Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Today got the result back. hmm.... Quite relieve, cos the doctor said after studying it with another heart surgeon, there is nothing wrong.

The only fact is there are some patches in the lung areas, which they do not know what is it. Anyway, it is a good health. Yippy~! So the kill for KFC is starting soon. Will be massacre all of them tomorrow onwards bah.

So it means I can eat whatever I want. My only night mare is that I cannot eat chicken. hmm... dead chicken, of course, not live one.

Rainy day

Real rain and cooling today. hmm... simply love it. wish to have a warm cup of hot chocolate, and a music of jazz.... and with a sofa and arm ambient, so shiok......Day dreaming in work.

But if I were to choose a drink, it would be hot chocolate, cos it is warm, and I loves chocolate. Too bad, I din get to drink too often, cos of the heaty effect.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heart broken

Three hit combo, but not in the same time slot

Today I got it again, three hit. And this is very stupid one. All because of one person’s delay, jeopardize my whole work schedule. But the person apologized again and again, that I just let it go.

Anyway, I learnt one thing today. Never ever trust the power supply that is inside a light fitting. Got a terrible, and made the company making a loss of $42 because of it. Was changing the light, and found out that the light never seems to light up. Thinking something is wrong, I changed the parts bit by bit. And in the end, I made the last resort decision, I take out the whole light fitting, that the owner was very shocked. Hee hee. Brought it down, and assembled the parts that I took down back, and it Work~! Why huh? I keep on thinking over it. Then, suddenly, I just remembered that one of the joint was black in colour. Oh great. It is a arced connector. Haih.


Arced connectors are a source of many power tripping problem. They are something that never conduct electricity effectively, and currents may jump over a very thin layer of air if there is no firm grip. Thereby, creating a electrical spark called arcing. Arcing are a potential fire hazard. When it is in a fire redundant environment, arcing will create a black waste called char. The char is a useless stuff, and as the char built up, the copper material will become thinner and thinner, and then, when the distant layer air has increased, it will no longer conduct electricity, or it will conduct electricity at irregular interval. Thus, that explains why sometime, you can see lights on and sometime it off for no apparent reason, and then it turn on again for no apparent reason, even though you have changed the light tube over and over.

Anyway, as I leave the place, I was caught up with so many thing, one bulb dropped. Bish, I have to sweep it up, and thank you Jesus, the owner is a nice lady and they have the habit of wearing slipper around the house. And then, when fixing back after troubleshooting, another light tube dropped. Bish~. I lay the last two light tube on the floor, and as I come down from the ladder, stepped on the other light tube. DUH~! Sweep three times today.

Later have to return to the job that I have left, and it is very typical type of contractor. They just do, and never do the cleaning up. Lucky I come up straight, and clean it up before the owner sees it. Hmm….

Chest pain?

What brought my days down is got a small chest pain today in the morning. Was so frightful, that I went to see the doctor. The doctor after listening through his earphone, told me to take ECG. What is ECG wo? Hmm…. Anyway, I went to take it, just lie down, and stick some stuff over the body, and wait. The nurse is very puzzled, and keep saying “how come ar” I was so curious. I ask her, but she says I should ask the doctor later. And then, after taking the ECG, there is a word on my waiting list “urgent”. Huh? Urgent?

When it is my turn to go in, the doctor take a look, and flip many pieces of it, and then ask many questions. And after that, he said I have a very irregular heartbeat, and the rhythm is not synchronized. Sometime fast, sometime slow. Told me to take an X ray and return tomorrow. Oh gosh. Something wrong with me? Haih. Maybe cos I was heart broken many time, that’s why now the heart problem bah. Hmm….Hope everything turns out alright tomorrow. 

Maybe I was working too hard.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Nokia N81, You're fired.

Nokia N81

Today it finally pissed me off at the wrong time. I was out at a very troublesome unit doing checking, and halfway, I needed to call back to report the finding. And it finally draw it's last straw. when I needed it the most, the phone tried to play games with me by not allowing me to dial up. and the button go haywire. This have been happening often, but today, it is different. It faces the worst part of me.

I was so furious, I smash the phone on the floor, because it really made me fed up of it. But it is a good phone when it comes to storage because it is a N81, 8GB phone.

The case is broken, the sliding phone become four pieces. Even the tenant is very shocked at my reaction. Was really out of patient loh. then, for the rest of the day, there is no phone for me to use. As for the pieces, I get back the Sim card and throw the rest of the parts away, because it is totally unusable. Darn stupid phone.

