Friday, February 29, 2008


My drug lord ranking 416Today is so called the Leap Year day. It I a day, which exist once every 4 years. This is because in scientific term, the earth circie the sun 365 and a quarter revolution. So to make up for the extra revolution, a day is added on the February 29.

Drug Lords tournament end tonight.

Tonight is the end of the tournament for Drug Lord. So far, I still did not managed to get into the top 100. but how about top 500? Ha ha, I got into the position of 416, and eems that there is not enough time to make anymore amendment. Anyway, I will look forward for next month’s tournament. 

Muva Lamp

A second investment into the Muva lamp. It is a small little light, that have this wax in it. So when the lamp is turned on, it will heat up this wax, and will melt it. After that, by heat convection, the wax will rise, and as it cools, it will get heavy, and drop and repeat the process again. The first Muva lamp is red in pink liquid. Whereas the second is a yellow with blue liquid.

Papers Papers everywhere.

I was reading this article by someone recently, and what he points out one thing, is quite true. I have went to verify in the morning, and finds that what he says is true.

The write says that in Singapore, although the government is spending huge amount of money on saving energy, spent by buildings, and save water, and even to protect trees, yet, it loses to big company. This is because the big printing press, are publishing papers, and it is often distributed to the wrong person, and deliver to the wrong hand, who wasted all these resources, just for a bowl of noodle.

The scenario is that in Raffles place, every morning, thousands and thousands of newspaper are distributed to the public, free of charge. Readers, most readers, who read it, will either throw it around the floor, waiting for the cleaner to clean it, or they are thrown into the dustbin. I have witnessed myself, that a woman, took a “My Paper”, go up to the ground leve park, put on the bench, and sits on it. She later drinks her coffee, and after that, she would pick up the paper, and threw it right into the dustbin, without even opening it up and read it. What is your view? If newspaper are distributed to those who doesn’t read it, what purpose does it serve? Especially in raining day, when the commuters found it is raining, they just go back, and grab a paper, and use it as a shelter. And when they reached the destination, they just chuck it into the dustbin. Is Singapore practicing green effort?

And the amunt of the newspaper distributed in Raffles place, is even few times more than those distributed outside.

In Clementi, or any other stations, you can see old folks queuing up waiting for the newspaper distribution. And then, they would take one, go to the end of the line, take another paper, and when back to the end of the line, and do it gain, to take more papers. And what do you think they would do with the newspaper? Just selling it to the rag and bone man……PITY



End of Operation Management

Yup, Finally, one subject is finished. It is called Operation Management. Yay~!

I was busy preparing for this subject, that I stopped posting blog, because I was tired everyday from studying all the way. It’s a tough day everyday, of course, cos I have to work and study at the same time. Anyway, one thing not forgetting, I am still busy with the facebook, in case most of my facebook buddy are not aware.

If Fiona is reading, you know how expensive you are in the facebook, that I have to invest every single opportunity just to raise enough funds to buy you over? Yup.

Drug Lords

I am also into “Drug Lord” in the facebook as well, because of this heat tournament with the whole world, competing to get to the number 1 position. So far, I am still in the top 1000. this is so sad. By the time of post, I am number 692 in the ranking. Hmm…. I think this is enough, because it the tournament ends tonight. I hope I can get into the top 10 in the next tournament round.

Buy and Sell

In the buy and sell, I get to buy and sell my friends, over this program in the facebook. Fiona is the most expensive person I ever bought, because she is getting more and more popular, and her value raise up quite fast. When I told her over the msn of how popular she is, she actually changes her photo to a better looking, and more people buys her. But till now, I still managed to keep her as a pet. If you sees me in the facebook, do add me in, and I can share this three nice application with you. I am into “Drug Lord”, “Green Patch”, “Slayer, werewolf, vampire, zombie”

PC slowed to the claw

I am beginning to suspect that one of the RAM seems to be shorted, because the RAM indicates it is 512MB, but I have installed 1GB into the PC. And this PC, is the internet PC. Everything slows to a crawl again, and to add to my agony, the hard disk also slows down. Perhaps it is because of the long time usage or lowered RAM?

Anyway, I am sourcing for a new PC now, and so looking forward for the next IT show on the 6th March. I am looking back to the desktop, cos it is more affordable, and more powerful. Also, it can be expanded much more. Maybe it is because I am more familiar with the desktop parts bah.

This is a picture of my flower, that I have been planting. It finally bloom~! Yay~! And well, one happy event leads to another event. On the day this flower bloom, one of my friend is leaving the company. So sad de. But anyway, life still gotta go on. So…..this picture flower is for you, Cynthia. 


