Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Water water everywhere.

Next month, someone is going to get a hefty bill for the water.

Last week, we have a pipe burst, and today, it is just too great. a 3 inch water pipe burst. and it is almost invisible.

Hmm... as I was walking around the building, I can hear water flowing inside a pipeline, and it is a completely different feeling from the usual days. I discard it, but made a note of it. 1 hour later, while walking past, the water sound is detected again, and I was getting panic now, because it seems a huge volume wo.

Calling out to my friend to go and check it, I then continue to do my things. Then, at noon, he came back and tell me there is water flowing in the pipeline, but never get to know where it comes from. OH GOSH~!

I quickly went back to check on the engineering drawing and to locate the incoming and outgoing. and This is JUST GREAT~! the engineering drawing says where to water goes to, but it does not state where it comes from. Cos it just ended at a path call summit. What does summit means in civil engineering term? I trace till like hell and then with the battery pack , hammer and a screwdriver, we went and search every corner of how the pipe goes. Have to follow the pipe which goes underground. and we open the diaphram wall access panel to pop the head in. Cockroaches everywhere. DUH~!

But then when we reached the summit, which the drawing says, WIN liao loh~! it brought us to a hazardous environment with high tension wire one. the water all flow out from the bunch of high tension wires, and the switchboard is just right on top. We go up where the summit says and gound a puddle of water on the floor. It was estimate to be rainwater, but later found it strange, because that water does not bear any algae and it is flowing non stop one. Going back to the drawing, we found there is a pipeline below the puddle of water, and went back to the spot again to locate the water gate valve which the drawing says it should have been. DUH~! no water valve. Backtrack it, we reached the third level branch, and shutting it down would disrupt water supply for three levels. We then went to shut it off after getting the green light and sits back to wait as the balance water goes off.

It was all too strange, because the water is huge wo. I go back to the pipe and found that it is a 3 inch pipe wo~! with the maximum pressure head somemore. Cham liao, a lot of water is wasted. But it is a total relief that we managed to shut off the valve. tomorrow, the engineer will be going to assess the damage ad rectification work. Please lah dun let it be me again.

Get a contractor to repair that pipe. I have a lot of work to do ley.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Mental Torment today on way home.

The most terrible time, it is here today

Haih, nothing can describe it more than the mind torment.

Everyone who works with me knows that I cannot work without the Bluetooth. Today, I was repairing the fountain, and it is although raining cats and dogs, I persist to continue with the canvas over me. And guess what, the Bluetooth dropped into the water. OH~! No~! my one and only Bluetooth dropped in the water~! I quickly pick it up, and it was shorted. And then, I quickly bring it to my ofc table and turn on the heat light to dry it.

Hmm…. Did not manage to get it working. Dead. Die liao. The living survivor kit is dead.

While on the train home, I was searching for the MP5 player. OH~!!!! I did not bring it with me~!

And my mind was very tired, and dun feel like sleeping cos of the Hot chocolate that I had earlier. It does have some effect on me, but it is mild. Cannot get to sleep on the train.

55 minutes journey, no music, no movies, no books. It is a total mental torture……


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hard disk low again??

Hard disk memory drain?

As I was looking at the hard drive today, I realized one thing. The Hard drive is responding slow. And doing a check there is a folder in the C drive that is not suppose to be in there. And checking on it, it is a backup folder for the entire hard disk.

Who does it belong to? Well, it is Norton 360. Apparently, the Norton 360 changed back to the default folder during a backup process, and use the C drive as a back up instead of the portable hard drive. Hmm….

Does anyone know how to stop the Norton 360 from saving into the drive C when portable hard drive is not available?


Earth Hour 2009 in SG

A great fall

Yesterday was cycling home yesterday, and well, had a great fall, and hit 4 bicycles while exiting the MRT station bicycle park.

Really hate those who park the bicycle with the wheels out. Anyway, the bicycle is the number 2 bicycle, and the stem is a bit faulty. Thus, while turning, the stem got stuck and hit bicycle before falling. Duh.

Luckily the brake is still good and stop in time without any injury. But leg is a bit pain though.

Singapore Earth Hour

On 28th March 2009, I went to watch the Earth hour. Hmm… SG is not so good one. I watch it from building A. Cos among the buildings, Building A is taller than the rest. And I was actually late for it. Duh. Time plan cock up. After exiting, some buildings switch off the sign. Among the most obvious is the Singapore flyer. Buildings like Singtel is off, Pan pacific, suntec City, Tangs, Far East plaza so to speak. I was expecting the road lights to be off too. And also the Casino Construction. It is to most spoiler of the event, because the whole city, the casino construction lights is the most obvious light around the city, yest it spoilt the whole show. I was very disappointed with that and the streets light. Unlike the one in Australia, They switch off the street lights and everything. Hmm….

Over the one hour was looking and watching the whole Singapore 260 degree. I was very very surprise, and it is in my wrong estimation. The maridius mandarin 37 floor café is near empty~! I thought it would be crowded. Instead, it was only occupied on the Chatterbox. But the café below is near empty.

I was estimating the event occupancy and concluded that a lot of people will be there, and set it as my plan B. But yet, when I watch it from building A, I was really amazed to see that it is near empty. Maybe not many people know that. Hmm… Next year, I will go and watch it from Meridius Mandarin.

I saw from above, some people taking snapshot, because you can see the camera lights. As for me, I can’t take a clear shot of it, cos not a good camera. Duh. But still I watch it with my eyes only.

Then at 2130, the lights for pan pacific is the first to be one

Then follow by CPL building, then maybank. It is so cool to watch them switch on one by one. And then it is suntec, then far east plaza, and the second last is the Singapore flyer, where it switch on with the green light first. And lastly, it is the singtel building. The orchard Singtel will be the first to be on, follow by the other one in new bridge .

It was really cool. But it is a shame they did not switch off the streets light.

Sun Burnt

Yup, got sun burnt yesterday all because of the stupid fountain and the effort to set a device.

The fountain was repaired on Friday, and set to switch on on Saturday. Yet, when switch on, found the water flow is low again. I thought it was a 5 minutes job, but turn out to be a 3 hour job. Was pulling here and there, and then, gave up, think there is a bend in the pipeline. Have to remove out the whole pipe and redo again. Duh.


I am learning this new song by Ai Otsuka. It is called Sakurabo, Hmm… Sakurabo means cherry. And it is a very fast pace song. If I could master this pace, I think the rest of the song will not be a problem. It is a song about a girl confessing her love to a guy because she like his smile. And it is because of his smile, the girl was in love with him, and she wish she is like a cherry (sakurabo). In the song, she mention that they are together for two years, and over the two years, there are a lot of quarrel, and stuff like that, but she forgives him and still love him because of his sweet sweet smile(Egao saku kimi to tsunagattetai).

If I master this, I would sing this in the next KTV. Yippy. 27 days away to the next KTV.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cursed Fountain?

I have been wondering, is that fountain cursed or something? how come strange things always happens when we are trying to repair this fountain?

