Friday, September 29, 2006

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

How much do you know about Kitchen's Exhaust Fan?

I have been to a restaurant, to service a kitchen exhaust fan. 4 exhaust fans, to be precise. I cannot imagine that it actually took 2 days, just to maintain 4 fans. And these fans are gigantic fans, and the filters are also awesome.

Unlike my previous workplace, this new workplace's maintenance follows a tight schedule. Every months, there is at least one check on the equipment, every single one of them.

Kitchen Air Must be processed

I was told to service one exhaust fan, and after I went up for the first time, I can't imagine how thick the cooking oil can be. Have you seen a really saturated fat? The viscosity is so thick, I can say it is twice the viscosity of a motor car engine oil. The space is also very constraint, and I got 2 scratches on my back, courtesy of the stud bolts. After servicing these exhaust fans, I am glad that this restaurant really cares about how the exhaust air are processed before discharged out into the environemtn.If I am in the old kitchen, the kitchen sure would never go through such a trouble, and discharge the air directly into the environment.

Saadiah, the housekeeping

The photo I am posting today is a photo I took with a housekeeper in the previous employment. She is a very capable housekeeping executive, and her workers are very loyal and attentive when she delegates job to them. I remember two of her worker running to her from the top floor, because she needs help in carrying something heavy. In other place, unless it is of great urgency would a worker run to the supervisor. But without any such urgency, her workers are still willing to run, and it shows how much loyal is she to the. The pity side is that the high authority do not sees it, and the head of department bombard her dailywith the ever changing taskdaily. It is like yesterday I want the chair to be her, today I want the chair to here, and tomolow I wan the chair to be on the top floor.

A Difficult Superior who can't make up his mind.

Can you imagine how difficult to work when there is such a superior? After I have left, she is still stuck in the old place, facing the music everyday. As for me, I could only pray for her to get a new job soon, so that her life could continue to go on. I have been under another superior, who cannot make up his mind. And when things is indecisive, He would bring up the Ministry, as a shield. Sometime, I really wonder how true is his research, because the things he said is often difficult to understand. A very good "taichi" master.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

High 5 Bread

High 5 Scams.

Are you one of the receipient who got the email, saying one of the High 5 bread factory was under investigation, for unhygienic environment?

This email will show you the pictures of the malaysian police and the staff, inspecting the High 5 factory.

I find the environment is really gross, but, as the identity source of the photos and email is unknown to me, I discarded it.

I discard it is because the photos may not be true, and I only believe my own eyes. I have been to some factory before, as a working staff. One of them is the F & N Foods , Meiji Foods and many other food factory.

The health and cleaniness if these production factory is clean and if there is any pest running around, everyone would stop the work and kill it, and then disinfect the environment. That is why, I go for Daisy Hi-Lo milk. Because the equipment are cleans everyday before and after production.

The Food Industry

Although the place is Malaysia, I do not critise the food industry, because they are trying to feed us. And in the case of malaysia press, you should know that they are going to become like the Hong Kong press. A lot of uncertain information. You can read from the newspaper there and find that a lot of the stories are made up, and inaccurate. As for Singapore side, if it is real, they woudl report it.

I have recently mastered how to upload photos into the internet now. Yup Before that, I have to go through my web site, and the allocated capacity is really low.

I hope I can put a photo every time I blog. This is my PC, how it look like. All word and no pictures, sure make u confused of how a computer unit can house 15 fans.

Image of Lenovo Desktop, modified
15 FANS in Desktop

Yes, you heard that right, 15 fans. How the 15 fans manages to get through the PC?

On to of it, there are already 8 fans on top, and each of the 3 hard drives have one fan, one fan for the power supply, one fan for the processor, 2 fan for the graphic card.

Near to the rear of the PC, it is a 2 layer of fans. The reason why it is 2 layer, is that it is a hot spot, where hot air rises directly from the processor. In order to create a high suction pressure on that zone, additional layer is added, so that the suction pressure would be higher.

Power Supply

The power are directly tapped from the power supply. So when the Unit starts, the fans will start with it. When it stops, the fan will be switch off automatically. So there is no need for additional wiring, and power adaptor.

Because the Lenovo 3000 series desktop have ventilation on the sides and front, I can uses these technique for ventilation. And because Lenovo is a new brand, I decided to try it out, after a very bad experience of using a HP product.
Of course, the standard top panel of the desktop does not have any holes. I have to remove the top cover, and send it to a stamping press factory to have the holes made. and because of the machine, it created some scratch mark, and the cover have to be spraypaint, to protect the aluminium, otherwise, it would oxidise.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

End of IMF

Bye bye IMF Delegates~

After some intense days of preparing, and executing the IMF in Singapore, We are indeed very honoured to hear the IMF comittee say that Singapore is the best place to be choosen to hold the annual IMF meeting. It is a pity that the next IMF 2007 will be held in the United States of America (GOD BLESS AMERICA).