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Exam, Till 28th Feb 2008.

ELMO kiss TWINKLE~! Caught on camera.Will not be updating, cos I am busy with my work in daytime, at night, will be busy with studies because examination will be here very soon. need to buck up a bit.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Face book

Facebook re-organise.

Today, I spend half a day, looking into my facebook, and doing a renovation, tidying up the unused applications, and playing some of the games.

Facebook ar……could be fun though, get the chance to buy and sell my friend. I am very shocked that one of my friend, kenichiro is worth so many money. Dunno how he did it. but I want to buy him also have some problem.

Later, I exploit my email address, and invite some people to go to the facebooks. Well, it could be more fun than friendsters, but facebook sometime takes a long time in loading. Maybe it is because my PC is slow.

How many people actually spend some time out to play the facebook per day? I am more interested into the vampire game. Quite funny de. Can get to kill everyone.

Before and After ChangeBicycle

Again, I am talking about my bicycle. Hmm…. I sent it to check out the bicycle sub this time, and the guy gave me a bad news that the race-wheel of the sub seems to be broken inside. Oh gosh~! I shouldn’t have change the braking mechanism yesterday then. So sad de. To add to that, the frame is also misaligned, probably cos of long time usage. Aiyah, I should have buy a new bicycle instead. Duh~. Anyway, the budget for a new bicycle is still not ready, so I guess I still have to use this bicycle for the time being. The only problem I will face is a slower speed, cos the bearing is not working well. Oh duh~.

Anyway, bicycle brakes is one important mechanism, because it can prevent and stop a potential accident. The back wheel tyre is the one that will bear most of the stress during starting and stopping because when starting, all the inertia force are acting on the back wheels, because the resistance of the bicycle and the rider falls to the back.

Gear.And during braking, if the brake is always applied at the back wheel only, there will be frictional force, acting between the wheel and the ground. Some microns of the rubber, may get rub during the braking time, as it slows down, and if excessive braking force is applied, it can lock the wheel, and the wheel rubber will worn off easily.

Brake pad, is the component that does the braking, In released mode, they are on standby, around 5 mm distance, and controlled by wire string. In high end bicycle type, brake pad mechanism are replace by brake disc. I am not sure how it works, but it can cost even 10 time the cost of brake pad mechanism. Oh gosh. I stick to brake pad, because it can really last, as long as I keep the rim clean.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blood Donors

Door Closer

Why do people invent door closer……Sometime I wonder is the invention of door closer, a good thing or a bad thing.

The benefit of a door closer, is to close a door, automatically, and this is extremely useful in the event of fire, because it will close the door, and not allow the door to open and let the fire into the next room.

Today, I witnessed some people opens a door which have door closer, and just walk out. Hmm…. Well, the door remains open, and people talking outside can be heard in the room. So I went and close the door, and guess what, the next person who opens it up, did not close after going out. Is it a trend not to make and effort to close the door?

Feel quite frustrated sometime.

Blood Donors

Is the blood donors decreasing? Is Singaporeans avoiding blood donation? I hope more and more people would stand up, and go for a blood donation, because blood cannot be made artificially and public are advised to donate bood, so that more people would benefit, such as those who loses blood in accident or operation, plasma for burnt victims, and white blood for the sick.

I am a regular blood donor myself. I view blood donation as a way for my body to cool down the temperature, and also, to give the body a way to recycle more blood. Yup. Blood dies, in the body daily, so why not donate it out and save people? I went to health Science Authority in Outram Park every three months, so I can donate out the blood. I wish they would take 2 packets instead of 1, but the nurse refuses. So too bad. Anyway, It is a 5 minutes process, to me that is. And ther eis a free lunch too. yup. curry puff and a cup of water.

Replace Brakes

This evening, I find a time out, and cycle my bicycle to a shop, to have the rear braking system replaced. I changed to a new braking mechanism, and it cost me quite a sum because it is a powerful and branded. hmm.... at least it is not as expensive as disc braking system. I am using brake pad system, so only thing worn out will be the brake shoe. Anyway, other than changing the braking mechanism, I also change the tyre, so there will no be so much traction on the road. The reason why I change the braking mechanism is because after braking, the spring will not release the wheel, so while cycling, one side of the brake will still hold on to the wheel, and make cycling tiring. Hmm.... I am thinking of changing the wheel rim as well, but it cost quite huge, cos it is a $120 investment for a alloyed rim. Maybe I just walk around and ee whether is there a suitable rim. Then again, if I change the rim, I might as well change the whole bicycle. Hmm... a Full suspension type.