I was getting ready to do repair, when I got a urgent call to check on a leaking. Great....Pipe burst. Duh~! Leak your head. the water came running down like rain. and everything is wet in the unit. Half a day is gone. Then when I again want to go and repair it, Got a call from the management requesting to check on the unit for repair and to finish it up ASAP. I wne to check, and great, the job there is enough to keep me occupied for the next two days. Friday and saturday. Why is this like that?

As for the other guy, he was gone to do some job too. Anyway, it requires two people to get the job done. KIV KIV KIV till next week......But, I shall perserve.

Mobile entertainment station

Today I found an item so useful, that it can pack and unpack my music station. hee hee. My music station consist of a discman, with two speaker. Hmm......Really useful. Now I can listen to Ayumi as I work. One of these days, I will get that Ai Otsuka CD too. hmm...I love Ai Otsuka Love Punch. It is a cute song like a small little girl singing. but she is quite big de loh. Can fight with Yumi Adachi. In fact, I thing Ai Otsuka can already defested Yumi Adachi, but Ayumi Hamasaki still win all.

Anyway, it is just put the stuff on this tray, and move with the workstation. and when reach there, it can be unpacked, and blast the sound loud. Once I was playing in the second floor, my friend came back tekking me he can hear it from the basement swimming pool. Hmm... got so loud mah?

*think think think*

April 7th...... Please come fast. . . in between, still so many days......will go crazy~


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Focus on MB

Today my mood is quite bad in the morning. I can understand people’s intention, but I just couldn’t resist the way he put it into words. Like isolating me from Building A and Building B.

Ever since I was transferred to MB, a lot of status on building A is not made known to me. I was getting lost touch of the system. This morning, there is a electrical troubleshooting, and it involves a upper level electrical circuit. Upper level electrical circuit refers to the line direcly below the Bus bar junction box.

During the testing, while I was arranging the emails and schedule, the aircon alarm came on. I look at it and see that it is off. Calling out to the officer about the shutting down, because it may affect the performance of the building. The officer reply was they are doing the testing, and telling me to stay inside the office. Hmm…This is like really voicing out. Anyway, after that, I dun even wanna tell them whether they need any help. After the boss came in, all the troubleshooting stopped. I also concentrate on my work, and arrange the day’s work.

On the way to MB, I feels that maybe he have the intention that I should be concentrating on MB, instead of A and B. Thus, when I reached there, started out my work. During the course, can hear that there is a lot of conversation around on the troubleshooting on both building A and B. For MB, it also have a power trip today. And it is a RCCB. And thankfully, the RCCB is a live earth shorted. So it is not too bad. If it is earth neutral short, then it is going to be a big problem.

I check with my friend on what is the problem, and he uses the RCCB as a testing device. Oh DUH~! Why everyone uses RCCB as a testing tool wo. Over the years, I never like to use RCCB as a testing tool. For those who do not know, RCCB is Residue Current Circuit Breaker. It is a protection device and if it is used until faulty, it can trigger a upper level, and eventually, it may reach the consumer switch room. I found the pattern on the tripping, and follow the wires as it is mentioned in the drawing. On that place, found the circuit, and disconnected the wires. After that, use a multimeter to check the wiring circuit.

The needle was pointing up and down, and we dismantle the fittings one by one, until we reached one fitting. Duh~ no ground wire. Taking another wire and connect the ground wire, I uses the meter to test again. Yup. Confirmed shorted, as the needle goes up and stopped. After removed this fitting, we went down to turn back the circuit. Yup. After the troublemaker is removed, the RCCB never trip. We dismantle everything apart, and found that one of the coil is shorted, and thus, give back my friend and tell him to change that part. And it is none other than the vulnerable electric ballast.

With a multimeter, 10 minutes, the problem is solved.

Multimeter are a very handy tool, there are analog type and digital type. I prefer analog to look for short. This is because once the needle moves, instantly, we can see the shorted. But if comes to reading, I would still prefer the digital type, especially fluke multimeter. It instantly convert the units and shows reading rapidly.

And there is a type of meter too, that can capture the shorted condition. And it is a real expensive meter. It can capture the peak of the current and the condition moments before the power is cut off by the breaker. However, this meter cannot detect resistance.

Fountain final resort

For many days, we cannot get this fountain in the courtyard to operate at optimum performance. Thus, my friend and I have reached the point of the last stand. Cement all broken holes in one day and dry it. This is gonna cost huge, but it is really something that is inevitable. Ever since the fountain faulty, people are moving out of MB. it seems that feng shui have a part to it. Judging by the pattern, if one day, the big shot come to MB and see the condition of the fountain and relates it to the loss of residence, Everyone's head will be on the line.

So tomorrow, by hook or by crook, we need to patch up the holes immediately before the big shot realise what is going on.

Anyway, it is a pain in my eye too. And due to the confidentiality, the fountain photo cannot be posted online. I have repaired fountain in building A and B before, because it is a simple equation of volume over pressure over area. Guess what, the fluid most simplest equation "Pressure = Volume * Area" exists everywhere as long as there is pipelines. People who study thermofluid should not throw this away. very simple to use.


Sometime, I was thinking, if I have so much electrical knowledge, why should I still be going to the manufacturing line? Sometime just wish to go back to industrial engineering line, but the current circumstance held me back. . .


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Mom Song.

This link is good. Very creative and fast, and is confident in singing.

The Mom's Song


Monday, March 23, 2009

Chilli crab for lunch. (o.O)

Today got a very very honored feeling, because one of the resident give me a treat for lunch. I am so honored.

She is Goto san, and as I saw her coming back, she was asking me whether have I had my lunch. At that time, I was busy repairing the fountain in the courtyard, and told her I have not, and she asked whether do I eat chilli crab. I say YUP~~! And she mention some in Japanese that I have a lot of broken blur, but it seems to make out that she was having party yesterday night, and they packed some crab back. And since I like the chilli crab, I can have it for lunch. They have more at home. I gladly take the chilli crab, and put it at the table and continue to repair the fountain.

After the repair, I went back, and found out the chilli crab have a lot of gravy in it. OH~! What a waste it would be if I threw it away. And I am not going to drink it too. Thus, I was sourcing for alternative, then caught sight of a packet of Maggie mee lying on the shelf. Instantly, I take another pot and cook Maggie mee in chilli crab sauce.

With my portable electric heater, this is no stopping me from eating very delicious crab. I was surprised there are two crabs~! Wow, And the legs are very thick and fat. Although it have no claw/s, but I am content with it.

I just wanna say this: Goto san, thank you very much for your wonderful lunch. Appreciate it a lot.



Fifth day of Aircon work

23rd March 2009

Today is one of the D day. Got an email confirming the time for the repair work in one unit. And it is an occupied unit. It have been stuck for 4 days, and we are going for the fifth day. Why oh why wo?

It is all due to this small incident about aircon leaking that start the ball rolling, and now it ended up with one aircon not cold. 7 of the aircon technicians cannot find the problem. Change this, change that, but the problem never found. I wish to advise them, but telling them might make them unhappy because I am not a certified trained aircon technician.

