Monday, December 29, 2008

Funny Clip

I saw this funny clip, and it is quite a testing to your reading of words. Only for cantonese. :P


Mussel soups

Spring Bay Black Mussels

Yup, I got the Black lip mussels yet again for another round of cuisine: Pasta with mussels. And this round, Japanese crab meat is added in, to enhance. And also, to cook on a new dish: Mussel Soup. As mussels are a great in vitamin and minerals, I like them for their meat as well, minus the beard.

The mussels are usually grow with beards because they need to use it to hold themselves onto the rocks, so that they will not be able to be washed by the sea wave easily. And Spring Bay black mussels are so far the freshest and clean mussels available. Plus, they are still live when they reach my home. So can be sure that they are fresh.

Spring bay black mussels are sea grown, and it is very hard to get it because the person who hunt them have to dive to deep sea in order to get it. And once they are caught, they are washed clean and debeard. The beard that you see at home are usually one that have continued to grow after they are packed inside the long life package. And with the package, they are air flown to here, and thus, I find it is worthwhile for these kind of mussels. Once cooked, they are tasted very soft and chewy.

Mussel soup

This is my first second try on the mussel soup, and sadly, it failed, because it is too salty. As I was frying the mussels for the pasta, I realized that the mussels have the seawater even after I bring them out and washed with fresh water. So next round, I guess I gotta fry them without their water. Gotta make more than one dish with the mussels, so that they would stay fresh and finish up soon.

Red Alert 3

I have started playing the Red Alert 3, and I am surprised that this game runs very smooth without any stalling on the screen. Yup. The units seems a bit not realistic, but it is very smooth. There is even another commander to assist you in fighting it. The most difficult force to face would be the Japanese. Wow. They are armed with a very high technology, and one of the units is very hard to tackle with. This is because to counter attack, it would requires more than one troop to attack. As the Japanese units are interchangeable, from the aerial to ground mode. Certain ammunition cannot bring them down easily.

I am stuck in the stage where you have to assassinate the emperor. I wonder who have gone through this stage. It is because the emperor have 2 generals to protect him, and there are a lot of defenses running around. As for me, I only have another commander with me, and he is dead because the Japanese keeps on attacking him. And as for me, I was surrounded by general Naomi’s troops, that I cannot advance. How to attack wo? Is this the last stage?? If there is another stage, sure faint one.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fancl Facial washing powder


This is a new face washing powder I find it very good to use. It is called Fancl powder wash. It is a kind of acid, that you put on a sponge and then press until it become foam. In the powder form, the washing powder is very good in absorbing the dirt and oil, yet leaving the mositure intact. I tried the moisturising lotion as a sample as well, it is is quite nourishing.

Hmm... it is a $28 for a small bottle of 50 gram. and is only available in fancl outlets.

If you are going to get it, try to as the sale person to demostrate it for you, so you will get a better idea of how to use it.

New term starts

Gosh, a new term is staring soon, and I really feel kinda stress. This is because this term, there is a project going on, and I am getting late on it. and even before that, the assignments have to be complete, and there is quite a lot of work around, as there is a lot of renovation around. I really hate contractors. Some of the contractors are really very naughty. they see obstruction, they just cut cut cut, and imagine the time, when a very important wire is cut, and there is no one to admit, since there are too many contractors walking around. We have to pick the shit up and connect the wire to the nearest source. and when it become useless, Really have to lay an entire new set of wires, so that the power distribution goes along with the electrical drawings.

Red Alert 3

Yippy~! I finally got the Red Alert 3.
And it is a very cheap bargain.

It is quite expensive in the market, but as I was watching the internet, I was alerted by the Ebay, that a red alert 3 was on sale. I simply bid on it, and I won~!

At a low price, I got the game, and it is running quite well. Thanks Jacky.

I also managed to start up the account up, to sell stuff into the Ebay as well. Well, it is a good time to sell of some of my items, since they are taking up space.

But Red Alert is really great. you can play first as a soviet, and then the allied, and then, the empire of the rising sun.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starbucks at Park Hotel

Closure of one morning retreat: Starbucks Park Hotel

Hmm…. Park Hotel Starbucks. This is one Starbucks outlet that is moving out of the city on the 28th Dec 2008.

There have been confirmed information that this starbucks store is closing. And there it goes, one of my morning hiding place.

Every morning, I have been visiting the Starbucks as I would usually reached early to work. This is because by coming to City early, I can avoid the morning period train, and do not have to squeeze in with the rest of the people in the train.

