Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pasta for dinner.


This is one meal I think it is nice nowadays. Yup. Cook with mussel, squid head and some mushroom. I loves mushroom. It is one type of fungus that is nutritious and full of fiber. Brown mushroom or straw mushroom. All thanks to one auntie who is although deaf and dumb, She teaches me the way to cook mushroom with patient and slow heat. From then on, I tried to experiment with different style of cooking mushroom, and yup, now I like to cook and eat mushroom.

Other than mushroom, I like mussels too, especially Black lip mussels. There are many type of mussels, and some of then includes blue mussels, green mussels. But the most I like is the black lip mussels, because they are more tender and tasty. To fit them to the paste is more tasty. Sometime, I just wish I could lay my feet in Australia, to gobble up all those mussels. Anyway, Baked mussels is the tactics that I first tried cooking on it. It is half shell, laid with cheeses, and added some seasonings, and yup, baked cheese mussels.

Pasta with these, makes a very nice pasta, and consider a self cook, it can be very huge in the ingredient and also know what is used in cooking.

China Milk

These days, it have been a huge panic and debut about milk from china. It is because there are some people adding this melamine, a type of chemical that is used in plastic, to the drinking milk, and contaminate it. They normally do so as a practice to make the milk looks more protein. However, the chemical tends to stay in the kidney, thereby, damage the kidney and develop the kidney stones.

Many babies who are drinking on milk, got the kidney stone easily, because they are still small, and the kidney are small and got stuck with the melamine. Anyway, it is discovered that the first baby who contacted it, was actually happened in February, and it was until mid august after the Olympic, then the news of the milk surfaced. And to make it worse, it is one of the main sponsor for the Olympic.

Anyway, a lot of countries are testing on various products, to ensure our food is safe to eat. Well. Thanks wo. Just hope that KFC is not one of them, else, I would really dunno what to eat wo. Yum yum chicken.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A new addition in the net: Facebook

Addicted to facebook?

As I was using the facebook today, I couldn’t stop wondering. Am I addicted to it now?

Everytime the PC startup, it will be the facebook flash up, as what was setted automatically. Then, the next thing, is to check the price of the Be A Tycoon. Hmm…. I guess it seems to be very addictive enough. One of these days, I must set myself a timing for internet, else I would be so obsess and not eat but use the facebook.

Be A Tycoon

I am now into the Be A tycoon, Slot Bandit, Elven Blood, Blood lust, Skies of Blood, City of Blood. Among the application in it, I find the Be A Tycoon is more exciting, because similiarly to Drug Lord, Be A tycoon have more range of products, following the market trend and the price goes up and down. You have to buy when it is at a low price, and then sell when the demand is short, and price goes up. And unlike Drug lord, Be A Tycoon is never reset. The amount of money in the empire will forever be there for you to use.

Occasionally, the person who made the Be A Tycoon, will add a few more item for you to buy and sell with.

World of Blood

World of Blood, refers to all Elven Blood, Blood Lust, Skies of Blood and City of Blood. World of Blood are a kind of story line application, where you have to accomplish certain stuff, before you can move on to the next stage of the application. And to add to it, you have to reach a certain level, and certain number of people in your group before you can proceed. This is quite irritating sometime, because when the application will wants you to invite more people into the application, so you can be in the advance of the story line. I am thinking of playing until the stage where they require more people, then I stop it there.


This is the ongoing game, because it really test the judgement of people in hitting the ball, so much cheaper than plaing a live, but the thrill may not be there. Hmm… anyway, this is for us to practice, and one good thing is that, people can play it while the other is offline, and when they log in, they can continue the game.

So if you are into pool game, look me up wo


This is a racing game that have existed since I don’t know when. Tamiya, is a type of miniature care, usually made of metal and plastic, And they are use to play on a track, that have lots of turns, hump, and the person who made it, will see it that the speed is improved, and wins other cards.

I have played that before, when I was primary 5, and it is really exciting, but the sight of a good track is not around at that time, and a simple oval shaped track can cost up to $300++ at that time. Some of the shop will put a track in front of the shop, and allows people to play in it. Occasionally, the kids who plays that, gets rebellious, and sometime, will book the track, and put only his car in it.