Expansion Valve

I have been studying the process, and located the problem in the aircon’s expansion valve, but it is only a prediction and if I were to tell them this, and they change the part, and still do not solve the problem, I might be in for a mess too. So the only thing that I can do during those time, is to watch only. Today they are going to change the whole aircon. If it is really the fault in the expansion valve, I thinking changing the whole FCU will definitely solve the entire problem, because the expansion valve is in the FCU.

Hopefully, it is the last time today for that aircon. The resident is getting very impatient.


Hmm… caught sight one this remark, “Brisbane, Queensland, Australia arrived ….” Brisbane…It is a place where one of my friend like to visit. Say it is a peaceful town. And I love that kinda place, provided it must have a beautiful beach loh. I love the beaches. Can sit down and watch the sun goes down. If only there is someone who watch with me at that time. . . . When I was in Melbourne, found that Brisbane is 60 KM away from Rialto Observation Tower. Well, not in the sight range, but at that moment, I was thinking whether should I go to Brisbane or not. Too bad, I can’t drop off everything and go there. Will be stuck in Australia if I do that.

How does it look like? My friend was describing it so nice about the environment so well, I was so tempted to go. But too bad, Melbourne is the prime objective at that time, so did not drop off at Brisbane.


What makes me goes to Melbourne is because of one description from my cousin, who stays in Melbourne for a short period. He was describing how to get to certain places, price and environment. It is a pity we did not discuss it further because he is quite busy. Thus, I was lost when I first touch down in Southern Cross Railway station. I reached there by rail from Adelaide.

Melbourne is a very nice place, because it is a city, and there are a lot of attraction to play in. Went to quite a few places like Gaol Museum, Rialto Observation Tower, Euraka Tower, Melbourne Central. So much places. Only regrets? Did not managed to go to Victoria Market, and did not buy that monkey that can sing and move. So funny one. Wow, really regret I did not buy that monkey. It is not found in SG one wo.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

One follow another...

One assignment down……

Phew, yesterday and today, was staying at home to rush on the assignment for this design stuff.

Hmm… I was mixing paint yesterday, and well, made a big big mistakes, but I learnt one thing. Fluorscent paint are not opaque. They are a bit of transparent, and does not cover cracks. They requires a base coat to work well.

I got to realize it when I sprayed the second layer and then, test it on a piece of glass. I was so astonished that the fluorescent paint that I got is not opaque type. Anyway, it is my first time to use fluorescent paint, because this paint have a mixture of two colours. And the result is actually darker than I predicted. No way turning back after I sprayed the second coat. It would destroy the whole thing if I clean it off……

It took a long time to spray, cos have to spray three layers, and then add on the clear spray for paint protection.

Paint protection is a type of clear spray, and it is to protect the user from the paint powder. Every paint will have the tendency to be rub off easily, this, a last layer of clear spray will stop the paint dust from falling off, and also to protect the paint.

Anyway, today was rushing for the assignment, and finally finished it at 1830. Yippy. But it is dark now, no chance to go out cycling. Just as I thought the assignment is finished, another one came. When will it ever end wo?

Feeling so stressed up sometime. Work, study sleep, work study sleep. Like a machine.


Smoke detector activated at home

Fire Extinguisher ay homeSmoke detector

Today the smoke detector activated. Hmm…. So it is working loh. But it is a very clumsy of me, cos I was doing the fish steaming, and then went back to do some PC stuff. Then as I was eating and suddenly there is a loud beeping sound.

I got my lazy butt out of the chair and found the whole kitchen is in smoke. Oh no~! the wok is dry and black steam coming out. Gotta quickly turn off the gas and spray water in it. And there goes my fish along with it.

Lucky at home got smoke detector for someone forgetful as me. The smoke detector is although a bit expensive, but it is running on battery and can last a long time. Think this is the second time it is activated. The first time is also the same, but it is my mum who left the wok on. At that time she does not knowhow to turn it off. Hee hee.

Anyway, smoke detector are best installed around the kitchen, because kitchen is most vulnerable to fire. Else the smoke will be all over the house. And also, the fire extinguisher should be best kept in the bed room. Cos the bed room is where people mostly sleep, and it is more convenient located if woke up from sleep.

Fire Extinguisher

My family think I am a bit kiasu, got Smoke detector, for Fire extinguisher around the house. But fire is always unpredictable de lor. So goes the Chinese saying, feed the soldier for a thousand days, use it in a moment. That extinguisher is a 2.5KG, enough to put out a small fire. I tried a 9kg fire extinguisher before and it can really spray for a long time before it got empty. Just a second of spray can spread a huge cloud of white powder, deprive the fire of fuel to burn.

Among the fire triangle of heat, fuel and oxygen, the most easiest part to control is the fuel. So the white powder is to create a barrier between the fuel and the other two, it can stop a fire.

Lovely Day

It is a lovely day today, wish to go out to cycle. Been a long time since I use the other bicycle. And this weather is really a great time to go cycling. Why why so many stuff to do. So much things to do, yet so little time.

Would I be out cycling now if I do not have any courses at hand?


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

Yup, it is proven and confirmed.

The previous days of sleepless night is due to the effect of the sun screen that I used.

Sun Screen

The sun screen is used to block out the sun ray’s UV because it can damage the skin under long exposure. This is especially useful when I am doing work on the roof top, especially so, because there have been many cases of roof leaking. Well, they are solved one by one but the fact that the root of the problem is never solved, nowadays have to just trace and find where is the source of penetration.

Anyway, gotta finish up using that sun screen then.

Fancl mild cleansing oil

I was introduced to the Mild cleansing oil by Rachel of the Fancl in Jurong Point the other day before, and after trying it out, I guess I had a good night sleep. Is it because of the real fact that the sun screen remains on my skin and not washed off with the use of only cleaning powder? Or maybe I was really dead beat wo. But anyway, it feel good nowadays maybe cos the sun screen is completely cleaned all thanks to the Fancl Cleansing oil.

Fancl product

The good thing and special about fancl is that they do not use preservative. Because petroleum and mineral oils are harmful to the skin. Can you imagine the feeling of rubbing petrol on your face?

They are also striving to improve on the product so that there are better safer health product.

I was wondering how good it would be, if Fancl have a facial shop in Sg, and then, most of the thing is using the fancl product. I might be the first in the queue.


Japan Vs Australia

Australia Vs Japan

Hmm… Was having this dream yesterday night, and wake up, suddenly thought of two people’s comment on Japan. Duh~ But it is good to go oversea with another person, else end up like the Melbourne trip last year...