However, when I touch down at 0700, and left with 2 hours to go, I simply do not wish to step into the office so early. This is because if I made my presence known, and there is a problem around, there is simply no way to escape it. Thus, I have been hanging around the city, which is very empty.

One day, I was walking along the city, I pop by one coffee shop after another, before I settled down at Starbucks.

Starbucks have many outlets in the city, paragon, Centerpoint, Park hotel. And among them in the city, I find the Park hotel starbucks is truly the best in town. This is because, they opens early in the morning, at 0700, whereas the others open at 0730. The ambient is very nice, and with the slow going music, and best of all, free wireless and powerpoint.

This is how the internet laptop comes in handy. By plugging in the laptop with the powerpoint, wireless network and some configuration, I can interface remotely with the PC in the office, and get to read the emails, and do some surfing free, without the need of being in the office. Ever since I discovered a way to interface remotely with the computer in the office from other place, I can start using the laptop, as if it is the one in the office. And therefore, I will be staying put in Starbucks at the parkhotel for the next 2 hours before I hit the office.

With a window view to the street, I can see the people outside from inside, with the view of slow walking of people walking to the office (some even drag themselves!), and the buses travelling with the cars. There are some impatient drivers, horning at those whoare taking slow to drive.

Sad news came, when they mentioned that the Starbucks in Park hotel will be closing down in the end of the year. Oh gosh. One of my hiding place is going off. How ar? Time to start planning for another location.

It is inevitable, because the park hotel will be going through some renovation. So I guess they will not be renewing their contract. I guess there must be some secret ingredient that makes the coffee here taste just the right strength. Other than starbucks, one coffee café is serving too strong, whereas another is serving too soft (Can't tell you exactly the name of that, else they will gonna sue me~). But for starbucks, it is just nice. The pastry is also absolutely delicious. The Orea cheese cake is my favourite. Huh….. How should I describe it. It just have this wonderful taste.

The staff? They are simply very friendly and approachable. They are willing to do anything to help you out. Where else can you find people like them? The newspaper are always out every day early in the morning WITHOUT fail, and they remember your favorite drinks if you go there often, and I can see, sometime before the people speak out, they would be able to recite your drink.

It is T-5 more days before the starbucks is closed down. Friends who sees the photo of my in the facebook, you can stop guessing which outlet of starbuck I am in now. It is Park Hotel Starbuck. So if you wanna take a last few look at this starbucks in Park hotel, take it soon, else forever it will be gone.

So then, where should I go to when it closed?

Christmas is coming~! Merry Christmas~!


Sunday, December 21, 2008


Valkyrie, the german version

This is a movie, that many may wonder what it means. But it is going to start soon.
I watched the german version before, and I truly think it is a great show. In the American re-write version, there are a lot of improvements, and of course, some effects, and perhaps it would be greater than the original version.

This is a great show in the sense that it is a true story, and how the german resistance fight against one of the most powerful man in German: Adolf Hitler.

Valkyrie is a code name for an operation, where it is activated upon the assassination of the tyrant Adolf Hitler. To overthrow Germany and stop the war.

Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is the real legend, who is th only one brave enough to kill the biggest enemy of the World War. It starts in the year 1933, where Stauffenberg admired Adolf Hitler. He have served the army well, gained a beautiful wife and have four kids.

In the year somewhere in 1940s, war broke out, and he was sent to Africa to defend a post there. The german abandoned the area there, and Stauffenberg is leaving with the convoy when he was compromised, and loses his hand and eye. He have seen the bad side of the war, and begin to hate the tyrant. He came across two colonel and they have the common interest, to kill Adolf Hitler. They plan a scheme, and arranged for Stauffenberg to go near to Adolf Hitler for a reporting about the holding in Berlin. Everything went wrong because of the last minute of a change in time of the meeting. He planted a explosive, and leaves immediately after that. But something changed, as the bomb is placed by another person at different location, and exploded. Seeing that no one could survive the explosion, and the fact that Hitler’s coat is over a body on stretcher, he hurried back to Berlin, and severe all telecommunication with german, and tell the general about the news that Hitler is dead. They order the soldiers to hold Berlin, and at this time news of hitler’s death is not said, until when the government house is surrounded, the official inside asked the general for questioning. Hitler’s death is unsure, and the general reluctantly goes to meet the official in the government. The official dial the number, and called for hitler. Hitler personally talk to the general, and everything was changed. At the same time, Hitler commanded some of his soldiers to surround Berlin and execute the traitors.