Full suspension

The bicycle I am using is a Urata half suspension bicycle. It is full body aluminium for lightweight. It can run very fast, and can be faster without the heavy duty chain. For security, the chain of my bicycle is a extremely thick and of course, expensive type. just one lock alone, I can buy a bicycle.

The reason why I do not get a full suspension is because I wish to fetch my mum from the MRT station sometime. Having a full suspension bicycle, I will not be able to install a back seat. Whereas Half suspension bicycle can, because of the frame construction.

I prefer full suspension bicycle, meaning the front and back is mounted with suspension ring. For half suspension, only the front have a suspension cylinder, and not the back. Full suspension bicycle are nice, because the shock from the ground will be absorbed by both suspensions, and ride can be smooth even on rough road.

Suspension is also good for the tyres, because it is in the middle of the reactor and reactions, and the spring absorb energy from both side, so that the stress by the ground is spread to both the suspension and the tyre, rather than the tyre itself.

I am looking at one full aluminium and full suspension, and it cost $350 for it. hmm... quite worth, but......I just changed a new braking mechanism, gotta make the full use of it.

Depression in Work

Nowadays, I am quite tiring. Things doesn’t seems to work, looks like I have to come up with another plan to make my work more efficient. Sometime, I really find it hard, to work with three superior, because they each have their own job scope, and methods of working……

One guy, Mr Y, he is a very anxious person, and I really don’t know why he like to put his feet on anything. He have in his mind the problem, but sometime, I find it annoying because he repeats his instruction, and I already know how to follow. He changes his instruction and also the job scope.

One Guy, Mr K, unlike Mr Y, he is a slow and steady person. He says he will not chip in, but he somehow, managed to dig in. And a bit long winded, but sometime, when engaged in conversation, it is hard to get off. He say one thing, like checking a thing, and the next second, it changed again.

One Guy, Mr L, he is a very, how should I say, a very innovative person, but a person who wants perfection. He can do the things, but it leaves no chances for others to learn. When frustrated, all the F word starts flooding out, and scold non stop. Sometime, he shout and throw things one. I remember once, he throw a ladder onto the floor because it is not a stable ladder.By the way, it is a 10-step ladder

Being a small soldier, how can I work with them in peace?


Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was valentine's day. Nothing much happens, but I was listening to this song, and I was suddenly thought of someone.

She is someone who is my friend, but I just wish she would be open up a bit, cos I sense that there is something is bothering her. But I just want to wish her a happy valentine's day.

This is made by a girl, who says to a boy.....should be read in a girl's perception.

I hear a gentle voice from somewhere
Which might have always been heard
The warmth found just near to me

I was forgiven by forgiving many things
Including my childhood so long ago
I was healed, though I intended to heal
I've just noticed, in the way
That I was saved by love
Though I tried to keep love away

You come down quietly from somewhere
And always tell me
Of the happiness just near to me

Supporting and being supported
I draw close to you little by little
Protecting and being protected
I get convinced
That I was saved by love
Though I tried to keep love away

If you have a pain hard to get over
Shall we share it and walk on?
Gathering pleasure too big for each of us
Shall we share them and walk on?

I sing this song only to you now
You are my special treasure
No rain, can't get the rainbow


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day.

It always begin with the question "What's Luv?" (Fat Joe Ft Ja-Rule), thats when people would perhaps invite you on board and do a little "Crusin'" (Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis) cos thats where some say Love begins.

Those were the times when people would call each other their "Dearest" (Ayumi Hamasaki), spending the nights "Dreaming of You" (Selena) saying that they care not about the person on the left, the person on the right, what their parents say or what the friends say "As Long As You Love Me" (Backstreet Boys). "Duo Ku Dou Yuan Yi" (Jin Chen Wu aka Takeshi) that no matter how hard it is, they will "Say A Little Prayer" (My Best Friend's Wedding's Cast) for you as a promise. That all they ever wanted is to "Grow Old With You" (Adam Sandler - Wedding Singer Soundtrack).

In the hard times, when the guy couldnt comprehend whats on the girls mind, or when girls simply couldnt bring it across the question always pop: "How Do You Want Me To Love You?" (911)! That really all that they ask is to be "Close To You" (Carpenters). "What Can I Do"( The Corrs) to make him understand - Oh what a familiar phrase to the best friends that's around.