My Dream

I was having this dream that I was in Japan with a friend. And we were actually having fun, and then, woke up and find the clock near to 12. Why wo. Why is this biological time always wake me up at 12 de. And it is a very sweet dream then. After waking up, I remembered two Japanese conversation with Ishisaki san and Goto san few weeks back. They were introducing me to the japan’s town, and what to look out for. Basically, my three target is Osaka, Hokkaido and Tokyo, but then after tasting Hakata Ramen, I am thinking of Hakata. And Goto san was telling me that if I do not like a fast pace environment, I should give Tokyo a slip, cos Tokyo is a very busy place and everything is expensive unless there is a local to guide around to the cheap places. So I ask Goto san will she be back in Tokyo by year end, but she have no definite answer. Thus, I think I better give Tokyo a slip.

SK in Narita

While on the facebook, caught sight of one more photo. Wow, one of my friend is in Narita for a trip. And it really looks beautiful. So Beautiful I wish I will be there tomorrow. Haih. Why am I stuck here. Again. It beats me to wonder, should I go ahead with the Australia trip this year? Or change it to Japan? Hmm…. If I was in Japan, bring me to Hokkaido or Osaka first. In Osaka, might be able to meet up with none other than the famous. Razor Ramon. Or even best, Ayumi~! Thus, Australia is still not confirmed trip, cos of one circumstance. If not going to Australia, I will and WILL definitely go to Japan, and probably meet up with some client there if they are back in Japan. If I were to go to Australia, I wanted to taste more oysters~! And another round of Ned Kelly Retreat. Definitely to see the place again, Oyster shop…. If save enough, maybe can go for combo trip. To Australia, and then to Japan. Hmm… Hope by that time, my Japanese language is capable enough to guide me. Yesterday’s conversation with Sawazaki san have really questioned my Japanese language really hard. Met Sawazaki san along a corridor and she has a question about her room. And I find it hard to answer back because the problem is something new, and it doesn’t appear in my vocabulary. In the end, have to reply most of the answer in Katakana. Duh. And she is not familiar with a lot of katakana too. So a bit about the duck and chicken talk.

Newton Food Center

Have anyone caught note of this big news in town now? Wow, I really think the American is now having his last laugh now, Good Job Mate~


It is really a disgrace and shame of what the food hawker did, and I believe it is not an isolated case. Newton Food Center is one of the shop in my “Stephen’s list of black listed shop”. All because of the environment, price, and I have stopped putting my foot in after my mum and I were overcharged for the food there. They are a very shameful act.

How it comes about

It goes that this Singaporean was bringing his American friend to Newton Food center, and wanted to show him some of the local dish. And they were quickly greeted by the food paddler there, and was persuaded to sit at a shop. And that shop, have reserved seats for them, and take their order. After the food, the American and Singaporean was charged with $491 meal for just seafood and drinks. And the reason of the high price: 8 tiger prawns for $239. What is that tiger prawn wo~! The Singaporean is not happy about it, and reason with the owner. And the owner called up his team of paddler and surrounded them. Seeing the big group, they paid for the food to avoid any case. And this is where the bomb ticks. The owner should have checked his price again and open for negoiation. And the customer is really good in not calling the police. Because if they called the police, it will be an isolated case, and we will never hear about it in the news.

The power of Media

After paying for the food, the Singaporean made calls and write to the newspaper of the bad reputation about it. They have the receipt as proof, and the News media when reporting it on the Tv, asked for people to share their piece of pie. And there you have it, a lot people stand up, and the Singapore Tourist Board is really jumping into it with the National Environment Agency. The news is now over Singapore about how shameful Newton Food Center is, and I am really glad that the Singaporean stand up to it. This is because this bad reputation can put Singapore’s name on the line.

Tanglin Seafood

The stall that is involved was ordered by the NEA to shut down for three month, and one of the worker was stopped work for a year because of his attitude. So there, for $491, you afflicted a loss of 3 month’s income. I really appreciate of what that Singaporean did. It really topple everything by just one call and one letter. So you see, the Pen is truly mightier than the sword.

My personnel experience

I have been to Newton Food center some years back with my mum, to taste the food there and to try the experience. And yup, the food paddling is really like what it was mentioned. When we went to an empty seat, the food stall worker told us a big group is coming, and they reserved the seats and some others also. And we were left to sit outside with no shelter, and with flies around one. We ordered the chicken wing, sting ray fish, and drinks and other food. The food is tasted normal, but it is highly priced. After that incident, because it involves more than 2 stalls, I blacklisted the entire food center instead of only one shop. And never stepped into Newton Food Center again. I know, one day the news gonna blow. And that’s it, no one knew that Singaporean is one unsatisfied customer who will pay now, talk later.

Thanks Mate. Appreciated

More info about the good and bad reputation of Newton Food center, Got to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton_Food_Centre


Trip to Jurong Point

Joo Koon

I was on the train, and suddenly, think of one idea. Hmm…. I have not been to the Joo Koon before wo. Is it good? So I take a ride down to Joo Koon, to take a look at the last two train station that has just recently opened. Really darn Ulu de loh, got so many factory, since it is industrial area.

Boon Lay

As I pass by Boon Lay, WOW~! Jurong point really have grown very huge wo~! I have not been there for a long time, and Jurong point actually expand out, and merge with the bus interchange. I quickly alight, to go inside and take a look at it.

So huge one, and on top of Jurong point, it is a residential apartment also. How much is it wo? I wanna buy a penthouse there~!

When can I get to buy a penthouse there? Hmm…. Anyway, I was taking a walk inside to see how is the environment like. Hmm… really is very big big one. But then, there are some isolated corners, that people seldom go in one. So weird.

The basement one is one food heaven with a lot of restaurant. And At a certain corner, it is a town like Osaka, with a lot of Japanese restaurant like Ichiban, and a restaurant like shokudo also. Well, I tried one food that I have always half crave for it. Tonkotsu Char siew ramen. Hmm… It have tonkotsu, although not the same like tonkotsu chanko, but it have the same soup base tonkotsu.

Tonkotsu Soup

This restaurant really serve a thick tonkotsu soup, because they comment it is cooked for long hours. Hmm… Anyway, I still crave for Tonkotsu Chanko. Chanko chanko, where are you? Doko ka.

The ramen is according to Osaka cooking, but it seems to be the hakata ramen method of cooking. Cos you know, Osaka Ramen have kimchi and garlic. Whereas hakata is cooked tonkotsu. OH YEAH~! Kimchi is one food that I do not favor. So Osaka ramen is not for me. Then again, I wonder does the people inside know that the ramen they are cooking is actually according to hakata instead of Osaka? And yup, Hakata ramen, is second to none, do you know that?

And the best Japanese Ramen, is none other than Sapporo Ramen. Yum Yum. The legendary miso ramen, that have aka miso that is rich. And well, I personally do not like miso, cos it is salty de lor. So I would still choose the Hakata Ramen. Yum yum


The ramen comes with a half boiled egg, Ramen and veggie, and of course, the tonkotsu soup. And after that, I hop over to the shop opposite to see the Kuriya seafood market. Ootoro~! They have Ootoro. Hmm…. Ootoro is the most valued piece of fish sashimi. It is actually the Tuna tummy, and it is soft and tender. Duh. Did not get it, but I got one stuff that I have not yet found it anywhere else. And it is the Salmon Skin. Hmm…. Not many people know that salmon skin is actually edible one. Except the chef must scale the fish first. Else not nice. I do not like to eat fish that have scales. Hmm…. The salmon skin can cook soup, and fried rice or maybe, grill it. And with the hot stone also can. And after grilling, I can recover the fish oil, and use it for cooking too. Hmm…. And one part of the skin is near to the salmon tummy, so it is actually consider to be part of the tummy too. And the sushi chef really is smart to make every last piece count.