Tamiya does not uses the commercial battery for power, because they are a slow discharge. Normal batteries are usually 1.5VDC, but tamiya cars are mostly powered by batteries, and the higher ampere discharge by the batteries are, the higher the speed of the car. High power Alkaline batteries are normally discharge at 1.75VDC, and as it is a use and throw battery, some would invest in Nickel Cadmium batteries which are rechargeable, and can fire up a very high ampere, but it only last for a short period of time, and will goes flat very fast, and the owner will have to charge again, which sometime take hours to recharge it back. Hence, tamiya players keeps a lot of nickel cadmium for use with their tamiya car.

However, after playing with the nickel cadmium battery, don't forget to bring it back to the battery recycling center, mostl is fromt he place you bought it, so that it can be properly disposed of. This is because Cadmium is a very dangerous toxic that can seep its way to the underground water, and pollute it. fishes will be poisoned by the cadmium, and it have the ability to alter your body DNA and causes cancer one. So remember wo.


The main driver of the tamiya, is the motor. Normal motors, the motor shaft is supported by plastic. A real high quality motor rotor are mounted on small motor bearing, so that when the motor heats up, it will not melt the plastic. Usually, Tamiya will be let off for 3 to 5 rounds, before it is stopped and let it rest, this is because when ramped up by the battery, the motor will be heat up, because of the current circulating in the motor windings, which can be finer than the hair. As the cross sectional area of the windings are small, and like a small pipe with high pressure water pressing in, it will burst if the heat is not control. Similiarly, when the motor windings if it is let uncontrolled, it can be heated up, but it will not go up in smoke. Instead, the winding will melt off, and break the circuit. Thus, the motor will be useless, and requires to change another one. Only experienced people will know how many rounds can the tamiya car goes with the particular motor.

Roller Guide

Roller guide are a essential guiding tool for tamiya cars. They are used to guide the car along the circuit, to ensure that they will not fall off the track, and turns nicely, instead of flying out of the track when it hits the corner.

Roller guide are also a balancing tool for the tamiya car. Amount of roller guide added on the front, back, left and right must ensure that the center of gravity, which is invisible to everyone, that it is aligned back to the center. Center of gravity are usually requires to be in the middle of the car, because as the roller guides of different weigh is added on the car, too many at the back will make the car lifted up front when it hits the corner, and the car will roll backward.

Too much weigh at the front, and the car will roll forward when it hit the corner. In the event where there is a ramp, the rollerguide is also critical, in assisting the car to get back to the track at the exact track, and continues. A wrong balanced car will see the car fall over and run away.

Balancing weight

Weights are additional tool for the tamiya car, because it assist the car to counter the air turbulence. As the car is travelling at very high speed, balancing weigh are added at the front or sometime back, depending on the amount of roller guide used. Weights are small metal piece sometime sloted, sometime screwed, to ensure that the car center gravity remains center, even when it came across air turbulence. Under high speed, if the foil of the car is not correctly bent, cars will be lifted up, and pushes the center gravity to the back of the car. This, when it reaches the bend, it will fly backward and out of the track. In the ramp, this is yet an advantage, because it will bring the car out of the ramp and enter the track back with the back wheels which is like an aeroplan touching down.

If the balancing weight is added too much on the front, which is to counter the turbulence, it can cause a problem when the circuit have a ramp and hump. When it starts up, the center gravity will be slowly shift from the back to the center. And when it goes a turn, it may sometime throw the car forward and out of the track, and when it is flying out of the ramp, the center gravity will instantly be shifted to the front, pulling the car front down to the track, and turn the car forward and roll out of the track.

Balancing weights are used seldomly, because the more weigh is added, it will cause the car to slow down. Thus, most people uses the roller guide as a balancing tool.

Car Frame

Frames are used selectively. Some people choses not to put up the frame, because it is adding some weighs to the car. But frame are a good tool as a balancing also, but it is harder to control. It has louvers to control the air turbulence, and control the cars. However, according to one documentary, frames actually made the car more uncontrollable, because air directions are inconsistent, and it changes every moment. Thus, a lot people prefer not to use casing. Which is the reason I did not use casing too last time.

Anwyay, if you see a tamiya car track, you sure find the people around selling the tamiya car parts.

Nightmare for contractors

This is a nightmare I am very sure, to every building technicians and contractors. Can you imagine how difficult it is to check the cooling coil and filters with that so small little gap?