Stuffenberg is very stubborn not to believe the news that hitler survives the explosion, and was executed. But although he is gone, but the man with one hand and the covered eye, shows how brave a man was, in an attempt to stop the war.

In the remake, I am sure this show will be better and brighter than the german version. It is a true story wo.

For more info, go to


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xiao Lao Shu came home~!

This is so happy, I found Xiao Lao Shu. Wow, ever since I came back from australia, I guess Xiao Lao shu dun wish to go back to work with me, so he go and hide somewhere else. Yup, when it gets too bored at home, Xiao Lao Shu reappeared, and I found him in the other room, which I rarely visit. hmm.... was stuck under a cupboard.

Anyway, Now can see my Xiao Lao Shu at work with Mr Sheep Sheep.

One of the starbuck in Orchard is closing soon, guess it is end of this year, or end of this month, well, they are both the same. anyway, they will be closing soon, so go to the Starbuck in Park Hotel, and support it wo. Cos they are tearing it down soon. hmm... The Bose Speaker is good though.

Finally, the project, titled" Brighter than the Sun" is completed. now we are waiting for the client, who will be back from the nholiday, to get to see it. until then, wow, so many stuff to do, which one should I start with? hmm....

Welcome Mr Xiao Lao Shu~


Monday, December 15, 2008

Urgent Project

Sometime, I really cannot take it of what people do things. We are commencing a new project, called "Brighter than the sun".

With limited resources, a lot of stuff are ordered at the eleventh hours, and there is absolutely no manpower to do it, yet, they squeezing it out. Isn't there a proper planning?

And to come to the diao stuff, to complete in three days. Hmm... and even at the installation point, a lot of doubts are casted, and really do not know what is it that they want.

So many job pendings, and yet, we are doing something that is getting so rush, that the pending jobs went undone.

Why is it that people do not even bother to think of hiding the wires? We are actually split into some groups, and as usual, as a perfectionist, I emphasize on appearance,and the most important of all, to hide the wire, that no one can see how the powerline goes. And as I do not wish to drag it too long, I was telling one guy that no matter what, I want that light to light up. And he actually was struggling to locate the wire. Hmm... with a powerpoint 3 meters away, why not establish a temporary supply to light it up as a mock up? We can even switch it off if there is some modification need.

After the other team is done, I went to take a look......Cable tie is tied to the structure, wires are running all over the place, lights are staggered in very weird orientation......Pity, we cannot post a photo of the project, but we are only 25% there.

If only I have black tape, I can really make those wires goes disappear......

I hate last minute work.
Hate it hate it hate it.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crab Eating. Yum Yum

Where oh where is Mr Xiao Lao Shu?

This is something I have been puzzling: Ever since I came back, I never see Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Hmm…. I really hope I did not left him somewhere in Australia.

I have been searching the whole house, but couldn’t find him. So I decided, to play a song for him, hoping that he would find himself home. One of my friends even mention that perhaps Mr Xiao Lao Shu so missed the Australia life, that he find an envelope, and pack himself up, and post out back to Australia. Wow, is he that clever? I would fefinately chop my head to see this.

Red Alert 3

It have been more than 1 month, and I have yet bought the red alert 3 CD. Oh no~! Sometime, I really wants to get the time out to play it, because it really looks so cool. You know, I have once passes by the Best Denki Superstore, but did not have enough time, as my time for lunch is reached, and have to proceed back. Duh. I am only 74 steps away from the counter wo.

Nowadays, I found myself in jeopardy, because there are three assignments that I need to do, and one of them is due in 3 weeks. Oh gosh, Where got time wo. The workplace is really in a mess.

It seems that after I left for a long break, there are a lot of projects, and people are trying very hard to cope with it. As soon as I returned, I found the list to be so long wo. And the most bizarre thing is that the toilet bowl choke incident continues. If I really catch the person who make the toilet choke everytime, I would definitely beat that fellow on the floor, before I start questioning. Hmm… really very pissed off by this, because it have been happen so frequent. And everyone’s really have a phobia of repairing that toilet, where everything have to open, just to remove one small bottle that found its way into the hole.

There are a lot of promotion going on as well. Most probably it is because it is Christmas season nowadays, and there are a lot of activities going on. Wow, Last minutes notice, couldn’t resist them. Haha, got a notice that requires to be done in three hours. Hmm… It really can be done, but there are other jobs to do wo. Really rush fast in the eleventh hour.

