Monday, May 23, 2005

The days when GOD stopped Death


Since the beginning when Adam ate the apple of knowledge, death has been at work, collecting souls, as they died.

Many historical person and kings and queens, have been searching a way to escape death, including Emperor Qing Shi Huang, who listen to a Taoist and sent 300 boys and girls to an island and get an elixir to gain immortal life.

Many kings and queens, have been hiding at the time of old age, a place where no human can find them, but death, found them eventually, because, GOD is with death.

GOD held Death

Have you wondered, what the world will become, if GOD, the Almighty held death to be by his side? The twilight zone, have explained this, when life, who is disguised as a doctor, and death, as a suicidal man.

The doctor is a person, who try to bring patient away from death, but death always succeeded. Then one day, death, is so stressed out by the person’s agony, that he stopped working. He stopped collecting souls, and people never die. He was eventually brought the Dr life, and the doctor at first do not believe him, until death have showed him proof, that there is no obituary , the first soul collected in the hospital, and the fact that people continue to cry for pain, even though the heart and every life pulse stopped beating.

Death explained that no matter how hard the work is, he have to do it, because it is to keep the population in control. Dr life explain that when it gets overcrowded, humans can migrate to outer space. But the fact is that people will suffer pain, and they cannot escape from it, unless they die.

In the end of the argument, Dr life urge death to continue his work. And to his shock, he saw his name on the book, and died. Death picked him up, and they walk away.

Book of Revelation.

In the book of revelation, it is describe that at the day of the wrath of GOD, GOD kept the death angel by his side, and the sinners, are left to suffer, when the trumpet are called for. Those unmarked, suffered greatly, and they cannot die. Could you imagine the agony, that your legs and hands are chopped, and whole body burnt, but you still feel the pain forever, and there is no escape from it? It would really be terrible. One way to escape from it, is to be ‘marked’ by GOD, so that the disaster will pass us by. We should share the gospel to those who doesn’t know it. And attempt to save them. And we, as a Christians ourselves, should do good deeds, and not create any more sins. A books have describe this:


A Christian, who was deeply in love with Jesus Christ, spent 10 hours per day in prayers, attends church regularly without fail, praising GOD every minutes, died pennilessly and with a broken home, and was sent to hell. When he questioned GOD why was he in such a fate, GOD answered: You are an annoyance. You may be praising me, but you quarrel and sues your neighbour who did not offend you. You cheated the company money, visiting prostitute, scolding your lifegroup members, discourage people from attending church.

Actions speaks louder

Therefore, from the story, it can be seen that, no matter how loud you voice out how great GOD is, it is still the action, that GOD sees in you, “You have to act, and not talk.” As Pastor Rony Tan said,” otherwise, when I meet my Master (Jesus Christ) in heaven, I have to bow my head low, and you Christians from my church, have to hide behind me, pushing me forward.” No Christians would want to bow low, when we die and brought before OUR LORD and Saviour. We got to do great deeds, that when we meet him, we can stand in front with chest up and look at him in the eye.

This is the third week, or the eight week, lighthouse evangelism is holding a time of revival. If you are interested in joining the lighthouse, do visit lighthouse in Http://


Friday, May 20, 2005

Trip to Hong Kong

Guang Zhou

Woo hoo, been a long long time since I have been here online, blogging.
Yup, I was in Guang Zhou, trying to see how the rural life in China is like.

Before stopping in Guang Zhou, we went to hong kong for a stop over. Wow, Hong Kong is really a advertising paradise, where there is all those neon advertisement and stuff like that.

After 2 day stop in Hong Kong, I went to Guang Zhou and well, the world there is like a mirror to me. The traffic are on the opposite side as what Singapore and Hong Kong are using. Motor cycles are all over the road, and the zebra crossing is ‘invisible’ to the motorist.

Life in Rural area, is really uncomfortable to me. OMG! The toilet is just a room, a small room, and a tank beside it, that collects all the pool! After that, the poo are used to fertilize the land UNBELIEVABLE!

Mosquitos are everywhere, and my aunties and cousins, have to spray those stuff on their body, to keep mosquitoes away. As for me, ha ha! I have it well planned. Before I go there, I ate lotta garlic, fried garlic in Hong Kong before I go. Yup! It really helps a lot! The mosquitoes never pinch me. Ha ha. I really have a deep impression of how that Jessie life is like when I went there.