Oh well, it is time to change a new phone. And duh, all my ring tones, all my recordings, all my photos all gone. Now, it is back to the standby phone. Nokia 6233 until I can get the new handphone.

Well, life's can't do without it now in this world.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blackout at home
Today, there is a short circuit at home today. Hmm… It have been a long long time since my house have a short circuit.

Anyway, after checking, found out one thing at home is faulty liao. It is the core electrical function device at home that causes it. The Power stabilizer. Oh gosh. We are now running electrical power at unstable rate now. Cham cham. It is red alert to get the replacement fast.

The power stabilizer is the core electrical equipment because it stabilize the power current, and reduce the wastage of unused current at home. It is something that this home cannot do without it. The theory goes like the electrical current from outside comes in at unstable rate. Meaning it can be 237.6VAC, or 324VAC. During the spike, some of the electrical can go to waste. And the function of the stabilizer is to keep the current at 235.0VAC no more and no less. It acts with the principle of the capacitor, and stores electrical spike and release during the downstream frequency.

Without this, electrical bill can be quite high as some electrical goes to waste. Why does everything have to spoilt at this time when I was busy preparing for the exam? Why huh?


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terminator: The Sarah Cornor Chronicle Season 2


Yesterday I finally finished watching all 13 eposide of The Terminator. While some are long winded but there are hidden plots around, and sometime, John really made the wrong decision not because he is following Cameron's advise, but Riley.

Riley is a troublemaker at time, and she only saves John once, from Cormady, the T-888 who is out to kill him.

I think Cameron is the best terminator sent back, because she saves john many times, and gave him lots of advise. And as a troublemaker, Riley is actually another girl sent back by one of the resistance soldier who views cameron as a threat. When Cameron found that Riley is a threat to john's life, she tried to warn john many times, but john does not listen to her. She kills terminators, and while others are sleeping at night, Cameron sets out into the dark, to locate the rest of the terminator sent back by Skynet to keep the future away from Skynet.

As described in one eposide, Cameron is actually another advanced type of terminator, who is designed to infiltrate the resistance, and eliminate the terminators that are re-programmed to fight for the resistance. But in the end, she was captured, and reprogrammed by John to destroy the terminators that became dedicated back to skynet after some time. Even Cameron is puzzled of how terminators are returning back to normal. Cameron is later sent back, to bring Sarah, and john to a forward date, so that sarah would escaped the day when she is died of cancer, and the date when Skynet is being developed. However, as they did this, they have changed the future, and many other events have taken place that Cameron do not know of.

In the future, the human resistance have grown fear for cameron because of her model, and able to destroy a lot of terminators. John have slowly developed trust in her, and listen to her most of the time. Reese was so fearful of Cameron, and warned John "One of this days, she is going to kill you". He tried to destroy Cameron many time, but John oppose it. He later drawn a line with Reese and Sarah, with Cameron behind him.

And as for sarah, She was so obsessed with the three dots, and always tries to find out which is the company that will eventually developed Skynet AI. but while they were out searching, another company is rising up, and developing AI. Katherine Weaver, is an old model of the liquid terminator that is set to develop Skynet, and none of the reisstance managed to find her. The most silly thing is the key person who is sent back to warn john about Katherine Weaver, died before he could warn him. He left some clues, names but intend to tell john to kill then before Katherine Weaver approach them. Instead, they thought it is not important, and allowed Skynet to be created.

Now lets wait for season 3, cos it ended halfway, when the T-888 which Cameron killed falls into the hand of Katherine Weaver, and Sarah found out that the three dots is actually rhe signature of the machine "Hunter Killer", Riley dying in front of Cameron and John.


Yes/No Tag in Facebook

Kissed any one of your facebook friends? no
Been arrested? no
Kissed someone you didn't like? no
Slept in until 5 PM? yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? yes, most of the time
Held a snake? no

Ran a red light? yes, three times a week
Been suspended from school? no
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? no
Been fired from a job? no
Sang karaoke? yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? no
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? no
Kissed in the rain? no

Sang in the shower? no
Sat on a rooftop? yes
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? no
Broken a bone? no
Shaved your head? yes

Blacked out from drinking? yes
Played a prank on someone? Yes
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Made your girlfriend cry? yes

Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? No
Been in a band? No
Shot a gun? Yes
Tripped on mushrooms? No
Donated Blood? Yes, Four times a year
Eaten alligator meat? yes

Eaten cheesecake? Yes, I love cheese cake.
Still love/care about someone you shouldn't? yes
Think about the future? yes
Believe in love? yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes


Friday, February 20, 2009

A pipe seen inside


The next time you looks at the water supply pipeline, after reading this, you may have a different view. hmm....