Usually, the space between the fan coil units are a big space apart, so that the head can go in and check on the cooling coil condition, motor and change the filter.
Even when doing the coil washing in the event of serious contamination, the space will also pose a problem, because the chemical are usually toxic, and there is no other way to wash unless the whole fan coil unit is take down. I just sometime don’t understand why people don’t want to use the Air handling unit these days to supply cold air these days.


These period, is perhaps the great harvest of a fish call unagi. wow, seen a lot of then selling at supermarket. even the Fairprice is selling then at 3 for $8.65. hope there is no bones in it.

Unagi are best cooked as kaba yaki. it is you roast it, and pply some source on it. yum yum. I love unagi kaba yaki. which means roast unagi. I would enjoy it most when there is no bones. cos sometime really tiring digging for the bone while eating fish


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Globaltronic 2008 by Reed Exhibition


This is an exhibition that happens only once every two years. It have free seminar, and exhibition that showcases many industrial automation devices, manufacturing devices. And too add to this time, there is embedded system.

Embedded system are actually used by everyone, every single person who owns an electronic devices, such as TV, radio, etc.

Embedded system have govern most of our lives, yet it is small that no one bother to sees it. They are the prime movers of the electronics, and sadly not many people knows what it is.

I was quite amazed that this time, even the cleanroom equipments are brought out to exhibit. Equipments that looks similar like lite master, the automated transportation device I see in one of the clean room manufacturing plant. It really brought me back to the memories where looking at it is very amazing.
In the exhibition, I also take an opportunity to check with the technical person at the fluke equipment, because I have some tools that uses the brand such as fluke. From there, I learned about how the aperture works, and how to get the most accurate reading from a laser thermometer. They even have an HVAC measuring instrument, that can accurately locate the dew point, and the RH reading after 3 minutes of recording.
Through the seminar, I learnt about how the traffic system are so integrated that if one day, someone were to really release skynet into the system, we would really have war between the human and the machine. And through the exhibition, I found out that now, we can even control building equipments by wireless means, instead of the usual RS 232 cabling system. Wireless is so cool, because no need to set up the wiring, but a pity that it is still expensive. One thing that seems to be lacking out, is the technology of solar system. I thought we are emphasizing on solar energy, but solar cell, as part of the silicone component, was not showcase here. Otherwise, I might think of putting one at home. And power up my muva lamp or lights. If air-conditioning can be powered by solar cell, HOO~!

Well, the next Globaltronic is in 2010, maybe, I will attend it again, depending on the future workplace.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hard Guy Video + APP

Hard GAY

This is a very funny video about Hard Guy.
He is a japanese, and it really made me remembered of a comic book last time, called the "Bian tai chao ren" ha ha
This is a real guy doing what everyone did not expected.

Enjoy this, and if you go to Osaka one day, dun forget to look him up.


Father's Day
Hard Gay Vs Yahoo Part 1
Hard Gay Vs Yahoo part 2
Tomy Part 1
Tomy Part 2
Television Part 1
Television part 2
Social Improvement part 2
Social Improvement part 3
Ramen promotion
Cooking Part 1
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PV with Hiromi
Hard Gay at his worst
Hard Gay vs Yin Ling
Sakura Viewing


This is the password for one access point in a place in case I needs it.


This is encoded, to decode, decrypt with the favourite hairstylist name.


I love Eating Mushroom

This is Elmo, and twinkle, they are my cousin’s little darlings, and I really like them a lot. Elmo is can be so called my 70% investment, and it was for her birthday present in one of the years. Then later, seeing that elmo is lonely all the time, she keep a look out for twinkle, the small little maltese who become the companion of elmo. At first, everyone were afraid that the two doggies will not get together well, but later, they became best friends. The onbe behind is Elmo, who have just had his hair all shaved. And then twinkle have a very nice fur. This is a very cute picture, because elmo look very gong gong, and twinkle is laughing, but later I found out it is because my cousin was giving them treats, so they jump and stand for the doggie treats. What was in the treat that made the doggie so happy and wants it? Hmm…


Rainbow…This is one of the song sang beautiful by Ayumi. I was actually thinking of changing the song back to the original background music, but just couldn’t bear to change it, cos it is simply too nice. Rainbow music have been in the network for many years, but it is usually hidden in the Friendster, so that only the very close friend will get to hear it. But then, I think it is not productive enough to hide it in Friendster, so I brought it out to the blogspot.