Although it is the first time ever since independence of Singapore that the IMF is held in Singapore, it does not let its guard down, especially the safety of the guests.
Tight securityDuring those days, there are a hugh amount of security standing by in case of any attack. Everyone is subjected to checks, and special buses chartered for the IMF delegates are arranged with at least one police officer to ensure that they are safe. What laid disgrace is the determination of one man, the one who tries to run a country with lack of obedience. I am especially ashame of the man who intend to hold a march rally to the Suntec where the IMF is held, only to be stopped by several numbers of policer officers. Together with his sister, he intend to shame Singapore with his crazy way of thinking. I sometime really question his loyality to Singapore, and how can we let such a man loose out in the street?

New Job

As for me, I have started my new job a a technician in another building. Currently, I am trying to get my way around the place first. And in this building, I really opened my eyes very big, because I have seen huge machines, and some of them are high tech equipments. I am trying to pick up new skills, such as trying to connect a three phase motor, and learning another yet new lines of cooling system.

Motorised Ventilation

Today, I was walking through the building, trying to locate some of the Motorised ventilation in the buildings. These are essential equipments, because without motorised ventilation, a building can be very stuffy inside.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Visiting to My Dream in Singapore Expo

My Dream 2006

My Dream, In Singapore Expo with Xiao LanOn the 15th, I went to the Singapore Expo, to watch the show called My Dreams 2006. It is a show by China’s Handicapped people. In this show, all of the performances are handicapped people; yet, they are willing to pick themselves and learn to perform in all over the world. It is a very spectacular show that they travels around the world to perform.

In the first, it is a team of 21 hearing handicapped people performing with great orientation, that looks like the hands are controlled by only one person.

There is also a performance by a man, whose hands are electrocuted and have to be amputated. Without hands, he uses his legs to replace his hand. Then he is able to wear shirt, take water from the well, and all things just like a normal human with arms.

There are a lot of people attending, and when I was walking to the Hall 9 of the Singapore Expo, we are like a fish dropped in the river of men. Everyone was going so large of number, that there is a need for traffic control. Many of the people drives there.

As for me, I takes the train, and the station is already fully packed.

No Toilets Available

The female toilets does not seems to be enough. This is because when I reached there, there are a lot of ladies queuing up for the toilets all over the Expo. This is also the same for the male toilet. What is frustrating is that there are some toilet that are remained locked. I was lucky I went to the loo before I go to Expo, otherwise, I sure have to find a bush.

The performance can be better when it is performed in places designed for such an event. The Singapore Expo, is designed for exhibition, yet, the organizer change it into a theatre. Somehow the sound system is not very good, because there are a lot of interferences. When they shows the video clips of the places they do the performance, we can compare and shake our head seeing the place we held this event. It is a big different because everywhere they visit are grand, and there are famous people featured. Yet when we take a look behind and the surrounding, It looks not so grand, with the chair that looks like 20 dollar from ikea.

On returning home, the station is again very packed, and I can only whine when I was taking the train back home. It is very far. Why do they hold such an international event in hall 9 of the expo, which is very very far away from the train station?

PC ok

My PC is finally up and running quite smoothly now. So anytime I can do whatever I want with my PC. Currently I am planning to take one day out, to make another offline hard drive. Just to back up all the datas.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Shutting Down Old Microsoft Windows Home Edition

