Saturday, January 31, 2009

7 become 8 become 9

Today was so fed up with some people. Until now, I still cannot find out who is it exactly.

Sometime, it is good to admit the wrongdoing, but there are a type of people who would just say the word ”Don’t know” and they got off. Hmm….

Was troubleshooting this wiring which seems to have existed since ancient time. Cause unknown, date started unknown. Just got the info, this stretch light is faulty. And it is from another person. And this stupid switch is 2 floor below from the place. And it is a one man show.

What is the use of an engineering drawing if it is inaccurate? I went through the drawing many times, and was so fed up reading it.

In the drawing, it says there are 8 lamppost, and I went out to look for those lamp post, and count it. Then realized one thing that no one pointed out. Where is the incoming? Where is the last point, where is the junction? These have been puzzling me. So I went out and count the lamp post, and found out, there is one lamp post short.

The missing lamp post

Oh gosh, a missing lamp post, and according to the drawing, it is outside a fencing, next to the earthing rod.

I went out to look for the earthing rod, because it is one thing that is above gorund and can see it. Then looking next to it, Nothing. No lamp post.

Took out a metal detector, nothing, except the earthing copper strip.

Where is the missing lamp post? I was so fed up, put the drawing back.

Then, I went down, switch on the switch one by one.

First, switch number 1, and then walk my way up, and count. The numbers are correct. And then, switch off, and switch one the other switch.

Diao liao. There are 9 lamp post light up, and it is totally different from the drawing. And then, the current is traced back to a junction box. Bingo, a junction box is found. Then, open up the junction box, 4 sets of wires.

Wrong Info

This is so stupid, cos the info is 7 lamp post. And then, the engineering drawing shows 8 lamp post, but the current show 9 lamp post. I really hate it when engineering drawing is not what the actual stuff is.

Separate the wires in the junction box one by one, and there it is, the incoming and outgoing.

After the wires are connected back, I went down a slope to see the condition of the lamp post one by one. Found the main culprit. One lamp post, with wires exposed. And this exposed wire is so much hidden, I can hardly see it. As I took it out, the rust came off. Indicates the presence of moisture. And the stupid thing is, the cover is on the floor.

After all rectification is administrated, I went back, and ask the previous in charge and everyone else, and just one word “I don’t know” Hmm….. Did uncle sam open the cover in the middle of the night?

Just wait for the next raining day, and we see how……

thank GOD for the wonderful knowledge.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Banged for the first time.

Today is one day bad experience, with a Japanese who have totally very difficulty in speaking English.
Here is how it goes.
For reader’s convenience, I write in English, so you people understand.

Me: Good Afternoon.
J san: Good Afternoon
M: I am here to change the light bulb
J: oh, you understand Japanese.
M: only a little bit. First time meeting you, hope you would guide me more
J: no problem. I am not very good in English.
M: so where is the place?
J: at the dining table
[walk to dining table]
M: this one?
J: yup, that’s the one.
M: That’ll be $XX.XX [Cannot disclose value]
J: can you repeat that?
M: That’ll be $XX.XX
J: Do I ?????????????
M: What is that?
M: I dun understand
J: [English] I dun have to pay
M: [English] Does everyone who change bulb did not ask for payment?
J: [Japanese] Yes
M:…… (Thinking: How to counter ar?)

This is where I lost in touch with his word. Hmm…. I MUST PRACTICE MORE~!

Later the matter was resolved because there is some arrangement between him and a third party, that’s why he is the first and only one do not have to pay for it.

But still, I guess I need to practice more, for tomorrow’s another important client.

Perhaps by the end of the year, I can go to……..Osaka~!


Monday, January 26, 2009

New YEar New Breeze

New Year, New Weather

Oh, here is the year of Ox. And this morning, the weather is very cold. It is windy and a bit cold. Has the weather of Australia coming here. It feels like it. With bright sunshine, and cool breeze, really feels like I am in Australia.