Growing in Urban, I really think I should be more comfortable if I stay in Urban, like the Hong Kong. In China, Bargain tactics is a must. Lucky, I was with an expert, who bargain power is awesome. Ha ha.

When I returned back to Hong Kong, I realized that I am living in Kowloon, where Amanda, lives in. I really forgot about this friend of mine, and she is working as a somebody in the airport. Too bad, I din drop her an email.

Ocean Park
I went to Ocean Park, and have a great fun, that I went for the second time! To be precise, the first trip to Ocean park, it is raining cats and dogs, that I have to abandon the plan to playing in the lowland area. On the second trip, I went to play every single games in the highland. And in the Lowland, I went to see the Panda, and the Whisker’s theatre. It’s really fun at first.

When I returned to the Admiralty, where I have to take the MTR back, I saw an electric tram, and wanted to try it out. I ran out of money, and have to go and get some change. As it is a Sarturday, all the money changers are closed. And I really hate that Shangri La Hotel in Hong Kong. I was out of Hong Kong Currency, and I was unable to get back, and Shangri La is the only hotel around that have the ability to change the currency. I am really disappointed that thought it is a 5 star hotel, they refuses to change the currency, despite the fact that I don’t have the money to get back to my hotel in Kowloon.

Luckily for me, the Concord Hong Kong is beside, the Shangri La, and I tried to change the currency, and telling him that I have to get the Singapore currency change, the manager gladly help me to chance for the small amount, so that I can get a transport back to Kowloon.

Shangri La Dissatisfaction

Sometime, I think, hotels, should let off a bit, so that if there is resident of Shangri La, lost in other place, and no money to change, other hotel should be able to change a small amount, so that the guest can get back to hotel. I really puzzled, why the manager of Shangri La failed to change a small amount to get me back to my hotel. I am a traveler, and he actually trying to guide me to a place, which I have to walk a damn long distance to get the money change, and they don’t have the slightest idea, what time will the money changers which they recommended, closed. By the way, I couldn’t find that building, that they directed me through the map. So much for Shangri La in Hong Kong.

YUM YUM! Goose meat is nicer than duck meat, you know? It have more fat, and juicy. And Guess what, seen a goose liver?? Really huge, I like it a lot. Though it is not served in French restaurant, I find it tasty enough. Yup

Disconnected from Singapore
Those days in Hong Kong, Macau, and Guang Zhou, Really made me lost in touch with Singapore news and everything. Hmm… when I returned home, really a lot of stuff, I have no idea about. It is like totally disconnected from the Singapore. But, having spent days in Those place, the first time I step back to Singapore, life really changed a lot. I find more comfortable with the road, and scenes, and able to guide my way around. In other country, I really lost. Ha ha. Communication with people in other country is really a hard thing to do. But the one thing we stand out, is the ability to switch fast between Chinese and English languages.

It wasn't until I visited Fiona's website, then I realised, that Fiona also goes to Kowloon, with the street name. haih, if only I knew, I could go with Fiona.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Last Salvation...Do you take, or leave?

The Twilight Zone, describe a day, when there are people, who looks sort of like an agent, telling people, that they are chosen, and they should go with them.

What would your reaction be, if someone just came up to you, and tell you, “You are Chosen”?

We talk about Adam and Eric. Eric, believe in it, and Adam, believe that they are terrorist, and kidnap them, as people are missing from the neighborhood, and even his Girlfriend, who broke up with him, came back to him, and persuade him, to follow them.

The agents, knew his past life, and his darkest secret, and tell him in form of DVD.
And they told him, he is chosen, and he must make up his mind.

Meanwhile, the FBI, are looking for those missing people and attempts to find the agents and confront them.

When Eric, who is a handicapped, was pushed to his house by the agent, and flash light appeared, and they are gone.

Adam immediately, buy a shot gun, and lock himself up, and hide in his house.
When the agent, made his way in, Adam shoot one of the two agent, and was thrown out of the house.

When he walk out to see, he saw all the missing people. The agent, who was shot, got up, and in a flash, they are gone, along with the agents.

After a while, there was a national warning siren, and asteroid drop like rain, killing everyone.

Adam, was given the last salvation, and many are trying to reach out for him. Yet, he rejected it.

Would you reject the offer, if you are chosen to be given the last salvation?


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