Monday, September 26, 2005

Three Bloggers charged

Why are people create disharmony among Races??

Sometime, I don’t really understand, especially when three bloggers criticize about other races.

People should live in cooperation with each other, no matter how. When Jesus said, love your neighbors as yourself, he never said love your Christian neighbor, or Jewish neighbor.

He meant all, and that is regardless of any races and religion. If we live in harmony, things would work out better, as we can look out for each other, and warn each other, or help out.

I really hope that the trios will have their views about religion straighten, and not to create anymore dispute.

Yup, it is been a long time since I came online, to add in the Blogs. It really is busy at work. When I reached home, I just read some books, and went to bed.

I am really disappointed with one restaurant in Fullerton One. I went there to celebrate with a friend’s birthday, and We actually reached there at around 1800. I ordered, and we waited for a long time, till after 1920, and I went to ask the waiter how is the food, and he have absolutely no recollection. The food is really “CUT” off, cos it is not as much as before. Just the meat, and a mashed potato, and some veggie, that’s it. I am really really disappointed. I should have suggest Café Cartel. Duh.

I hope they would improve, cos it is an area, many people would go for dinner, because of the good sea view.

Fish Fight

This is absolutely unacceptable! One fo the fish, constantly go and bite other fish, and frighten them. I took that fish out, and put in a pond, where there are big fishes. As I watch it, before I took the fish out, I was wondering, Is GOD, watching us also, as we are fighting, he doesn’t act immediately, because he wants to observe whether do we attack because we are ill, or some other consequences. He waits for a perfect time, and took the bad one off, and bring to a place, where there are more fearful enemy much bigger, trying to bite the newcomer.

Today in class 95, FD really brought up a news, I like to hear. Did you know, that chicken feet, are high in collagen? It is good for the faces. I ate it today, and hmm…. Hope I have a full complexion.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fortune telling.

What do you think about ......Fortune Telling?
In the twilight zone, last week, there is one story, called "The Path". The story is sayin g about fortune telling.

Are you curious of what your future holds?

Well, Neil is a person, who have the talent, to look into the future by holding his or her hand. And Kath (not the name in the show, as I forgot about it) is just testing at first, and ask neil to do a forecast about her resume. Neil predicted that she will get the job, if she calls to find out about the job. She did, and found out that the company have been trying to get in touch with her about the job.
Next, she wants to find out from Neil, whether will she be accepted in the interview. And neil told her, she would be just fine.

More and more, Kath, grew to depend on Neil for her every movement.
Until one day, Kath, could not live her life anymore by her self, and have to depend on Neil to proceed on her next step of life. Then, Neil, saw from her, his own death, and he wants to avoid her.

In the end, Neil was killed as Kath looks desperately for her.

Kath brokedown, seeing neil dead, and go berserk.

Do you depends on fortune tell for your next step of life?? As a saying goes, the future lies in your own hand. You can change it for the better if you choose the right step.

Hmm... Occassionally, there will be some fortune teller, offering to tell your future. and if it is bad, you would scold them. and thus, they have to tell you something that you like to hear. And then, they ask you for some donation. If your future is destined to be in this way, there is no way, you can change it. Only GOD will be able to change for you. YES. nothing is impossible for GOD to do it.
Some people, always whine to GOD, when they faces some obstacle, or seeing that the good dies, and the evil prevail. Do you think it is really true?? I think, Evil, may thriumph for a period of time, but the good, will triumph forever. Isn't it so?

This Saturday, Lighthouse is having a testimony bout how a pastor, turns away from pornography. Yup, I gotta go for that. yup yup.

Well, I am still working in Seagate, and there are really a lot and lots of chinese girls. Such a heaven for me.


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