There is a eclipse of the sun today too. And Duh, the weather is so cloudy today, dun know can we made it to 1600, where there will be a eclipse of the Sun.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Victoria Hotel

Chinese New Year

Yup, it is the time of the year: Chinese New Year. Hmm…. Nothing feeling, probably cos body is celebrating, but mind is still on the study topic: Energy Conservation Management.


This is one of the most difficult topic, because it involves many equation. This time, it even have one topic called Degree Day. Wow. So powerful.

Refrigeration in oversea and ours are different. In SG, we are used to cooling equation. But in oversea topic, it also include one topic called reverse refrigeration.

To add to it, there is a energy audit assignment, that is about the energy usage in the industry, and to recommend ways in the implementation and to debate that it is a good way.

On top of the energy audit assignment, there is another topic called project. Which is halfway through. The project is probably one difficult topic, because it have no referencing, and everything have to prepare for it.

Red Alert 3

One of the most important stuff to do. To complete the Rising Sun campaign. Wow. This is very difficult one, because it is really very slow in constructing the base as there is a stuff called nano-core. And nano core have to find a suitable site. And when they have found it, they take time to construct the base defense. Each time after the base defense is established, the enemy would arrive and beat the hell out of me. Duh. Feel like giving up on it.

Car owning

Nowadays, I am thinking whether is it beneficial to get a car. Hmm…. I am not into getting a car, but sometime, I think it would benefit to get to the workplace faster. But I think, it is not good for the environment. And the look of getting into the squeeze with the crowd in the train makes me feel like getting a car for myself.

Train boarding

Sometime, the people who board the train in Yishun station are real puzzling. Each time I passes by the station, there would have some group of people not getting onto the train, although there are space for them to stand. And I actually get off to observe what is it that they are waiting for. Are they waiting for another train? And as the time goes by, 6 trains have passed, and these group still do not get onto the train. So I just board the next train and get off. What a waste of time wo. But I believe they may get an empty train, but the group will get bigger and the possibility of people getting on the seat may be small. Unless the fact that they grab it.

I have been wondering one thing. The news once reported that the train will arrive at every 2 minutes during the peak hour. But do they really arrive at every 2 minutes? And I thought north south is very packed, but I once boarded the east west, and it is even worst. I was stuck in Aljunied with three trains of fully packed people in it. And there is not a single space in the middle as well. Wow. I hope I can get a job near my home, so I can no need to take the train anymore. When will that be? Hmm….

Victoria Hotel

I was surfing the net and noticed one sight, that ask for comments about Victoria hotel in Melbourne. Hmmm. I added one entry, and was browsing the photos that I took before. And I noticed two pictures. It is the view out the window. I am living in one room in level 8 at that time. It is although not a best view, but on request for a good view, I was arranged to a window oversee the rialto Tower, and other buildings. It is also quiet as requested without a sound from the traffic.

Although Victoria hotel is a very old building, but they have some new furbished rooms, and I am in one of it. It is also economical, with shower facility, fridge, and an inhouse swimming pool and gym. I did get into the heated pool. And quite nice to swim in it. A pity it is not high enough. Victoria hotel is also in the city, and is very close to all the attractions in the city. I even got to go to the Melbourne Central, which have one place that my friend recommend: Donut King. And it is only until two or three days later, I realize that another donut king is also available just next to the hotel.

Really misses the Australia trip. Must save more for this year. Maybe can even go to Japan.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Mosquito season......Are you ready?


Today, we have a fogging exercise today. As a temperate climate, This is one of the best period where mozzies triumph. As a precaution, the mozzie people are here to do the fogging. It is strange, after they sprayed, I think it triggered off the alarm. And Duh. It must be one of the smoke detector that is not switched off.

Electrical wiring

My nightmare. Power troubleshooting. And this is even worse, concealed wiring, plus unknown functionality of switch, twelve wires to identify loop wire, and distance of 3 meter aparts from the incoming supply and outgoing supply. Plus. One man show. It is gonna take a while to troubleshoot these wires. So difficult one. But one thing that I am relieves of: I am working with single phase electrical system. So any wrong wiring cannot cause explosion.