After that, just walked a bit through and came across another shop of interest. Fancl. Hmm…. Went in to take a check on the skin, cos just curious. I was greeted by Rachel, the sales there. And she is quite friendly and offered some advise. Got the skin checked and after some discussion, I suspect one of the factor that might cause me to have sleeping problem, might be the sun screen that I am using. And after the checking, she mentioned that the sunscreen is one thing that doesn’t come off after the cleansing. Cos sun screen is like a layer of oil, have to wash many time then can get rid of it. And then she showed me the Makeup remover called Mild cleansing Oil. It is used to clear off the makeup on the skin, and demo a part on the hand. And it really did come off. Both hand put sunscreen, one hand wash with the washing powder as what I did, and another washed with the cleansing oil. It appears that the cleansing oil wash off the sun screen better. Hmm…. Hope to try it soon and confirm whether is it because of the sun screen that causes me sleepless night.

As you know, Fancl is the one of the cosmetic that doesn’t use preservatives in the product because it can harm the skin one. So I uses washing powder after that, because it really is nice feeling. Only that since I uses sun screen, it seems to be oily everyday. Hope can get rid of it soon then can have peaceful sleep. Fancl seems to believe that good news are to be spread form mouth to mouth, so that is probably why you seldom see fancl promotion on anywhere. And it is good marketing strategy. Or is it probably most of the advertising are in Japan? Hmm….


Friday, March 20, 2009

Aircraft Light

Air craft Light

How many people have ever wondered, what are the red lights on top of building used for? The red light that is on at night, and then in the morning, it is gone.

These are aircraft warning light which serves as a very important function in warning aircraft that flies low or out of control to know where the building are. Especially for the highest tower, it will be accompanied with flashing light to go with it.

In here, all buildings have to ensure that the aircraft warning light is switched on at night, and periodic checks are done to ensure they are in working condition. Otherwise, a big fine would be imposed on violation.

I was in the roof top checking on it, and found out it is not working by timer, but rather, it is by light sensor. It will switch on when it gets dark, and then, switch off when it is a clear sky. So innovative. And testing it found that both bulb are blown off. How come wo? Went to change the bulb, and it is quite easy to change one.

It is another sunny and hot day.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fire Drill today......Whole day under hot hot sun.

Fire Drill

Today is the day of the most exciting day. Fire Drill. And we are talking about REAL BIG fire drill. Hmm…. It is some sort of a test, to check whether are we able to cope in the event of real fire. As everyone know, fire can grow extremely large in matters of 3 minutes, and then grow big to overcome a human in matter of 8 minutes. Before the fire team arrive, I was to do fire fighting with other members so as to contain the fire situation to stop it from spreading and extinguish it if possible.

Thank GOD it is a sunny day today and not a raining day. else big problem with wet suits.

Lucky that this round, there is no casualty to carry, else real heavy wo. In Singapore, most commercial building have to have a certified fire fighter, so that the person who is in charge of the building knows what to do in the event when fire breaks out. Well, morning did three scenario, which is electrical equipment on fire, Cooker hood on fire and fire explode. Duh. The suit is quite easy to wear, but it is the insulation that keep the body heat. Insulation on the clothing is good to protect the fighter from heat, but it helps to keep the body heat too. So when wearing it for 30 minutes, really sweat a lot. And it smells.

Anyway, in the morning it was fire drill with hose reel, and in the afternoon, it is fire drill with fire extinguisher and wet riser. This is to test whether the person is competent in laying out the rubber hose and keeping it within a certain amount of minutes. Imagine, you have to put on the shirt, legging, boot, glove, helmet, facemask and gas tank in under 1 minutes. And then, have to grab the rubber hose, lay out, and install the plug and then fire the jet of water. So tiring. And team work is really very important. And it is most common that the one who shout the loudest will be the leader. Good thing I passed again. Yippy. It is worth the hard work.

Funny thing in the afternoon is that when using the fire extinguisher, there are some unfinished fire extinguisher. Then took the rest and spray all around the floor. This creates a snowy floor, and everyone who is in the way become white because of the powder. Duh, It feels good to be able to press something that no one dares to touch. Cos each time the lever is pressed, money is gone.

Oh, the Civil Defense are here with the fire engine and ambulance too, in case things got out of control.

Thanks to those who joined me in the exercise and the Civil Defense people today.
Really is heavy to carry that tank and the hot steaming suit. Even putting on the face mask requires a trained technique.

Face mask with Gas tank

Everyone think a face mask with the gas tank is easy to operate. Actually there are a lot of things to check before putting it on. It is to protect the person from inhaling the thick smoke caused by the fire. Without it, people can die, because the smoke have taken up the oxygen. So the Gas tank has to be used. Nearly choked because the plug doesn’t come out and the air valve closed. But it is a very valuable lesson today, cos if the plug doesn’t come out, just plug it in again and redo. Thank you Jesus for the sudden inspiration. Else might be choking and collapse. So don’t ever operate the face mask with the gas tank without proper training.

Get to keep my fire fighting certificate again. Yippy. If fail, it will be revoke and go for re-course. :P

Foam Fire Fighting

this book I find it quite useful. It speaks about foam fire fighting, and the other various technique such as how to spray the water, how ti use the fire extinguisher and hot to stop many scenario of fire before it escalates.


Monday, March 16, 2009

IT show 2009

IT Show 2009

Yup, it is that day of the event. IT show 2009. And this is getting more and more crowded and popular in Suntec City.

It have a lot of cheap IT equipments going on sale. Most of them in the town now is the Netbook, and the laptop. Hmm…. I think the most cheapest there is the Compaq desktop. But I would prefer for the netbook. And came to think of it, if I were to get a netbook, I may consider Acer or Sony. The sony is really small, but you have to fork out extra $1000 for the lightweigh and smallest size. That is with the sacrifice of the DVD rom. There are the standard 3 USB ports for netbook. I guess it is not enough. Cos one for mouse, one for the laptop cooler and one for the external DVD rom, it may not be enough for extra thumbdrive.

Power saver

One of the most annoying is the power saver in the exhibition. Have anyone went to the 6th floor power saver called Mini Sun? wow, it is already crowded, and the sale there just approach anyone and tell them the feature of the power saver and pull them to the counter and demonstrate it. And I bet the most astonished part would be the price. As they are into the sales, when I asked them about the phenomenal of the electricity meter fluctuation up and down during using, they do not know a single thing about it. Hmm…. But anyway, doesn’t that action refers to touting? They really is out to get the customer one. As for me, I did not get one of them, cos I already have one at home. And It is more easier to install than theirs, which have to find a spot to place the device. It is called power-tune. Hmm…. Maybe one day I should load it up.