Today, One of the pipe is leaking,so the new task: to cut and replace a new pipeline. And after cutting it, and taking a look.

OMG~! is that the same pipe I uses at home?? Totally unbelievable wo.
It is at this moment, I am so much relieve that I have a water filter at home. The copper have turned to oxide through years of acidic water, and become oxide. And even though the pipeline is 2.5mm thick, it still can eat through the pipe. so powerful one.

Now we allo know what makes the kettle have stain, and also, to see some fine particles when looking at a bottle of water.

If you need to drink filtered water, it is better to get a good one, because a good water, gives a better life. I also feel better having the water pitcher by Hyflux that I bought in TANG, and at home, the water is filtered straight from the tap one. so it doesn't matter how dirty the pipeline is.

Cat for adoption

As I left to buy groceries, I was walking out and caught note of one kitten picture. Wow~ it was really cute de lor. the eye is like watery, and it is only 12 weeks old.

I was thinking: ok, you are adorable, so you get a free space in one of my blog. and here it is.

It says Kitten for adoption
Female 12 weeks old
White, brown, and blac.
Active, Playful ANd independent toilet trained.
Contact Mrs Ko on 62541079

I would love to adopt such a kitten, but the thought of seeing my house angry face and the sofa, I think otherwise.

Nakai San

Today, I learnt a new word from a japanese. She is Nakai-san. She is a housewive, and while speaking and struggling for one word, she gave me an enlightment. "Wakaranai" Hey, It is really a useful word when it is very confusing of a thing that doesn't seems right loh

Wakaranai means I don't know. and it is different form Wakarimasen. Which means I don't understand.

All along, I have been using the word wakarimasen, but through Nakai san, I have discovered that wakaranai is a better word to use. And gosh, she is one of the Japanese who doesn't know english. How did people in the past communicate with her.

Oh benkyo benkyo.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 hit combo in one slot.

Busy Day today, but I made it through

It was the most busiest day in MB today. Hmm…. Cos there is a time frame with 3 job slotted at the same time frame. Hmm. Quite busy.

I faced a new problem today. How is it that my way of scheduling is so much different from other people wo. Hmm… It was last Monday, there is a schedule out, and it is very difficult to follow. Perhaps, it is because it is other people style of scheduling. So when I take a look at it, took me 4 or 5 hours to read it, and understands it. But in the process, we missed out one, and the complaint is in. Yup. First complain wo. Haih.

Anyway, today, I was so busy, so I slot another guy in to help out for a while. It took me quite some time, to explain the routine to do it. Cos need to specify the sequence that I arranged, so that the timing will be exact and the contractor will reach there at the precise time. I was explaining so long, another stuff came. Pipe burst. Great. Pipe burst is the nightmare of all technicians. This is because it is very hard to do the cleaning up. Oh GOSH. And although the water is stopped, but the stupid pipe that came dislodged, is hidden inside the wall. And it is a sequential pipe joint all the way to the riser. Cut can, it is the connection that will be the problem. Only one way to go: CONTRACTOR. But it nis really expensive wo.

Speaking fo the same time slot, it is the 1100 to 1200 time slot.

Reading list:
Job one: Unit A: Cockroach infestation, investigate and cover all potential invading route
Job two: Unit B: Toilet to paint prior to replacement of ceiling, 3meter square area, emulsion
Job three: Unit C: Water mark on ceiling, investigate source of watermark and eradicate source.
Hmm… The most difficult is the Job 3. Which have to really climb up the concealed ceiling.

Anyway, at the end, all finished by the time frame. Wanted to go for a hearty meal, but the next job starts in 10 minutes. Wow, 10 minutes to find food, eat. Duh. Tatsukete!

One of my colleague mentioned to me one thing. When doing certain jobs, that requires payment on spot, some of them received a bit of tip from the owner one. Hmm… But I dislike the idea of taking the tip. But rather, I got a tip, that is more valuable than money itself. And that is: Knowledge. This is because sometime, after doing the things, I would ask them some tip on certain Japanese word, and well, gotta memorise them by hard. And do you know that the most common and simplest word: Thank you, exist in many form in Japanese?

Arigato, Domo Arigato, Arigato Gozaimasu, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu all exist in different form. So in certain occasion, the word Thank you, have to choose the correct form, otherwise, it would mean another thing one wo.