Pinky lost

Oh No~ pinky is lost today. Someone grabbed pinky from me. I am so devastated. Pinky have been with me for two years perhaps. And the person who took pinky away must be a guy who take for a girl, or a girl. Cos it is a girlish bicycle. I went high and low searching for pinky with anther bicycle, but couldn’t find pinky anywhere. It have two distinguished marking. A mark of a letter E, and the back seat is sprayed pink. Anyway, pinky is rusty liao. And riding it these days are shaky. The brakes are faulty also. Hmm…. Hope the person who took pinky away lives. Hee hee hee


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Alert 3: The rising sun

This is the campaign that I am playing in. and it is Really really very difficult.
In case anyone do not know, I am playing medium level, cos I wanna feel the excitment.

And yup, I get the blow everytime. . . "Nano-tech under attack......Nano-tech lost" this is the word so often heard.

The rising sun empire uses nanotech to build the buildings, and the defender core, they only attack the ground troops. to defend the air, have to use jet tengu or air mech helicopter. As for the defender core, have to swict from ground attack to air attack. hmm.... Naval attack is also a bit difficult to comtrol, especially, when you have to build, command, plan waypoint, repair damaged vehicle, plan locatioon for nanocore, checking defense loophole, enemy path, allied commander all at the same time. somtime, have to check on the resources as well. wow, have to really multi task when using the tising sun campaign. As some units can interchange, I really have to check on which unit can attack which unit individually as well. Duh, and the Shogun executioner is really really slow. Worse still it have to survive the whole campaign. hmm....

Anyway, It is new year soon, and yet, my house is not clean yet. maybe can wait till the last minute. since I am now busy with my work......
Speaking of work, the jobs nowadays is really unlucky for me, all have to come together as it is chinese new year season, and there are a lot of stuff to repair, and to check in it. Just one bulb blown, and that's it, have to go here and there. and if there is a power failure, even worse.

Workload High

Sometime I have been thinking: am I working effecient enough, or is it I am looking for stuff to do and that's why I seems to have more work than others?

As I am now working in another place outside of my usual block, I am shifting all my HQ over. and it is a very important for me to have a complete and efficient HQ, because with it, I can have control of all the problem. and not having the need to return back and take things. Must remember to get that three pin tester when I reach office on Monday......Forgot about that for the past 1 week.


MB is really all chalked up with defects. I have been surveying it and found there are a lot of defects laying around......Is something really wrong? I was in this unit, and guess what, three window hinge broken, two window loose, one floortrap cover loose, water tap leaking, Gaps on the floor, scratches on the table, cooker hood cover loose. and the worse stuff, the door doesn't close by itself. hmm.... just one.... and twelve to go. *Faint*


Keyboard Test

You Are "tab"

Some people might try to say that you're always spaced out.

You do tend to be a dreamer, but you're also a great multitasker.

You work quickly and efficiently. So it's no problem if you goof off a little while you're working.

And if people want to think you're flakey, that's fine. You're getting more done than they are.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Job

First day at work

Today mark the first official day at work today. What can I say? Thrill, exciting, tiring and frustrating. Maybe it is because I am adding pressure to myself. But when I go to the houses that I am in charge of, It really can make a person jump.

Due to high confidentiality, I call it MB. MB is a place there it have many houses, and we or rather, I have to do the maintenance. This time round, I do not have any helper. The only help I need is one who works in other department, and may need to check whether he is occupied or not.

In MB, most of the people living here are Japanese. And they really emphasize a lot on cleanliness, tidy, and presentation. I take this as an opportunity to hone my skills here. But in one way, I am left with nothing to spare. Most of the houses are vacant, and I am left with those that are some filled with defects waiting for me to follow up.

I was in one house, and I was shocked when the handle that I pull came off. Wow, so amazing. When I reflect this to the other guy, he was shocked too. Hmm… Smells like something is going on behind.

