Saturday, April 02, 2005

Earthquake in Asia

Volcano after Eathquake
This is a theory that I derived from the recent earthquake in Sumatra. On 29th March 2005, a strong earthquake, with 8.7 on Richter scales, strike.
And before that, on the 26th December 2004, another earthquake has happened, measuring on the 9.0 on Richter scale.

With an accuracy that there is a confirm prediction of the second earthquake, it has happened, because the seas, are sucked into the magma, and may created superheated steam, causeing pressure in the beneath the earth crust. Soon, the supersteam will be released through a volcano, and it could be the sea or land.

One thing to note, have you ever thought of include God’s word into the equation??

Tamil Rebel Tigers.
The tsunami, on 26th December, have crushed almost all of the tamil rebel’s holes, and the militant in Aceh. The moment it happened, all thai’s violent in the south, immediately ceased. Putting in Bible context, GOD, created the tsunami, on 26th December, the day where LORD Jesus Christ is born, to tell us, that he is still watching us, and to stop the uprising. Every nations including the terrorist, put their mind in saving the people. And violent ceased for a while.

Punishment created sins
But, it is also an opportunity, that looters starts and people, claiming to raise funds, are claiming for themselves.

Third eruption
One day, a huge volcano, will erupt because of the pressure, and darken the sky, for another ice age, as predicted in the bible, Isaiah.

And as predicted from the mouth of LORD Jesus Christ, he will come, on the day, when earth folds like a scroll, with multiple earthquakes.
We should never say it is the end, but a start of a new day.

Science explanation
According to Professor Ray Cas of Monash University’s School of Geosciences, All the steam may be trapped, and hovering beneath the earth crust, looking for weak spot in Lake Toba, about the size of Singapore.It may erupt, producing 1000 kilometer cubics of ashes, clouding the sky, as described in Isaiah Chapter 13, verse 9 to 10.

Western part
Another volcano, Mount Taupo in New Zealand, could also erupt because of the tendency to erupt every 2000 years, and the this is the range of year, where it would erupt again, because it have erupted 2000 years ago. This could cause serious implication on climate, weather and food production.

Only Theory

This is only a theory, and only can be shared on point of view. Science can come out with theory, but it is still in GOD’s hand, what is to happen, science can never explain how it is done. It is like a glass of water, human anatomy can tell you what goes around, on quenching your thirst, but the way your satisfaction is attained after you drink the glass of water, can never be explained by scientific terms.

Earthquake in Singapore.

My dream on that night
Earthquake happened in Singapore as well, and it is 1205 when it happened. I am living among the affected area, but I was fast asleep when it happens. On that same night, I dreamt about Reverend Ulf Ekman, and it was a strange dream, that I was attending his sermon in Lighthouse. After that, he wanted to go to a place in Orchard road, and it was raining. I went up to talk to him, and offered to bring him there. However, he turned his back, and go for a cab instead. Hmm… sound strange huh.

Police Emergency Line choked

When earthquake happened, more than 1000 calls are made to the Police and it puzzled me, why do they call the police, when they should be out in the field? Are they gonna call the police and ask them what should they do?? Police emergency line should be chartered to those who have injured during the earthquake. But calling the police up unnecessary, they would jam the line to those who really needs it. I just don’t understand why they would all up the police emergency line.


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