Ishisaki san

The very first person whom I learn the very first word in MB was from a lady, her name is Ishisaki san. She taught me the very first word in MB, that gave me the idea of checking the correct word if I am in doubt. that word is called Isogashi. Which means busy. I was in the lift, and she striked me with one sentence.

"stephen san mainichi isogashii ka."
I turned to ask "isogashii wa nani o"
"busy" she replied.

Another is an old lady which I have yet to learnt where she is from, asked me in the lift "Anata nihongo oshieru?" I first thought oshieru means teach. but later, I learned it is say. hmm.... must benkyo benkyo.

Water Pitcher

Got myself a Water Pitcher from the Tang’s sale. Wow~! I finally got it. A water filter pitcher, to filter out the water, so I do not need to boil it, and is assured that the water I drink is clean one.

It is $55 from Tangs, for a limited time only. And it also solved the problem of bringing water from home. Hee hee. I used to bring water from home, because at home, I have the water filter to filter out the water. As MB is more than ten years, the water pipeline is really questionable. Thus, I bring my own water there, until the day that I got the water pitcher.

And ever since I got the water pitcher, it is really enjoyable drinking water. And thus, no need to everytime control myself to drink only 1.5 L of water everyday. I can drink 5L a day with no problem, cos I got the filter now. Hee hee.

Thank Mr Tang for that wonderful sale.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day

14th Feb, Valentine day

What have everyone been doing?

Yup, I had it with my room air con that have not been working efficient enough. So with the help of two friend, We took out two fan coil unit in my home, and do a chemical wash for it. Hmm…. I am using Daikin system 4. The one in the living room is fine, but the other three is a gone case with all the dirt stuck in the two layer cooling coil. Then, during the dismantle, I found out that my room air con system are unlike the one I see in the workplace. They are all welded, instead of using compression joint. The daikin installer is really doing his work wo.

One of the fan coil unit was also found that the whole air con unit pipeline is behind a cupboard in the next room. Thus, this fan coil cannot be dismantle down. So have to wash it on the spot.

Valentine day. While everyone is outside celebrating it, I am at home, dismantling and washing the fan coils at home. Then for outside the condenser, a certain part of the insulation is changed, as it turns to dust with age.

Washing really reveals a lot of thick black dirt, and it took one whole day to dismantle and assemble back.

The welder is really something. He weld back the 4 joint, and then charge in the gas. At the end of the day, everything is back to normal, with cleaner fan coil. I can imagine the amount of dirt in the blower side, because just a spray of water, all the black dirt came off.

A date for the day

Then in the evening, rushes out to meet a person for dinner. Hmm…. Been planning it for a week, and luckily, I have made a booking, else, really cannot get a good place.

Everything is planned very good, view, food, location, time. But one unpredictable thing happened. The weather. Oh Duh, I really hate the haze, that came at the wrong time. It blocked out the sun set, and cannot see how the color of the sky changes as the sun sets down. And the moon, which is supposed to appear, never did, cos the haze has covered the sky. Why oh why oh?

There are a lot of flower seller on the street, but one look and it is found that some of the cheaper flowers, which are $2 or $4, are opened, and looks dried. Hmm…. Anyway, I got a special flower, which even have a cute little sticker. Quite nice de wo.

How good it would be, if time stands still at that time, and can be there for a long long time. Still, next day’s gotta work. So sianz. If we do not have to work on the next day, we might be on the street for the whole night, and catch the sun rise......Which is 21% possible because of the haze also. hmm...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Train time waiting too long.


SMRT announced that
from February last year, the
interval between trains
would be cut to 21/2
minutes during peak periods,
while the interval during
off-peak periods would be
five to eight minutes.
However, the interval
during the morning peak
period is at least three
Off-peak and weekend
waiting times can be as
long as 12 minutes.
Also, the temperature is
not low enough in about 80
per cent of trains plying the
East-West Line, and trains
can get uncomfortably
warm, especially when they
are crowded.
Could SMRT do something
about the above issues?
Mr Ng Khai Seng

Source: My paper, page A17, 10th Feb 2009


Finally, someone have brought up the issue of long waiting time on train.

I was thinking about the fully packed train in the North South line, until when I one day have an errand to run in the morning, and have to board the train in Aljunied.

IT IS A TOTALLY packed train~! With three trains totally full, passing by, and not space in sight. Worse still is a can fully packed with sardine, still have to be asked to squeeze even more. Hmm… will we end up like the japan train?

Anyway, for north south line, everytime I passes the Woodlands and Yishun, you would find some people standing outside, no wanting to board the train even when there is a few standing space.