Friendster Vs Facebook

Both starts with the capital F, Facebook is a very interesting website, because it contains many applications and some of them are developed by other designers, and become a very good games. I am no longer playing the Mob war, or the drug lord anymore. Instead, I am into playing a game call Be a Tycoon. It is very exciting, because it is something like a buy low sell high kinda stuff, and it is virtually unpredictable. If successful, you get your name to be posted up, along with the people around the whole world. So far, the last title was not taken up, because it requires a lot of money to get to the paramount of the Be A Tycoon.
In the facebook, people can also organize activities, and invite people to join in, and the newest improvement is that it added a chatting column and people can chat as well in the facbook. Quite nice de loh.


Eating mushroom, is a very healthy lifestyle, do you know that? It contains vitamins, and fibers, and is very tasty if you cook it well. I was eating mushroom, and remembers one of my friend who likes mushroom. Yup, it is a bit expensive, but well, whenever possible, I would get some mushroom to eat and cook it. How many people are into eating mushroom? I think if more people are into eating mushroom, it would lead to more people willing to invest into mushroom, and then the price of the mushroom will be getting lower by the year.

13th September

This is the date, of a person’s birthday……It have been 1 year. The only think that I have, is an email, which never get responded, a MSN that never sees her online. But everytime when I eat roast duck, I would be thinking of her. Maybe I should have duck tonight.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Globaltronic 2008

September the 11th

This is the date most unforgettable for the new Yorkers. The day when terrorist striked terror to the heart of the Americans.


Today, I took a day off to attend this seminar in the suntec, called EDN seminar. It is a talk on electronics products, together with wireless. As it is a full day event, I took a day leave, so that I can go and attend it, to find out the step of the electronics and the information technology.
Through the seminar, I came to know how advanced the electronics and wireless have evolved. While we are using the quad processor, the industrial have already been using octa-processing unit, and the explanation why PCI express motherboard is widely accepted in the industry, and got to know that since we have motherboard, we also have daughter board. Haha, why is it not called fatherboard? Then we will have son board.

Stupid shoe

And this stupid shoe of mine, is a rubber shoe, and while I was walking to the ballroom, the shoe actually disintegrate by itself, and shatter all over the place. This is so embarrassing de loh. Imagine, I was walking, and suddenly, it become powder, and I was walking with one foot bare. Thank GOD, there is a BATA shop nearby the convention center, and I quickly get a replacement.
One day, I gotta remind myself to get another black shoe, incase the same incident happens again. And speaking of which, one of my pair of sport show is also spoilt. Am I gaining weigh or something?


I have a great craving for steamboat buffet, ever since my cousin brought me to the steamboat in bugis. It is very very the nice, because the soup is tasty, and there are a wide variety of veggies, and meat. When I finished with it, I have great craving, that I went to my office, and start asking people whether are they interested in the steamboat. Ha ha, but then, one of my colleague mentioned that I should go to geylang, because he finds it nice there. Hmm…. I wonder which part of geylang is he talking about. Maybe next week, I should go and take a look at where he is pointing.

Sometime, I really wonder, where are all the food that I ate went to? You know, I have the ability to continue to eat and eat and eat, but I look so thin, that everyone questions my ability to eat in steamboat. Ha ha. I can eat till the steamboat boss recognize me. Cos I can eat a lot. But when I woke up in the morning, I would feel hungry again, and I would start wondering where are the food “disappear “ to.

I remembered that day went to eat steamboat with keith’s friends, and actually failed at detect the scheme plotted by the lady boss…Putting out muah chee. While eating the muah chee, I find it nice, and eat and eat, then came to realize at the last moment that the muah chee could be the scheme harvested by the lady boss to stop me eat. AH~! This is because the muah chee, have the ability to expand in contact with water, and expand. Thereby, maying a person full easily. Ok, this time you win, but the next time……I will make sure I eat till you close down. Ha ha~!

Australian currency dropped

As I was passing through the money changer, I came across the Australian currency, and noted that it is now exchanged at AUD 1.16. I remembered it was AUD 1.28 some months ago, and the US is also dropped to USD1.44.
If I have multi millionm I would have invest on the currency now, and then wait till it rise, I would change it back. And therby, can make a profit. Haha

Kallang Shutter bus timetable

This is for those who are planning to go to Kallang leisure park. This is the time table for the shutter bus. hmm.... So I post it up, so that there is an insurance of the placement, and everyone who wish to go, can refer to it. Happy skating~!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class

Today is quite a smooth day ahead, because everything is well organized, and planning is ongoing for tomorrow.

