Monday, June 30, 2008

Nokia HP Battery Defects?

Before HP charge, 6.52mmAmazing Discovery

I have noticed something about this HP battery of mine some time back, and did a amazing discovery.
One of my battery BP-6M from nokia, have the ability to expand when it is fully charged, and then, it contract back after it is discharged.
Is this the defect or not, I don’t know. Not even the customer service officer at the Nokia is able to answer back.
This is how it goes.
Before the battery is charged, it is measured with a precision venier dial caliper. It is measured 6.52mm.
After the battery is fully charged, the battery is taken out again, and measured 7.30mm.
After charged, 7.30mmSo after charged, it is actually expanded 0.78mm.
After that, I called up the Nokia center, and it really is a long time, perhaps it is a peak period. When I managed to get hold of it, they cannot promise a guarantee of 1 for 1 exchange, because they do not know a thing about it.
So here it is, if I have a defect HP battery, I need to have the receipt, to proof that the battery is still under warranty.
So: If I trust your product, I think I can just throw away the receipt, because I don’t bother to change a thing because I trusted your product.
Another word, if I do not trust your product, I will not mind keeping the receipt, just in case.
So now, I am holding a battery, which may have a chance of malfunction, and I cannot do a thing about it.
What’s next?

Command and Conquer, Kane’s Wrath DELETED~!

This is the most stupidest action I did. I have finally complete command and conquer, and was quite puzzled about the ending. This is because the main aim of the objective, is that Kane wants to retrieve the Tacitus from the GDI, who have taken the Tacitus from Kane.
Along the way, Alexa Kovacs, came in a rage, and betrayed Kane. Then when Kane found out about it, he ordered an execution of Alexa.
So the story actually have a vivid identical to the Tiberium War, because somewhere in the game, another faction actually betrayed Kane.
Anyway, after I have completed the campaign, I thought there is another campaign, and click on the New campaign. And DUH~! The entire previous game is deleted, and I have to start all over again.
Anyway, I am keen in venturing into the game’s other faction’s capability.

Global Conquest

Would you believe, that I slept during the tutorial of the Global conquest? Global conquest is a sub game in the Command and Conquer Kane’s wrath. In the Global conquest, it looks like the other game called “Rome” Yup, if you are into the strategy games, you may come across this game. Similar to Rome, Global Conquest is like a board game, let you pre-determine what to build, where to move your arme, and then ends your turn. And when you reached the battle, you can choose to auto resolve, or play on scene.
I won’t be into the Global conquest, because it is quite boring to me. Perhaps it is good to those who like this.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday

Finally, it is another weekend of Sunday. And this Sunday, it is a very busy day for me, because there is an assignment that I have to complete. Imagine how to write a summary of 8 topics in one day. Duh. And yesterday, I was taking some time out to go to the marina Square Superbowl, to play two round of bowling.

It must have been a long time since I went to bowling. And duh, I never imagine how bad the bowling lanes of the Marina Square is. It is a dry lane, and it is so bad, that the system hangs most of the time. We were quite hungry, and it comes to this kind of things and drags the time. As for me, I did not stayed for the dinner, because Iam going back to have a quick meal before starting a busy day today.


I met one of my friend in poly yesterday, and at the food center too, She is Hidayah. And she was married to a handsome guy called Vincent. Well, he looks quite protective to her, so I guess Hidayah would have a great life.

As for me……I am still single now, probably because I am keen into finishing off my study first, before I go into other area. Study really took up most of my time, and starting next week, is a new stretch of long lesson study week. Duh, everyday will get to sleep at 0100, and wake up again at 0500 for work.

Then have to take the taxi home every ngiht because it takes only 25 minutes to get home by taxi.

I believe GOD have a way for me, and I have to bear with it, so next time I may know what I am searching for.

Belt tighten days

Next month is perhaps one of the belt tightening days, because there is an new system in the cash flow, that I cannot predict previously. And this will add on to the cash burden next month. Duh. A lot of bills will be coming up, and I gotta settle them all in one shot, so they would not bother me again for the next few months. How many people practice the use of the deposits function in the bill payment? This is the system that you put a deposit in the account, and each month, the services will deduct it slowly, and not asking you to pay a single bill for the next few months.

Command and Conquer: Kane’s Wrath

Yup, I am squeezing some time out to play the command and conquer because the story plot is really exciting in every stages. Redeemer is the NOD unit, that is quite hard to make. And when it is made, I find that it is hard to control, because the redeemer walks slowly, and the firepower that it does is quite slow, and requires a long time to recharge, Duh.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Command and Conquer Kane's Wrath

Hong Kong

Seen the previous picture? It is taken from HK, which happens to be one of the best picture I think it is nice. How I wish I could go to HK, and to add salt to the wounds, they went to disneyland as well.

4 years ago, when I went to HK, I missed out the disneyland, because they are under construction. now it is opened, I still did not managed to get a go for it.

This is all because I have to save my leave for the upcoming trip......Australia. Plans are been made ahead, and if I go for the HK trip, I will nto get a chance to go to australia.

Each time I hear how my aunt describe beautiful the australia is, I feel so looking forward to go for it.

The most stuff I would miss in HK would be the eating and eating. But now, I could only see them eat...

Command and Conquer Kane's Wrath

Kane's wrath, is one of the expansion for the command and conquer tiberium war. I am so looking forward for it, because the tiberium war is really awesome. The effect of the CG is extremely good. Now the new expansion is out, and now, it comes with the Razor mouse with it at a smaller prize.

Does anyone play kane's wrath yet? hope to get some review for it. Is it worth the value? I hope it is because it describe of new units, and new scenario, and new faction.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

busy busy busy

Been a long long time since I get the time to blog.

Yup, been busy these days, firstly, is because of my studies, my workm and lately added, projects, and the newest thing is to take care of my cousin dogs. Duh
Why is it that there are so many things to do these days? The most time consuming is the dogs. I gotta look after these two dogs, for my cousin, who is on oversea holiday. As there is no one around to look after the dogs, the duty lies with me.
These dogs are so troublesome, Have to wake up early in the morning, to bring them out for their stroll and pee, and in the evening, gotta rush home and bring them out for the stroll before they pee all over the place. Once, I did not managed to made it, they really pee and poo all over the place.

No more slayer, vampires, werewolves and zombies.

For those who knows me and the facebook, I rarely play the slayers, vampires, werewolves and zombies. Today I just delete them, and switch to other things, such as jackpot bandit, and bowling. Hee hee. As for the drug lords, nope, I am not playing anymore.


How many people have known of a meter called ammeter? This is a meter that measures current. And it is the current, that govern the power usage of every household. As you know, power = voltage time ampere, and since everyone is receiving 235VAC, but the current can varies as the usage goes up. So I am thinking of adding an ammeter into the household, so that I can monitor the ampere usage by the entire household. This also applies to the air conditioning. But looks like all these busy schedules are making my work uptight.


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