Eng Seng Crab

How many people actually know this: Eng Seng Crab. It is one of the popular dish, that is happening in the east part of Singapore. It is a small little coffee shop, and it serve really nice black pepper crabs. Went with 3 friend there, and have a taste of it. Most taxi drivers knows where is it, because it is a ulu place, and buses rarely goes there. I got there by cab, and found that the shop is already almost full. There are a lot of crabs around.
We ordered the crabs, and it is really nice, perhaps only No signboard’s White pepper crab can fight with the Eng Seng’s Black pepper crab.

Along the way, Saw this very cute picture that tells people that they are closed on Wednesday. Looks really cute, like the guy is going to kill the crab, but the crab tell him that they are closed for the day. Believe me, you can find this in only one place in Eng Seng Coffee Shop: The Toilet.

Aftet the crab eating session, it is the dessert time. Yummy. Went to the Coffe Club, for nice dessert. And it is the legendary Chocolate mud pie. It is definitely, nicer than the one I eat in NYDC. Because it have this taste that NYDC dun have. Hmm…. Could consider the switchover.

Siphon brewed coffee

I was wondering, is siphon brewed coffee great taste? I have been watching the counter people brewing the coffee on the siphon. And it is like this, they put the coffee powder on top, and water at the bottom. And they would turn on the fire for 40 minutes, to let the coffee brew. And then when they turn off, the coffee which is filled with steam, drop to the water below. Hmm…. Been wanting to try it, but it is around night time, so din wanna get that, else at night cannot sleep.

Starbuck free coffee

Yay~! Finally, I got to see this, Starbuck’s free coffee on the house for one hour. I went to support this event, where you can get free coffee between 1800 to 1900. And it is truly a huge welcome, because it really is something that no shops willing to make. This is because it is of no profit, as coffee are given free. To me, I think it is great promotion, because it create awareness, and people get a chance to taste the expensive coffee, and may love it, and try it again next time when they return.

At first, I do not know this, because it really sounds unbelievable. But if this happens in the morning, maybe I would go and try it too. How about having this free coffee from 0700 to 0900 in the morning, for those who are going to work. I would be the first queuing up.


Monday, December 08, 2008

Work is like a drag these days.

Work like Drag...

I have not been working at full efficiency. hmm.... probably it is because there are too many changes, and there is not enough people to do the job. and most of them, is the toilet job.

I wish to do it, but there are a lot of other important stuff to attend to. hmm... one of them is the promotion. Duh. I really sometime wish the top guys up there can co-ordinate things in good shape. sometime, I was really at a loss of what is it that they want, and I can understand that sometime, they have no choice, because client sometime changes their mind often.

But still, the promotion goes on smoothly, except for one glitch, which is the power supply is cut off at the wrong time. hmm.... there is no notice on that. :P

Food Poisoned

Anyway, went to eat lunch, a very expensive lunch. but somehow, I dunno is it the lunch or breakfast, that made me puke twice today. the tummy is also not very good. Food poisoning??

After taking a pulse, I pope two wonder pills, Charcoal pills into the tummy, and wait for the effect. and right now, the heart is still beating fast......I have reached a conclusion because this morning, I have specific breakfast.

First in the morning, it is the Mega Sausage Mc muffin from mac donald. hmm... couldn't be this, because if there is, Mc really gonna get it. Then, the department head treat me roti prata. hmm... couldn't be this either, because there are three other people eating it.

Then, we go for lunch together, and get veggie, waffles. and we shared this, so it couldn't be this. and one thing it poped me. "Seafood Yaki Soba"? Could this be the one? This is the only food that I eat alone, and no one else got it, except me. hmm.... I really wonder. Anyway, since there is no direct proof, I think I better let it be bygone, and concentrate in pushing all the bad stuff out. Duh~

This shop is officially in my black book now, because I really have a very bad stomachache now.Dun wanna tell you where. Wait kana sue.

Old Man Driving

This is one picture that I personally like. An old man driving car. I think it could be a classic, because I thought of this pose, after thinking to myself how would I look 40 or 50 years from now. haha. It is taken in Adelaide, the Adelaide Motor Museum. It is in Adelaide Hills very far away from the city, but it houses a lot of cars, classic and even have Ford's very first car inside too.

Just imagine, the real car itself, instead of watching it from Charlie Chaplin show.

Tycoon number 1

And another of my favourite. The number 1 tycoon trophy that I achieved from the facebook game: Be A Tycoon.

It is a very interesting game, where you can buy low sell high, and compete with people all over the world to get the final triumph. haha. It seems like a never ending game, because the money fluctuate very often. Gotta watch the marlet price carefully


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