Anyway, a lot of stuff just came up, and as usual, I have to do all the daring work. One of the most headache stuff is the information error provided by two people, and I ended up doing extra steps. Why no one tell me that stupid light tube can shift in de. Feel like boxing the person.

Anyway, went to watch Wall E today~! Wow, it is really very amazing for both the storyline, and the creativity. I can see the effort put in by the film maker. The story is to teach the young generation how the world will be like, living in a canned vessel, wandering in space, while the earth is dying.

Wall E is an small robot called Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class. It’s main function is to compact the thrash into a cube, and arrange it. As to what is he mainly used for, is unknown, but it appears from the movie, that he have been running around for 700 years. He have a mind of his own, unlike other robot. Perhaps through some miraculous, he actually developed a mind of his own, and starts collecting some trash that he sees it nice. He also keep a lot of spares in his huge shelter, in case he needs them.

One day, an alien spacecraft landed, and deposited Eve, an advanced robot, to hunt for something. She deemed WallE as harmless, and came to know him. The one day, Wall E showed Eve something, and she went into hibernation, until the spaceship arrives to pick her up. Not wanting to lose her, Wall E chase after Eve to the mothership Axion.

Inside the Axion, there is a scheme plotted between the ship’s captain and the entire human kind. Eve was really touched (and it touched me too) when the computer displayed the security camera when Eve was in hibernation. It shows how caring and loving Wall E is doing to her while she is in hibernation. She fell in love with Wall E, and together with Wall E and the other defected robots, they made the mothership returned to earth.

Another touching thing is when Wall E dies while trying to save mankind, he signalled to Eve how to get his spare parts, and switches off. When the ship returned to earth, Eve immediately jetted back with Wall E, and find the spare parts and assembled him back. Sadly, when Wall E is repaired, he returned to his main robotic function, to compact trash and pile them up. And Eve was very sad, and tries many ways to make Wall E remembers her……

This is a love story of two robots, a mystery and also, a movie that encourages us that we should not be relying too much on the machines. In the end, the humans will be doing chatting, sleeping, eating and not exercising at all. Eventually the humans forgot how to stand and walk. It also tells us that we have to treasure plants. Else one day, the whole would will end up like the trash land. Nothing.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

New rim

Change bearing become change the whole rim.

Actually, I planning to send the bicycle for replacing the bearing only. Then when the guy opened up the bearing side, I see the outer raceway was actually rusty and corroded. I instantly made a quick decision to change the entire rim, cos no use changing only the bearing. Moreover, the price difference is only out by $6. So might as well change the whole rim.

After changing the rim, the bicycle is smoother, and this time, I got a bell too. It was damaged by some CLOWN when the bicycle was parked at the MRT station. YUP. Have a great astonished feeling when I saw the bicycle was damaged by some CLOWN~! If I catch who is that, sure really go an whack him off. I could still remembered that I saw someone knocked my bicycle with his bicycle. My bicycle was locked, and when I was approaching it, another person just sped past, and hit my bicycle. In a fit of angry, I grabbed the nearest dustbin and throw it at him. Too bad for him, it missed him by few centimeter.

Anyway, now that the rim was changed, it really feel nice and smoother. As for the speed, it has of course, increased a bit. I have given thought about changing to a fullo suspension bicycle. Meaning there is suspension for bothe the back and front. But well, nowadays security at the MRT station is really lack on bicycle, cos a lot of people's bicycle were stolen, and for fear of the good appearance that will attract many green eyes, I think of not changing the bicycle yet.

Resident Eve

I was watching resident eve today, and I was wondering, it is really a great feat for the umbrella coporation to be able to build a city beneath the ground. Wow. So is it really possible, that we have a city underground at this age? As the land space is limited, a lt of country actually started digging underground. Kook at our Citylink. It is a shopping center underground too. Underground carpark are a norm, and how about a church auditorium 4 storey below like City Harvest Church? How deep can underground construction goes?


Soil waste pipe opening Day.

I was just browsing through the photos, and came across one set of photos. This actually reminded me of the days when there is a serious water pipe choke in one of the place. It is really so choked that we cannot do rodding or flushing. We have to use the dismantling of the pipeline and clear it. As we opened up, as usual, there are a lot of leftover water in the pipeline. There are something that resemble sands, at the U-tube. This must be because someone wastes soil or something. Then later, the cockroach rush out of the pipe, rushing for the nearest shelter as their nest is disturbed.