Power saving device works by storing and releasing electricity charges, and stop the surge, which is considered unusable by the electrical equipment. Try this on, you put the multi meter on the powerpoint, does it gived you the value of 235.0 and stays there? You may see that it keeps jumping on the numbers? Power saving device is a device that stabilize the power voltage so that all the power that you purchased is spend to the every last milli ampere.

New MP5 player

From the IT show, I got three stuff, external hard drive, Norton 360 and a keyboard.
The external hard drive is great for storing the data, cos the old external hard drive is almost full. I am trying to keep the internal hard drive free, so that it would be faster. As for the Norton 360, yup, as expected last year, the Norton internet security is expired, so since there is a promotion, I might as well get a Norton 360, so now, it is a bit upgraded. Quite a good bargain, cos it is $84 for three Pcs. With two PC of my own, the extra one license is sold to elmo’s owner so that she can use it.

I actually intended to get a Razor mousepad one, cos I do not have a mouse pad for one of the most important PC at home. And playing games requires precision control so that I can play it accurately. The razor keyboard is really a killing, cos it cost $129 in the IT show. After considering it, I get a mouse pad instead. A Razor mouse pad. As I was about the make purchase, one down turn happened. Can only pay by Cash, not by electronic means. Oh no, that mouse pad cost $28. And I only have $1. Sadly, I did not buy the mouse pad in the end. Later while scouting around, found another corner selling mouse pad too. I went and found out that it have a Promo of buying one keyboard and get a free mouse pad. There mouse pad is also a near precision, and I feel it is great. Maybe I can use the keyboard and replace my laptop keyboard. Got it at $79 for the keyboard and then, got a free mouse pad. Such killing.

As I was walking through, caught sight of a new gadget. A Mp5 player. Wow, it is really a huge screen, and it is all digital. Got it quite cheap It can store movie files and plays it while on the Go. Quite a useful stuff for me, especially the HP ipaq is faulty now. It is less than a hundred dollar for it. And the best part is the memory is expandable. So tried it and find it great. And there are a lot of Indians going for such player. Some of them go for the phone there too. And guess what, it is also selling the HP that I owned it some days ago, the Chang Jiang A380.

Went on both Saturday and Sunday one, cos Saturday have to work, so did not manage to get enough time to walk all through. On Sunday, the 4th floor is really really packed. As it is reported by the news, it really is a fully packed on Sunday one.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

PC electrical control box upgrading

Upgrade electrical box

Today, it have finally started. Upgrading the electrical box in my home that control the PCs. It is just to add a new push button on off switches and add in contactors in the circuit.

Why the upgrade?

Since the thing have been installed, the electrical circuit because of high amp startup, has blown off two relays. Both of them are burnt at the contacts. And one day, I was watching it switch on and off, there is a spark on the contacts. And using a clamp meter, it registered a high amp of 5 amp during the instant startup.

Thus, I decided to add in contactor along the circuit to protect the relays. As the relays are to only take in only 5A as stated on the casing, I add in the contactor which can take in a higher current of 25A.


Through the upgrading, the Laptop and wireless supply is also upgrade from normally open circuit to normally closed contact. This is so that after starting up the electrical box, there is no need to press another button to switch on the wireless power. Of course, there is still an option to switch off the current by a push of the button

Hmm…. It is a simple modification, so no need to spend more time on it.

Old System

The old system is to power up by using switches, and after the power is switch on, I have to push a button to startup the power for the wireless, modem, laptop laptop cooling fan. During the startup there is a surge of electrical current when the relay electromagnetic is warming up and pull the contact in micro seconds. During the process, the power created a spark, and cause the contact to melt in very small amount. During the power down, the magnetic de-energise by the parabola curve, and until the stage where the spring takes over and pull the contact away. Over time, the contact melts more and created a weld by itself. And on that day, it would be joined together and cannot be seperate. that is what was observed on two relays that suddenly stopped functioning. I have to dismantle the entire relay, to find the arced material on the contact.

New System

The new system works by contactors, a more powerful type of relay, and it is powered by a more powerful and faster magnetic. It also have a more powerful spring that pull the contact out so that arcing is avoided. And to add to the point, it can withstand 25A, which is 5 times more tolerant than a normal relay.

The new system after the recircuit, void the need for switches. instead, it is operated by another contactor in a single box with the red and green button. The green buttone when pressed, it will power up the contactor, and in turn power the control box. After the rewiring for the laptop power circuit. it automatically switches on by itself without the need to press another button. Thus, All I need to startup everything, is only to press one button to on, and one button to off.

During the poweroff, the current will stay in the push button box contactor so that there is no need to switch off the power supply, and risk being shocked. and also, it saves energy, because there is no standby power. The rest of the buttons remains off. At the same time, also tidy up the wire so that it would be risk-free of electrical shock.


KTV on 7th MArch

It have been a long long time since I went to the KTV. hmm.... after so long time of studying, I decided to take a break yesterday and joined a group into the KTV.

Thanks to Paul and Jonathon for organizing it.

I guess it must have been a long long time since I went to KTV. I actually planned to sing one sone by Ayumi, Rainbow...... But after searching and searching, there is no Rainbow in the song list. But anyway, managed to sing "Together when" as a replacement. The last time I sang it is "Carol" and this time, "Together when" is easier to sing. It is actually a sad love song one. hmm.... Then saw the title "moments" and "To be" thought of singing all of ayumi, but think won't have enough time to sing other songs, so only leave it to "Together When" Pity, there is no hiragana on the kanji, cos found there is two words, that is repeated, but dunno how to prounce it. Anyway, sang Zhang hui mei's "Remember" and I remembered of someone. . . .

That someone is someone whom I am close with, and was suddenly feel sad, because it is the last song that I sang with a person whom I am very close with. No longer in town, and she is married liao. just feel so sad that destiny doesn't exist between us. What's left now is Memory. That's all. Lucky the lights is dim in the room. hee hee

I was puzzled that the KTV do not have Aikawa Nanase's songs in the list. hmm.... how come wo? Aikawa is the rock queen wo. And suppose to have her sone to, else I would be singing "Ima de mo" and it is one song that I like. Or maybe "Paradox" too. hmm.... anyway, now over liao. so have to wait for the next time to sing KTV then.

Just one of these days, I hope I can get KTV version of Ayumi from Japan. hmm.... maybe I can ask any Japanese who will be going back to japan, and ask then to buy back for me. Cos most of the Albums are in Japan.

Adelaide, Australia

I was browsing the photos and caught hold of one picture. Grenelg beach...... I miss it so much. I bet it is fully packed now because it is hot summer now. The last time I went there, it is a chilling weather of 12 degree. Now must be super hot now.

And speaking of Grenelg beach, we talk about Oyster shop and the tram. and the ice cream there. The ice cream must be a hot seller now too.