Anyway, think I need to keep some spare change myself too, cos now I have to handle the cash also. Because the service is paid on the spot. And I am left in the spot when I do not have a change for a $18 job, and the person gave me a hundred dollar bill.

Currently I think gotta start establishing a good working station in the office now. Because I do not like to face the wall, and also the place is vert hot hot hot. Think should built an aircon also. of course, got some stuff to tidy up. think it can keep me occupied for the next two months.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sotong head.

Hmm, I was eating snack today, and realized one thing. Thank you Mr Keith for searching high and low for my beloved sotong head in KL.

Wow, I was telling my friend that if he go KL, he could get me the sotong head. Well, spiced sotong head I something that doesn’t seems to exist in SG. Only Malaysia have this, because it is expensive, and hardly people would buy it in SG. I gotta ask him to get me the sotong head, and he was telling me the hardship that he goes through looking for it. Duh. If I go KL, I know where to get it. But too bad, I am having study, and thus, I cannot go with him.

Anyway, this sotong is really nice. It is a type of squid, that they dry it, and preserved with chilli and sugar. Yum yum.

Hard course in school

As for my study. It is really hard a bit, because there are a lot of theory into it. Think the most important is the calculation. During the course of study, Waraku have a promotion going on about 50% discount for the selected food. I went and have it for my dinner.

I asked for one of the promotional item, Tonpei Yaki. Hmm… It is a kind of friend egg. There is a difference betweel the Tonpei Yaki in Waraki casual dining and Waraku De Gozen. Althought they are the same name, and same owner, but the tonpei yaki in Waraku De gozen is friend egg with pork. Whereas the Tonpei Yaki in Waraku Casual Dining is Fried egg with vegetable hmm….

Anway, Get a galic rice as well, and it is really ok. The problem with the garlic rice is that the garlic is not crisp enough. Hmm…. I remember eating garlic rice in a restaurant in Raffles town club, the garlic rice is very crispy. And Nice.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

IT Language

I was trying to edit this webpage that I recently installed, and found out one thing.

Have anyone uses Microsoft publisher? I was astonished to see the way the scripts are written in the html that publish made. It is very difficult to read wo. so many words.
Just to remove one statement, I have to go through all those words, to find the point that I want. and most of the time, I have to use the "find" function to locate the statement. and even if I found it, I have to read through all the "nbsp" to ensure that there is no open function.

Is it true? gone were the days when webpages are easy to create by editing the html?

I have not come in contact with webpage editing since 2002, when I lost one of my programming code in the web. Now that I have to create a webpage which is 6 years later, I realised that the html editing has advanced so much that I find it very hard to read. Some scripts are familiar, seems no change. and one of the most interesting that I like is the java script. It can really do wonders if I can understand Java scripts.


Monday, January 05, 2009

One expensive breakfast.

This is one expensive breakfast I have this morning.

Swensen’s breakfast menu

This is one restaurant I know, selling English breakfast. It have bacon, Ham, Hotdog, pancakes. And I was just passing by, and thinking what to eat for breakfast, and then I got to know this swensens branch that sells breakfast, and it is opens 24/7.

I have the coupon from AXS to get one for one ice cream from swensens. So just pop by, and sit for ice cream. The pan cake is very nice, cos it is quite nicely well done. And as I sits on the outdoor, I can see the cars passing by, and occasionally, there are cars that are trying to show off their engine by throttle high when running. I think they are just wasting fuel.

Speaking about the pan cakes, it have hash brown, that is nicely done, two hotdogs, scrambled eggs, toasted tomatoes. and one jug of maple syrup. Who actually thought of the idea of using maple syrup? It is really a good combination of using maple syrup with pancakes.

As I was eating, I saw some of my colleagues walkign pass the swensens. and hmm... they dun seems to be looking around, but keep on walking. and there are some people who I dun know, was looking at the swensens. Quite a peaceful view, cos it is early in the morning, and life just starts slow.