At home, where it is lightly used, the pipe are made of PVC, a kind of plastic listed in thermoset category. In the industrial side, they uses cast iron metal pipe. This is because it is heavily used, and there will be soil waste choke often. Thus, rodding may something have to be used, to clear it, or by dismantling the pipeline.

The worst nightmare is the main sewer pipeline, where it have to be constant flowing. If the pipe is opened at the wrong time, all the SHITS really gush out of the pipe, and fell on the face and cloth.

As no one dares to open up and face the REAL shit, I have to open up, because it is a necessarily, and if it is not cleared, we will have a problem. Calling in the professional really cost a lot too, because they are the experts.

Saturday, September 11, 2004
What if GOD is one of Us?

Have you heard this song?
Hmm... when I heard it in Class 95 one day, I really have this question on my head.

More than 2000 years ago, the Son of God came down, without his Cloak of Glory to help man to deal with his sins. Many people are at that time, unrepent and listens to the high priest, who were themselves, misleaded away from God's commandment. It also created a great uproar, because the Son of God, performs many and unaccountable miracles, that the high priest thought their rice bowl are at risk.

Today, even though there is no news or any man who perform great miracle, he may be one among us...

If he is an ordinary man, like you and me, what would his world like? is it really like the song?
Maybe the singer is an angel herself, singing GOD's feeling out.
Is he now a temporary man, with noone calling him on his phone, going home alone?
What do you think?

Sometime, GOD, may goes to churchs, and looks at how the priest or pastor conducting the sermon, just like a manager, downrank himself to worker, so that he would know really how his company operates.
And when he put on the manager coat again, he will make many changes, and deals with those who are lazy and not performing to his best to keep the company going.

This song really make me a bit emotional, because the singer really sounds a bit sad, when she sings it.


Saturday, September 06, 2008


Mosquito bites

When I woke up today, my hands and legs are itchy over, and have the insect bite. When I check carefully, MOSQUITO BITE~!

How the mosquito come in wo? I think it is probably through the windows. This is since for a long time, that I had mosquito bite. As I read the Today paper, I read an article that there is this mosquito related disease widespread in the north of singspore. Mostly it is concentrate in Johor. I was so so so scared that I became one of the statistic.

I scratch and scratch, until I get the mopiko to ease the itch. Went to work and with the hands and legs itches all over.
Anyway, tomorrow probably will be busy day again, cos need to send the bicycle for repair.

The bearing is actually a bit worn out, but hmm…. No chance to change the rim, so can only think of changing the bearing.
And the stupid bicycle shop that charges $0.50 per use of the air pump is still really ridiculous. Been thinking of getting a pump, but cannot get the time out to go and buy.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Wireless Vs LAN medium

Wireless ASDL + Router

Today, I went to take a look at the Linksys N wireless ASDL. It really is very expensive de wo~! Over two hundred dollars~!

How come ar? Cos it got much more features that is available rather than the Wireless G router. Wireless N are the new series of the wireless adaptor available in the market. It have 4 times the wireless range, and it is really fast.
After given thought for a very long time, I think I really have to give up on buying a wireless router. This is because I still have the working router only think it have no wireless feature now. Think inside the spare parts for the wireless device is spoilt. But the LAN feature is still available, so I gotta connect a LAN cable to the router.

Wireless network storage

Having a wireless feature is really good, you get to do the surfing of the net all over the place. With the wireless storage from Linksys, you can store information in another device call the network storage drive.This network storage drive can communicate with the router, and can house 2 physical hard drive. And it is expandable to another 2 external hard drive with the USB port. This makes backup more convienent. Hmm… for the price of that, close to $250.

Wireless security Vs LAN security

For those who studies information technology, you would be familiar with the logic of why LAN are in fact, less vulnerable and higher speed than the wireless.
Firstly, LAN is a wire based network. It is connected from point A to point B. and hi jacking of networks is really impenetrable, because there is no other medium that can highjack the network.

As for wireless, it is an uncontrollable network. It can be captured by any wireless receiver, and hijacked. In the end, the network will slow to a crawl, if too many people shares the same network. For this, the router manufacturer come up with wireless security ability. They are the WAP encryption, and the MAC address filters. WAP encryption is the key that you need in order to establish access to the authorized network. It is near impenetrable, because it is a 128 bit data encryption. That means, you have to guess through hexadecimal code, which is a lot of probability chance.