I have to board the train, and it is quite a punishment. Have to stand all the way. and yup, the writer is right, the aircon is hot hot hot. Hmm…. I even sweat wo.

And on certain train, it is cooling. I was thinking whether have I been overcharged by taking the train that have been blowing slow air instead of cool air. Is there any refund for boarding such a train?

Some train driver too, is not very experience, by jamming the train around Ang Mo Kio. Have anyone experienced this? I am sure some of the passenger experience this. It is like when the train is travelling form yio chu kang to Angmo kio, somewhere ther,e the driver would brake abruptly, and then move and stop, move and stop. Hmm…. Saw a poor ladt who is on high heel fall on the floor, and a guy was scratched by her fingernail.

But thinking of the fine, no one was daring enough to press the Emergency call button for the train driver.

Anyway, hope there will be improvement and with more train or a better schedule. I think the east west line needs more train.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Curious case of Benjamin Button

The curious Case of Benjamin Button

Hmm…. Been a long while since I went to the movie. Yup. Was in the msn, then heard about this show. As I read the synopsis, it seems like a great movie with more then 2 hours show. Hmm... was about to ask a friend along, but gone when I changed my mind, and also in a rush as the movie starts in 15 minutes time.

This is a show, a fiction, about time going backwards. It starts as a clock maker, whose son is died in the war. He constructed a clock tower with a difference. It goes backwards. And this clock, is like filled with spirit, give life to a boy. Or rather, an old man.

All people grow old, but for this baby, he is growing from old to young. And when the baby is born, he was left outside the house of one loving couple, who takes care of old folks. In the age of the war between the black and the white, it is very rare to find such couple who took in the old regardless of colors and races. They took in this baby, which is assumed to be dying of a rare disease, or could depart in a few days time. But miraculously, this old man grow younger and younger each day.

He met his first love, Daisy. Throughout the course, daisy grow older and this baby, who grew younger was Benjamin. When he is young enough, he roams the sea as a tug boat. And a tug boat, is to pull the ship into the docks, so that the ship gets repair, or set sail. He became acquaintance with the captain. They became good friend, and from there, Benjamin met a lady, and fall in love with her. When daisy knew about it, she was so lost in love, and fall for another man, but never left Benjamin.

Things changed for Benjamin when they went to war. They found the jap’s sub destroying the U.S. Navy, and rammed the whole boat and sink the sub. And the captain is lost, and Benjamin went back home. He later met his father, and took over his empire.

For daisy, she was met with an accident, and lost the use of her leg which she needed the most. She then went with Benjamin, and lead a carefree life.

After daisy was pregnant, Benjamin began to think for the long term. He will continue to grow young. And do not wish his new born child to see him. He left daisy and her child, and then went to roam around the world till he was found with no memory as a child of 8 years old.

As he grew younger and became an infant, he died in daisy’s hand. Daisy was s devastated, but she continued to live her life on.

It is very very sad in the ending, because it really is cruel to see someone whom she loves died, and taking care of him for the last 8 years of the live.

But one thing that is funny, is that in the movie, you will meet an old man who tell you his story of his encounter with the lightning. Hmmmm…. You try to count it, whether is there 7 encounters. I can only get 6.

When the clock stopped, so is daisy’s life. It is a very sad love story.

I think Benjamin is a bit stupid bah. He should have keep the button factory, and let it grow, and let daisy handle it. Or maybe he handle it. Why does he have to sell it?


Friday, February 06, 2009

I hate concealed pricelist.


Today, I have blacklisted one shop in Orchard. Hmm… I have not added it in my blacklist book for a long time. The last entry is Mac in Centerpoint. Anyway, the shop is in basement 1 of the Heeren. And the reason, it have concealed price which is not suppose to be giving the establishment it is doing.

This shop sells chicken rice, prata, laksa, toast bread. Usually, this kind of establishment states their REAL price in the menu. For them, they did not include the GST in all the menu, and the work “price excludes GST” is right at the bottom in small print.

Please lor, who would look at that small little print when your pictures are so big. Furthermore, the eggs are hard, overcooked instead of half boiled egg. Think should be called 90% full boiled egg.


I went there for an evening snack, and noted the shop. So I was looking through the price, and see that the bread is alright. It is $3.90, and given the environment, it is 61% acceptable. I ordered the coconut with kaya toast set. With just $4 in my pocket, I get that, hopefully to fill up the tank a bit. Then, the amount come up to $4.15. I was puzzling about it, and confronted him why is it $4.15? He just replied that it is because the price in the menu is not inclusive of the GST. But I only have $4 wo, how to get extra money out?