Adelaide is a great place, because everything is slow. And it is lovely beach. with the horizon. and people fishing can fish out a lot of fish and squid. Oyster shop. Oh how I miss it, cos it is simply delicious and the barramudi fish and chip.

Everyone is so friendly, and greets the bus driver. I bet it doesn't exist here in Sg, where the passengers ignore the bus driver who greets them. and rarely you will see people bid "Thanks mate" when leaving the bus in Sg.

I hope I can go to Adelaide again, and then to Gold coast. or even Darwin. hmm.... As for Melbourne, I have one one regret is that I did not managed to go to the Victoria Market, as I woke up late. But I managed to get to South Melbourne Market and St Kilda Beach. hmm... How many years later, can I go back to Melbourne again.

Remembered that I was feeling very sad with Mr Xiao Lao Shu when leaving Melbourne......


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Heat shock Phenomenal

Heat shock

How many people in the world realize the effect of a phenomenal called Heat shock in PC?

Heat shock, is a hidden fault in all heat generating product. And one of them is PC, laptop. The smaller the windings in the laptop, the more prominent is the effect. The hotter the thing gets, it will expand up. And when the PC is off, everyone thought the wiring of the PC will contract and cool down. However, it is not true. After the PC is shutdown, cooling fans are switch off as well, and the temperature will build up continuous until the surrounding environment is hotter than the rest of the components and the wiring continues to expand further before the air convection and conduction intervene in the heat transfer process and bring the component down.

This is the reason why computers fails after some years in service especially to those who switches on and off the PC. Company servers will rarely encounter this effect because they are running 24 hours 365 days per year. And even if the server is shut down, the cooling room speed up the convection process so that the components will not be affected by heat shock.

For me, I uses a separate power supply for a fan that is blowing the heat out from the laptop. This is so that after switches off the laptop, there is still another fan to continue workind to blow the air out of the laptop before it encounters heat shock.

If you are using the open concept PC, you can put a thermometer near to the processor, and observed how the temperature rises even after you switches off the PC.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Kaerimasu Vs Kawaimasu

Today, I met a Japanese, and she enlightented me on one japanese words Kaerimasu. For a long time, I have been wondering the difference of Kaerimasu and Kawaimasu, cos they have the same meaning.

Thank you, Goto san.

I was in one unit, and after doing work, I asked Goto san about the question. She is a very nice lady, and is from Tokyo, the City of Japan. She is one of the japanese who is fluent in english, and I was so happy that I can communicate a bit to her in english. After some examples and talks, I found out that Kaerimasu and Kawaimasu has the same meaning. But, they are used for different ways.

Kaerimasu, is the word used for noun, thing, object. Whereas Kawaimasu, is used in people, and most widely used in telephone. and it is formed into the 'te' form.

Kaerimasu is a converted form of 'imasu' from kaeru. so these are the different.

I assessed my japanese level, and found out that my standard is only primary one standard. Wow, so low wo. haih. Benkyo benkyo

Tonkotsu Chanko

New target. Chanko.

Chanko is a hot pot traditionally eaten by Sumo wrestler. It is full of fat and energy. And can you imagine eating something fat for everyday? You sure will become like Sumo. haha. Speaking fo Sumo, it reminds me of Yokozuna. The famous Sumo who entered the World Wrestling Federation in the US.

Anyway, I learnt that one place in Raffles Quay serve this dish, tonkotsu chanko. yum yum. a new delicacy from Japan perhaps. Will be going for it next round. According to the reception, a hot pot of tonkotsu Chanko is $40 for two people. Yum yum.

And if possible after that, There is a restaurant also selling the famous shell, Sazae. It is a spiral shell, and is a very tasty delicacy. I used to go look for it, and found it in a shop in Ginza plaza. but then, after some time, found out that MArketplace also sells Sazae. Goto san is also quite familiar with sazae.

Expense check

I was checking my expense for this month, and found that it is 67% overbudget. hmm... This is because the PC show is coming, and I will be buying external hard drive on that day. plus, a razor mantis mouse pad. hmm.... This is for my Master PC. cos ther eis no mouse pad. and sometime, the accuracy is not right sometime.


Then, the next will be the bills. bills bills bills. the neverending bills. Got a powertune installed, so will be using less energy. and this time, I learnt that the Power saving device should be fixed closer to the Main distribution board. On finding out about it, I tap a powerpoint direct out to beside the Main distribution board. hee hee. close enough le bah. And it is governing the many power eating devices, such as water heater, fridge and TV. Hmm.... just a simply wiring bah.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tiger Airway experience

No good performance, SOLD~!

Today, after 3 days of using the phone, I sold off the newly bought china phone, Chang Jiang A318.

Well, back to the backup phone until I gt a new phone. The Chang Jiang A318 is good, but it is not user friendly. Such as the Music player, All the songs have to drag to the root directory before it can play. And If I am bored of listening to one album, I have to move the files ONE BY ONE. There is no way to mark the items and move them together.

Secondly, It can only read 27 members of the namelist in the Sim Card. Thus, I do not have the record of the rest of the 266 member in my name list.

Thirdly, the TV reception is not so good. picture is small and difficult to see. And the best part is that the phone sometime cannot read the sim card, and it can drop line out of the sudden. Well, I get it sold off fast, since I am not going to use this. It is such a disappointment. Maybe I should stick to Nokia. Hmm.... hope the next phone have GPS.

Medical Review

Today went to the clinic to remove the bandage, for another round of looking at it. Hmm... It have healed, and is still on the way. hope it can be heal faster, probably by the end of next sunda. This is because I may go for the manicure to treat the nails.

Tiger Airway, really suck money like tiger

My mum was back from the vietnam trip, and she was nagging at how bad the service of the Toiger airway was. hmm.... I dod not managed to get it on, so not know the detail from it, but these are her expereince.

The flight was booked on a morning flight, and then, when they reached the airport at 0700, the desk sacastic saying "Are you sure it is Tiger airway? Tiger airway doesn't serve flights to vietnam in the morning one." and then they were assigned to an afternoon flight. There are a lot of other passengers getting shocked. And the stupid part is that the travelling group is 6 member team, and earlier, when booking it, the telephone operator saying that the seats are free seating, so if want to get a seat to choose from, they should add an additional of $10 per person. Seeing that if there is not booked seat, everyone have to rush to the airport early, and thus, they paid the $60 to get a booked seat, which is on a MORNING flight.

When they found out the flight is in the afternoon, the booked seats becomes invalid, and they are to pay another $10 per person if they were to get a booked seat. WHAT A RIDICULOUS REMARK~! So if that is the case, one, the tiger airway failed to inform my mum that they don't serve morning flight, but still assign seats in the morning plane. and two, the booked seats become invalid if the flight is changed into the afternoon flight, and have to fork out another $10 for booked seat.

