadgets at home. Who knows, I may establish another room full of gadgets. People who work with me knows the numbers of gadget around. One guy even says:” No matter where I go, I can find one gadget you created around the building.”

4 feet fluorescent charging module light fitting

Today, one gadget was made faulty by one contractor. Haih. It is repaired now, but I was worried about it this afternoon as if it is my child. In fact, it is one of my invention made out of scraps.

This is a modified 4 feet fluorescent light fitting, and it is powered by AC and emergency pack.
Emergency pack is a kind of device that store charges during AC powering, and it auto switch over to battery use when the AC is cut off. I was browsing through the scrap last year and found this light fitting that people dispose of it. Took back three light fittings and strip off the component and reassemble the working parts.

Secondly, I went to the scrap with a meter and find a working charging module, and working battery. They are just dispose because there are certain fittings where the charger is faulty, but the battery is good working. And another light fitting where the battery is not working, but the charger is working.

I study the wiring and re-modify the circuit to integrate the 4 feet light fitting and the charging module and battery together. And after all is done, check for short, and connect to portable power protector. It lights up, and the meter shows 6 volts for the battery charge. Then, I switch it off, and it changeover to battery. Yippy~! A new toy to play with. Then, the battery is expanded to 6 cells parallel to give it a longer holding time because it is to hold more current into the circuit, so that a normally standard 30 minutes light up time can extend to maximum 1.5 hours.

The light fitting is a very useful tool in the Annual power shutdown event, where the lights are all switched off, and the portable light fitting comes in handy in not only in places where there is no power, and also for lighting up the way as we walk in the dark.

One day, the light fitting dropped to the floor, and the casing is split into two. Hmm… was very sad over this creation, and look for some tools to repair it back. Then, when the handling pose a problem, I added a handle to hold the light fitting. And it can now be carried around easily, and hook on any hook through the handle.

Now in this new environment, this light is still the best because it can light up a place such as bathroom because the lights were dim. And allows me to see the repair work more clearly.

So you see, a scrap can even be modified into good use rather than going to the scrap yard.

Hmm… maybe one day I can open a recycling plant. Yup. “Save the Earth.” ORCarrier recycling plant” … hmm… I like that.


I am picking this skill now. It is really good, cos it gave me the feeling. I am currently learning some new songs. Well, most is from Ayumi. Songs like “End of the world”, “Faraway” I like most is “Key” Because it is a song that is very highly touching. The song is about picking oneself up from the trouble, and it needs a lot of emotion to sing it.

Then the other is “Together with”. A really really sad song of how a girl like the guy, and wanted to let the guy know, but she couldn’t. She fall for the guy, and not know where the guy is, and wanted to go around the world to look for him. It is a real sad song, that once made me moved my tears singing it. Aiyah, too bad no one understands the meaning behind the lyrics. . . . All look so blur listening to me sing. *Kwah Kwah*


Like the song “Together with”, I made a mistake once, I let emotion got in my way, and it cost me dearly. So much that I couldn’t forgive myself. I was so confused, and got angry real bad, and it cost me dearly. I want to go back, but I couldn’t go back anymore. I wanted to find again, but I couldn’t find again.

Problem with Anger

Anger, it cost me dearly, I so wish I could get rid of this problem soon. I do not wish history to repeat again. It have been more than 2 years now since we parted. But we just could not be the same again. After all those incidents, and the pain that I caused you. I know, I couldn’t be with you again even if I would. The feeling will not be the same again, we will no longer trust each other again even if we got together. I could do nothing, but to move on, instead of sitting down thinking whether to go back or move on. For me, I chooses to move on.

It has cost me a lot more than just you.

Jealousy, you know, it got in your way. You are jealous of me and my dear sister, why we are so much closer than I do you. I have been with her for a long time(26 years), longer than you. But at that time, I am totally for you. Yet you do not believe, and you think I am for my sister. It is something that I really really could not stand. When I got you the one thing you want, you shove it away saying it was for someone else. But it is really for you, and you don’t believe it. You believe it is for my sister. I just will never forget that word you said. But I wanted the whole world to know this:

"My sister, will forever be my sister, and I will never leave her alone even if it is for you. Nothing can change the fact."

I hope you know what am I talking about when you read this.



Leaving the same scars
In our hearts
We quietly and strongly began to walk
With our backs turned, not looking back

Together with. . . Ayumi Hamasaki.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Late Appointment

Today someone really got it from me this time.

One big thing that I really hate is someone late for appointment. I really hate those people who doesn’t keep to their time, cos it would disrupt my schedule. And this time round, he really disrupted not only my schedule, but the reputation of the company.

One of the contractor is to deliver an item to a very long term resident, and the appointment set is 1500. Because of him, I dropped off everything at 1455, and went to the lobby to wait for him. Until 1515, he is not here yet. I continued to do my job, until it is time to almost close shop at 1700, he came at 1650. As the resident needs it urgently, I went up and meet him to bring him to the house. The housekeeper is the only one inside, and they were surprise it is so late. The owner has gone out to her friend house. They scratched the table, which left a deep scare. I noted it down, and then as they set it up, there are two wires not connected. It was found that it is connected to the video player and DVD player.

How to watch show without the video cable connected wo. I asked him to connect it back, and he just said:”I dunno connect to where.” I just bear with it, and then, before they left, they left a plastic bag inside. Later, there is some confusion over the setting, and the housekeeper has to call up to the owner to return home. Before we left, I saw she was really driving fast, and come to check on the thing. She was confused as it is always the husband who set the thing. And the contractor tells her to set the thing herself. I was so dissatisfied over it, and his assistance quickly left the house.

I left with the contractor to the lobby, and I gave him a piece of my mind big time. How can a service provider provide such a service? And what will it reflect on the company image? It is totally wrong of him to do that and even as to leave a plastic bag in the room for the housekeeper to clear it simply because there is a housekeeper around. They are not only late, and out of kindness, I brought them up instead of chasing them away.

He even dares to speak back at me, and lucky for him the security step in just in time or else I will really not only scold him big time and also a big ‘souvenir’ to remember me by.

I was so very angry today. But really, the SMS of someone brought me back to my sense. I have not been that angry for a long time.

Really hope I can change this bad habit of mine.

Honto ni


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