Saturday, June 12, 2010

Motorola TLKR T7, Useless

After the waste of investment on a HP product, this is a new addition to one of my worst investment ever; a Motorola talkie TLKR T7.

Distruibuted by Alcom Electronics and sold through Home fix, This SGD 168.00 is a total waste if you are planning to use this in Singapore.

Displayed on the box as a range of 10 click, this walkie talkie can’t even survive a mere 1 kilometer range in Orchard road. This is concluded after trying to communicate between Ion Orchard and Paragon Shopping Center through the TLKR T7. It just won’t pick up~!

The purpose of getting a talkie is that it is convenient to communicate without the need to go through the Telco. However, after a few days of use, I realize what a useless item it is.

Feeling that this is probably a defect item, I bring it back to Alcom Electronics perhaps to verify the condition of the talkie. Without even checking the internal parts, the technician returned and said the warranty does not cover the transmission range as indicated by the warranty under the fine print number 3(A warranty card is only available AFTER you purchase a product). And the stupid thing is that this is only realized that this 10KM range is only in mountainous area where there is absolutely no interference. So what is the use of buying something that does not perform to what it is said to be? Is the 10 KM overcooked?

If a 10KM range cannot survive a mere 1 kilometer range in Urban world, what is the actual range of 3 KM range talkie? Can only use across the road?

If you are going to fork out SGD 168 for Motorola TLKR T7, take my experience for your consideration. As transmission range is not covered in the warranty, there is neither a refund nor a product exchange

An Absolutely DISAPPOINTING Product.



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