Discovered and Rectifying
Yesterday, as I was watching the PC closely, I discovered 2 spyware, trying to opening. I map out the way the programs work, and traced to one source. It all lies to the installation CDs, for the desktop.
When I bought this PC, it doesn't comes with a Microsoft Windows installation. All subsequent installation is done through Rescue and Recovery. Unknown to me, the host PC that writes the backup is itself infected with at least one spyware. This is because ever since I installed an additional hard drive, the subsequent installation always comes with a problem, and it is hard to trace, because the spyware are running in the background. Each time the Microsoft Windows is shutting down, it always displayed the pop-up window saying one of the program failed to initialise.
When the PC is idling, I observed that the hard disk and the CPU is constantly running.
As there is no Microsoft Windows installation, I gotta buy one, and not getting through the installation CDs provided by the vendor. So when you buy a new PC, insist on the Windows ORIGINAL installation CD.
BUY Original
What would come to mind when you are to buy a software CD? Would you buy a pirated CD, or an Original CD?
I would buy the Original CD. Some may complain that the Original Microsoft CD costs 10 or 30 times more than the pirated CD(With reference to Microsoft Windows XP Professional).
What makes me buy Original Windows CD. Hmm.... I like a full control of the program. Because when using Pirated CD, many are using the same product Key. And when the product key is said to be counterfeit, all the subsequent updates are disabled, and the user have to look for a new one, leaving the PC vulnerable to hackers and the cyber punks. Sometime, Microsoft have to give thanks to the cyber punks also, because without them, there is no need to come up with new patches
One friend said I am stupid to buy the Original CD, when he have a pirated Installation CD. I don't think he have a point, because during installation, the windows have to be validate, and if there is no black and white certificate on the product key, defendent is lost.
OEM Vs Full version
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a version of windows XP. For this version, when the Windows is installed into the PC, that Windows program will be fully dedicated to that particular PC. If other people uses the same CD, and the product Key to install on another machine, they will find the windows will not start up, because OEM is a use and forget installation. Only your computer can use that Windows software. The saying goes:"OEM Windows die with the PC" The PC die, that Windows dies with it. OEM windows cannot be transfered, and that is why, it cose 3 time less than full version (With price reference to Windows Professional XP).
Full version Windows refers to the Windows can be installed on a new PC if you plan to discard the Old PC, and buy a new one. The main disadvantage of using Full version is: Microsoft is constantly developing a new version of windows. How long can a Windows program last? Unless the full version can automatically update over the internet, lets say from XP to vista, without a further purchases, it would have a draw on it. But given the consequence that Vista requires a special customised equipment, as quoted in the Microsoft Website, I would recommand buying an OEM, if I owned only one PC. And if I have two, I would buy two OEM, because of the license involved. Full version are for those who constantly changing a new machine every month, or year. With reference to Windows 95 to the current XP, within 10 years, the software have undergo 4 changes of windows version (Windows 95 to Windows 98 to Windows ME to Windows XP to Windows Media), and in the 12th year, Windows Vista will be out. So to computer geeks who can maintain a good PC, and have knowledge in controlling Windows software without the need of technical support, I think OEM version is a better choice.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

PC is Up and Running

It have been a long long time since I add an entry to Blogspot.
Well, things cropped up, and I encounter unstability in my PC.

As you know, I have 3 Hard disk, and one of the hard disk is a Hitachi hard disk. and this Hitachi hard disk is very noisy when it is seeking, unlike the Seagate hard disk.

You know, if you mount the Seagate hard disk tight, it will not make a sound when it is seeking. and to make it better, it have NCQ sequencing, which makes it work faster.

I went to buy this 320 Seagate hard disk, which I find it worthwhile for the value for money. I tried doing partitions, and transfer the files over. To my dismay, it encounters a lot of problem, trying to copy the entire hard disk. The Norton utility cannot do it, and so is the discwizard offered by Seagate. I came across many difficulity, and the most idiot thing is I make a lot of partitions, that I lost track of it. Imagine splitting up many partition, and then realised that if I want to extend the hard disk space, unless I have partition magic from Symantec, it would be a disaster. Cos each time the partition is changed, I have to format the whole hard disk, and all the management are keep track by Norton's Goback.

Second thing is the hard disk is so huge, which is 250GB + 320GB + 320GB = 890GB. A partition made up of 7 parts, and I was actually got confused about all of them.

In the end, I forget about the partitions, and re-format all three hard disk to hold only 1 partition ion one hard disk. This will make things easier, and also easy to expand them, if I manage them in folders, I can move them around easily.

Well, with 3 hard drives, I can set one hard drive to manage all the backup files created by Norton Ghost.

Two days ago, my com was infected by a virus, and things just got worse, that I have to use the last resort by restoring the entire system with the backup files.

Sometime, you can just see how Norton Ghost saves the life of the PC, because it is easy to use. and one thing to note, it is better for me to use the independent recovery point. This is because the backup can shift from one hard drives to another. Well, it actually works better for me.

As for how the virus file came into the system, it is very stupid of me. I left the Norton internet security running in the learning mode. During the learning mode, it allows programs to access for 7 days. During the 7 days, this virus can come in. The first shocking is it says my subscription for the antivirus is disabled, and when I got into the net, it sends emails like rockets. I have to figure it out fast, and in the end, I have to erase the whole hard disk, and restore it back with a backup that is 2 days old.

Sometime, we have to curse the internet punk who write those strange programs. After that, I pick up a book, Home networking for Dummies by Kathy Ivens (ISBN0-7645-0857-1). The book explaines of a way to test the firewall through a website. It is a professional website created just to allow users to test how vulnerable their network system is. As expected, after tested, I found my internet is fully protected by the internet security.

It is a difficult process just to restore the whole system from scratch. If not for the Norton Ghost, I may not be able to come on line soon.

How many people have done backup? Some uses tapes, CDs, and very few will try my method, that is using hard disk. With 3 hard disks, I got 1 hard disk specially designated to store the backup data of the remaining 2 hard disk.

Xiao Lan's Birthday
Tomolow is xiao lan's birthday, I will get some stuff ready, and what is left, are cakes and the dinner place. As for present, ha ha, she never know what I got her.


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