After the pancakes, it is the ice cream, and not one, but two ice cream. Wow. Quite a lot of sugar on that day. Pity, they do not have the coffee machine ready. I was thinking of trying the Gloria Jean coffee in Swensens, to see how different are their coffee. But too bad, their coffee machines broke down on that day.

Anyway, got the bill of $22 for just one breakfast. Wow~!


Sunday, January 04, 2009

New hidden webpage in ORCarrier domain

New Domain

Today, I have added a new domain into the ORCarrier website. hmm.... but it is for my use, and those who studies with me.

I have thought of adding it on the web, so that next time, if I do not have any resource, at least we have another gateway to get the resource.

This is just some forms, that is required when doing printing of the forms.

However, it is hidden among three other webpage. it is not accessible to public.

Thus there are now a total of three hidden webpages in my site. Anyway, I hope this will help us greatly in event when we do not have the forms.

Spring Cleaning

I was doing some spring cleaning, just a small one, and came by the cabinet springback hinge. Wow, I actually salvaged that donkey age ago. Was always postpone it and did not managed to change it. I salvaged it from a shop, that was closed, and that springbaclk hinge are those that you see on the wooden cabinet. It is a good brand from italy. So I take my battery drill, and quickly change 18 pieces of it on my wooden cupboard. some of them actually rust off already.

Then, I came across the glass cabinet, and found a lot of australia postcards. Haha, I actually bought those postcards, to remind myself how beautiful australia is. And I frame it up on the photo frame. Hmm.... after that, I recovered two posters of new zealand that is another salvage item from somewhere. but they are all crumbled. And then, as I look around, I found my big collection of garfield. wow. I finally found it. it was hidden somewhere inside the cupboard that I never thought of searching it. I actually found it, when I was doing the change for the springback hinge.

Haigh Chocolate

After a festival of christmas, I found out from the fridge that I still have one very cute chocolate that I bought from australia. It is a dark chocolate bell shape chocolate. I bought it back, and thought of eating with someone. but then, I forgot about it, and it ended up in the fridge past christmas. Duh.

Anyway, I brought it to work, and found no one to eat with, so I eat it alone.
It is really nice, cos it is dark chocolate, and though it is a bit bitter, but the taste of the chocolate makes me really think I was in Australia. The bell inside is actually hollow. Hmm... Wonder how do that make that chocolate.

Red Alert 3 - To tame a living God

Finally, I managed to win the stage which I have been stuck for many many days. If you have been playing red alert 3, I was stuck in the stage called "To tame a living God" It takes place in mount fuji. The scenario is that you have to assisinate the emperor, because the premier demands it. so I thought, it is easy, but then after you killed the emperor, another scenario took place, and you have to combat with two japanese generals.

Together with your co-commander, coordination is very strict. Cos both enemy generals excel in defensive and attack. I was building my troops, and there they come, killing me, and my co-commander. I have to think of many strategy and uses many tactics, and of course, restarted many time. and finally, I defeat the emperor.

Oh yes! a very great sense of satisfaction. As I thought it is the end of the game, There it is, another game, where the allies are waiting to be attack. It is even harder, Oh gosh~! how to win wo. this Red Alert seems to be more into attack one. the AI all so powerful. how to win wo. hmm..... this time, it takes place in Easter Island in the stage calls "The stone-face "

This is even harder, cos in the middle of the war, the general actually turns aorund, and fight back. Wow~! how to defeat wo. and then again, I still have the co-commander, and it is really hard to coordinate the atack, cos need to really predict where the premier's troops come from in advance. and sometime, they are really smart, cos they dun venture into the trap one.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hard Gay funny video.

This guy is great. He is called Hard Gay. and it reminds me of a comic last time, called "Bian tai chao ren" I wonder who have heard of it.

This comic is a very nice one, about how a guy become a superhero. At that time, I actually thought that this kinda people only exist in comic books, but this guy razor ramone actually brought it out of the comic book, and created a lot of funny stuff. But by the look of the videol. it seems this is looks very welcome and and icon to the japan.


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