MAC filters

Mac address filter is the secondary protocol, in the sense that the owner who established the network, configured a set of computers authorized to access the network. The router will then transmit data to the designated computer, and shares data with it. If there are other computers who tries to join, they will be denied access to the network, because it is predefined. Mac address is also a hexadecimal codes. If you are wondering where to locate the MAC address, look at the wireless devices. Every devices have their own identification and they are unique in each base.

As for me, I uses both security as a safe guard against the nighbours all over the place. Now the wireless device is down, It is even more secured now.
Another benefits of the wireless over the LAN, is because of the speed. LAN can transfer data at 100MBPS, but the wireless, because of all the encoding allocation for security, a typical wireless can only transmit at 10MBPS.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wireless Network down.

Yup, this is final, the wireless is gone, gone for good, even before I get to have a time to go out to source for a new modem.

What to do, the wireless is down, but not the router?
Not a problem, luckily, another stuff is standing by. it is the LAN network.
I gotta take a bit of time out to cut some cable tie, and then take out the LAN cable that connects the router to the desktop PC. Then using that same LAN cable, I connect it to my laptop.

Woohoo, it works, without the use of the wireless. Maybe until the solution is arrived, I will stick to the use of the LAN cable.

Sometime I really wonder is the wireless really necessary de, this is because the laptop is usually in the room, never move about.

If not using wireless, I might as well get a modem with ADSL and access point.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Strange encounter in Cold Storage.

This is a very strange experience yesterday in Cold Storage.

I was purchasing lunch in Cold storage yesterday, and then I uses credit card to do the payment. After that, I was waiting for a long time, because it seems the credit card machine is out of service or something.
The cashier was mendling with the machine for a while, and I was distorted of why he did not ask for help from another counter staff who is finishing doing the transaction of the counter.

After the transaction has ended, the guy copied my credit card number onto a book, and keep in the drawer. It is an exercise book, like those you can buy from the bookshop.
Feeling insecured, I confronted him of why he copied my credit card number onto the bok. This is because it is not a normal practice. There is no void transaction slip like last time. Even before, when there is a failed transaction, the cashier would returned the transaction slip.

Anyway, I am not a stingy person, but I am very particular about these things. This is because if someone got hold of the credit card number, you never know what would he do in the internet.

After reached office, I immediately emailed to the cold storage, hopig to get a reply or something. And also to get a very formal confirmation that this is a normal practice. Nowadays, everything have to be in black and white.

OIne last word: The Lecturer is very unprepared. For those who studied with me, you know what I mean.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Kallang Leisure Park

Today, I went to this Kallang Leisure Park today. Well, the transport is really very low, cos only got buss 11 and 16 go there.

I was at kallang MRT, and found out that there is a bus going there. and to my dismay, when I reached the bus stop, one bus just whizz past me.

I tried to grab a cab, and 6 cabs passes by, and the moment I told them I wants to go to the Kallang Leisure, they REFUSES to bring me there. How is it that these taxi drivers dun wanna bring me there?

Even after 20 minutes, I am still waiting for the cab. but by then, another bus came, and I changed my mind to take the bus. I really have no idea why the taxi drivers nowadays chooses the passenger one.

When I reached there, the first thing to go straight for, is the bowling center. Been some ages sinc eI went for bowling. and this time, I brought two balls, because one ball is my colleague give me one.

After a few round, I tested the new ball and found out that the new ball fingers positions are not correct. so have to send the ball for redo. As for the rest of the game, I uses my old ball, and was testing the performance based on different style.

See this pictures? this is the ending performance scores based on differnet style. Never mind the names, but
The first row is the 5 step spin ball
The second row is the 5 step straight ball
the third set is 3 step spin ball.

It appears that the 3 step spin ball style is a better style for me, maybe I improve on it.

If I can get the step correct, maybe I can get a good score one day.

After bowling, is a round of skating, and then follow by bowling again, so shiok, but in the end, bowling the final round, I am tired already.

Ice skating......I have not skate for 4 years, ever since the day one friend teaches me. I still wonder how to skate as good as my friend. althoguh it have been 4 years, but skating today really brings back some memory of the good time last time......

But now, today as I was skating on ice, I thought of my friend, who is now very far away. If time can turn back, I will really hold on to the friend tight, and not let go.


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