I search deep in my pocket and was relieve that I got another $2.00 in my bag which is dropped inside many days back. I pay for it, and then, he called me back to collect the tea. I then went to find a seat.

Surveying the environment, I find it strange the way they play the music. It is an oriental coffeeshop, playing dance techno music. Does it sounds weird? Image playing the song of the 60s in the St James power house.

Wrong timing

After 0.89minute, the toast came. And then, that’s all……Where’s the egg? “Wait for a while sir” and I waited for the next 4.15 minute. Hey~ these kinda thing suppose to be coming together what. What am I going to do with the bread without egg?

As I waited, I see that I am the only one in the shop. And people walking up and down. There are some tourist passing by, and they look at the menu hard too, and then went in. and as you know it, when they where about to pay for it, they have some conversation as well, must be about the price again. He was quite angry and saying “But the word is so small”

Anyway, When the egg come, I crack it, it is a cooked yolk, with very little egg white. It is like 90% cooked. Both of it. Nothing to stir. Only a bit of egg white. I was so much disappointed.

As I leave, they replied” Thank you please come again” I come again? No way, you earned big big, and you will only get to my money once, and that’s all. The next time you see me, I will just simply walk pass.

Where is the shop? It is between 7-eleven and subway in the Basement 1 of The Heeren Shops.



Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Water Fountain correction project in MB

A pain in the eye

Yup. Today I was not in a good mood. Hmm…. Probably because I woke up late. Anyway, I was looking at this water fountain and I was so angry by the look of it.

Outside the MB, there is this water fountain that is at the concourse. Hmm…. The old system is using a centrifugal pump. And this pump actually is pumping at a certain liters per second. However, it is drawing a lot of current. Hmm… can’t exactly see how much it draws, because the name tag was rusty.

Then, because of the high energy consumption, the pump is replaced by submersible pump. And this submersible pump is pumping water at 1000L per seconds. A total reduction of ten times. And then, the water flow is slow. The water level is tilted high on the right side, and there are some gaps in the tiles. So the water feature is not very good looking. I have tried to adjust the direction of the outgoing water pipe, fill up the gap in between the tiles, and was unsuccessful to get the water straight. Hmm… this time, I suddenly thought of the formulae of the thermodynamic. In the thermodynamic, there is a formulae to calculate the flowrate required, and also the optimum hieight of the water to get an even flow. Duh, forgot all about it.

How wo? Then, I took the pump out, and found out one thing: The pump, is a 1 inch hose. And there is tight fit of a PVC pipe. So with the PVC pipe connected, the dimension of the real water carrier is actually less than 1 inch in diameter. Could be haf inch in diameter given account to the size of the PVC pipe. And the carrier of the water is a electrical flexible hose. Hmm….With the height of 1.5 meter, which the pump have to push it, there is a reverse flow of 0.14715 bar water head pressure. So the real water flow is actually lower than the 1000L per seconds as specified by the pump. In all, when the water flows out, it is actually less than 1000Liters per seconds. It is operating at apprioximate 857Liters per seconds. And with the use of the PVC pipe, the water it carried is reduced by 50%, which made it to 426.5Liters per seconds.

If the pipe size can be corrected, we may get a flow rate of 857 which is roughly between 600 to 800Liters per seconds, and probably, it can make the water level even.

With these, I proposed that the pipe size be corrected first, before implementing in the installing of another pump, which may cost as high as $200 per piece, and it have not included the cost of the electricity.

A pity because MB is a restricted place, so cannot put up any photo if there is anything regarding about MB. Anyway, Really hope that it works. Then it will be pleasing to the eye. And Ears too, if can do a great water feature.


Kirei Vs Karai

Made a booboo today. oh gosh, dunno will get complain or not.

I was in one house, where there is a dog. And are dogs always hate me? how come they always bark at me wo?

When I reached the entrance, I can hear the tenant's dog keep on barking and barking non stop.

So I went in, and there is this black dog, so huge, like wanna jump on people type. As I was doing my thing inside for the tenant, the dog never stop barking. Until I finished, I was about to leave, I say this.

Me: Kono Inu Kirai na.
J: Hai

Then, when I went back and checked on a word, found out one thing.
I was suppose to say Kirei = nice looking
But I said to her Kirai = Stupid looking

Oh no, and what puzzling me is she even say yes. haha.
So is it she dun like the dog too? hmm....


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