And when my mum is eating with the tour group in the afternnon, the tiger airway staff came looking for the passenger of the flight, and comment that the airplane is going to take off, and urge everyone to get on the plane quick. A sudden change of timing, when they were about to take the lunch. And she says that in the plane, the airplane have a lot of problem, and did not manage to take off. While checking for the fault, they switched off the air conditioning, and it is a very hot day, and thus, everyone were sweating like tap water. Some couples are very fed up of it, and voiced out to the attendant. but the attendant merely advise the people to remain seat. It really takes a long time before the airplane is able to take off. and in the end, when the plane reached vietnam, it is already night, and a WHOLE DAY IS WASTED BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TIGER AIRWAY. When I heard it, I totally cannot believe it.

On the return flight, it is a very stupid excuse from the check in counter again. The initial paid ticket is for seven people, and then, there were actually 6 people going for the trip, and the one who did not managed to made it, give the extra ticket to no one. so it is 6 people travelling at the expense of 7 people. When checking the luggage, Everyone is entitled to check in 15KG luggage each. so if there are 7 paid ticket, there should be able to check in a total of 105KG in total.Right?

Well, as there are 6 people going and there is 100KG total on a paid ticket of 7 people, but the reception said that Luggages cannot be checked in this way. If there are 6 people, even if they buy 20 ticket, they can only check in 90KG of luggage." What common sense is this wo?? The 90 KG is because they see only 6 people. The check in attendant reply that if the person is not going, they should have change the name on the ticket. And when asking the attendant to change the name, the attendant mention this: "If you want to change the name, you should go back to the Tiger Airway office in Singapore and change the name, then you can carry 105KG in total" The most ridiculous answer wo. That means they ahve to go back to SG and then come back to vietnam, and then can check in 100KG luggage?

When returning flight the airplane got the problem taking off again, and everyone were made to delay. And when the airplan touch down, the captain was saying "Thank you very much for travelling with us, and we hope to see you again." On hearing this, one of the passengers shouted," I will never want to see you again!" Then my mum was saying in future, she will never want to travel on the tiger airway ever again.

After hearing this, I am very astonished that such service exist in tiger airway one. Feeling very disappointed. Ok, and now, the . . . . .


Blacklisted, Tiger Airway. Will not travel on tiger airway after hearing the experience of my mum on this flight. Luckily I was not in the group because of the big exam, and the fact that someone have to stay here and take care of the doggies. THANK YOU~!


Today, I got an email notice from a friend, Amory Dixon. hmm... it have been a long long time since I hear from him afer his daily bread was cut off for a long time. When the hotmail prompted me for a email address that is not in the list, I caught hold of the name else it might be gone forever.

Looks like Amory is still doing fine. GOD bless you, my brother.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Faeces, how badly do you feel against it.


The nightmare has arrived. Pipe choked. Duh. I really hate pipe choke. And worst still, it is a faeces, and I am out of my mind doing it.

It is a chokeage alright and it is damn ridicules, because do you know what causes the chokage?

Cement. one of the tenants is flushing cements down the pipeline. And of course, it hardened, and choked the pipe. Thus, today, is an emergency repair, because it is a major choke. and if cannot clear it, the shits will just pile up. Duh. And while doing it for 45 minutes, I gave up. Just have to open up the inspection chamber, and jump down. Phew~ the smell of it, Of course, there are some buns too. hee hee. but well, dig my hand in, and feels a hardened material. We gotta take the vaccuum machine and vaccuum the water out. and this is very bad. When the things are cleared, there are some what looks like stone. As I uses the screwdriver to pierce it, it is hard, and feels like cement hardened. How did it ended up inside the pipeline?

Was digging it like crazy till the faeces splashed on my face, and hair. In the end, managed to puncture a small hole, to let the water flows till tomorrow then continue.

Well, tomorrow, it will be the pressure jet to flush the rest of it down. Haih. as for this, hmm...It really is hard work, but learnt a new tactic today.

As for wash up? luckily there is a shower room here. hee hee. So wash myself off, and send the clothing for washing. Imagine the look of the laundry man when he sees and smell the shirt that I brought in. Haih. It is a sacrifice of money, but I get to have my rest by not needing to wash it.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Handphone trade off

Today, I got rid of my Nokia N81 now.
Well, it was trade off, because it made me very fed up last time, by playing games by not allowing me to call out when I need the most.

The New HP is a Phone made in china, called Chang Jiang A318. Hmm... It have the function of mediaq player, which I needed, the bluetooth function, and it have TV and radio without the need to plug in the earphone as required by the Nokia HP.

The only problem is that is sometime is hard to navigate around, and the SMS ringtone is limited hmm....

Anyway, Today went home, and found one thing that I feared the most. The dogs shits all over the place, and made the whole room stink. Oh gosh, It was so unbearable.

The new HP is really great, because the speaker is awesome. and now with a touch screen HP, the phone cannot be put in the pocket now. cos scared that the thing that is in my pocket can damage the screen. cos the screen is a touchscreen one. hmm....


Sunday, March 01, 2009

End of the ECM

No more ECM

Today marks the end of the ECM, Energy conservation management.
One of the most difficult subject with lots of working formula and decimals.

Hmm... was so disappointed with the pipeline conduction, cos it is a very simple question, but because the most of the results did not convert from mm to M, most ofthe mark is gone. The funny part is although when doing the costing, and found out something is wrong, but do not know which part actually went wrong.

The next is the baseload and heat factor. Duh. Mind went totally blank, why why I always cannot remember the formulas and the method to do it in this question wo?

Finger cut

Yeah. Finger got a big and deep cut today, because out of sudden, forgot about the temperature and went to touch the wrong thing.

Was in a coldroom, attempting to change a light bulb. and this stupid light bulb, the whole fitting itself is the bulb, and not the screw type. that means, this light bulb is not suppose to turn one. instead, it should be removed with the whole assemble. I went and hold the bulb, and guess what, the cold temperature has made the bulb highly brittle, and it cracked and broke into pieces as I try to turn. One large piece of glass cut deep into the finger, and even after cut, got elecctrocuted a bit by the filament inside the glass. Anyway, in this line of work, I got used to it, and a short electrocution doesn't hurt a bit. Got a day MC, and I should have take two as the doctor advise. But there are some stuff to do, so asked the doctor to give one day insted of two.

Anyway, really sees the fact that blood flows like river. and it is unstoppable one. hmm.... took more than a day with three replacement of the dressing to stop it.

Elmo and Twinkle

When I was electrocuted, one thing quickly fall into mind: Who is going to take care of Elmo and Twinkle wo. hmm.... They are actually here for a 5 days stay, cos their owner went for holiday. Woo hoo, two little doggie to play with. Or rather, smell then and watch over them. Hmm... how does the owner managed to take care of them wo?

I gotta bring Mr Elmo out, cos he likes to pee. and peeing in the house is not allowed wo. As for twinkle. hmm.... does she not need to poo?

Raining day

Yup, a huge huge rain today. hmm... luckily I am well covered. but it is really a huge rain today. Even the fountain is overflow with the water as the overflow pipe is not fast enough to drain off the excess water.


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