And yet when the occasion calls for the declaration will always come, that I want to be "At The Beginning With You" (Richard Marx & Donna Lewis). Even times when we thought they did something real bad the faithful one will always say, "I Will Still Love You" (Britney Spears & Don Philip)

Its really sweet when its truly made in "Heaven" (DJ Sammy & Yanou). Singing to you that "Underneath your clothes" (Shakira) theres an endless story...

hmm... the best part of it all, is waking up in the morning, "Coffee Tea or Me Wo Ai Ni" (Emil Chau & Tracy Su)



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New schedule in progress

Ayumi;s album, GuiltyAyumi’s Guilty

I have listened to Ayumi's Guilty yesterday, and hmm.... I think she is concentrating more into the rock and roll type. not like the usual sentimental......I am a bit disappointed with this album......:(

Study VenueNew study venue

I have just found a new venue to study. It is actually near to my workplace, and it is a room which is very quiet one, with people who are really into study mode. I think this is by far a secret place, and nt many people knows about it. Have to be a member of the secret place, before you are allowed into the room. At first trial, I exactly dun like it much, cos there is a person speaking next to the room. But when I was out scouting around, I found out there is another room, totally isolated from other room, and sitting in it, can really be very peaceful.

After a day of tril in this room, I like it much, and I am planning a new schedule, to ft into this new function. As I have always dislike, I hate the traffic noise outside my home. The car sounds are really irritating to me.

However, I like peace quiet to concentrate, because it is the only time I can really think about things more clearly.

Comfort Zone

Occassionally, I have this thought, that I am working in a comfort zone, which I think can make me stay for years after years, with the neverending job. This job is endless, because new problem will arise, and some can be challenging. But when I look at journals, I would be amazed about how engineering are so exciting, as to the things I am doing now. When we were talking about metal, engineers are talking about material grade, property, characteristics, melting and boiling point, saturation mixture of alloy. I see that engineering are more exciting, because it can really make a person learn quite a great deal. And on knowing material properties, I can control material manufacturing well. Sometime I do yearn to go to engineering line, but there are still yet a lot more to learn. Will I be able to progress in my career? Change a new job and take up new challenge, or stay in the comfort zone.

Valentine's Day

This thursday, it would be the valentine's day. For a person who celebrates this day annually for 5 years, this year will be a bit different. I may or will be spending alone. How to celebrate valentine's day alone, I do not know how to, cos I have been used to having someone special. But since September last year, this year, it would be different. As I checked the revised schedule, nothing...nothing at all...If I were in last time mood, I would drink my heart out. But that is last time. Just let bygone, be bygone. I should look forward in the future, and not turning back. The word of my First director is always in my mind:"Whatever you do, always look in front, and never look back. If you look back, you will fall". Thanks Mr Tan.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Library nowadays......

Ayumi;s album, GuiltyAyumi’s Guilty

Yup, I finally got it, Ayumi’s Guilty CD Album. This is a new Album, and I think it is just recently released bah. I was actually going to get something, but ended up in Music Junction, and the album Guilty caught me attention. Have not opened yet, cos not enough time, but I think it must be good bah.

Media has it that the stock for Ayumi’s music company dropped the moment words has it that Ayumi’s left ear is deaf. But, I believe it would not affect her vocal functionjust because one of her ear cannot hear anything. Beethoven did music even when both of his ear is deaf. I believe if Beethoven can do it, so can Ayumi wo. So keep it up Ayumi~! Even if you are deaf in one year, I will still support you de wo.

It’ve been a long long time since the album My Story came out. I think quite nice bah.

Jay Chou

Is he getting more famous? An entire row of display s filled with his CDs, VCDs, MTVs today. Wow, is it his birthday today? I was astonished when I stepped into the Music Junction, and couldn’t caught up with the sight of his albums on one particular display rack. Or maybe he is going to give a performance in the foyer or a stage nearby?

Anyway, I got hold of one of his album, and downloaded into my phone, maybe I should pick up one or two song from it, and practice. who knows, it might be useful in future. Anyway, one of his song, caught my attention, and perhaps for a limited time period, I would put it up. hmm.....but it will change eventually.

Photo signature

I was just stuck upon, by one of my cousin’s comments on her blog. She said that she wants to create a signature for her photos, because they are just too pretty, and a lot of people would want to copy them down. After hearing that, I think I should add one for mine too. While she is using Photoshop, I am using Pictureit form Microsoft. Ha ha, this is the only photo editor I am using. Xiaxue’s blog also gave me an idea on where to put it. Initially, I put it at the lower right of the photos, but now, following Xiaxue, and a bit kiasu, I try putting it diagonally, dunno how will it perform. Well, leave a comment if you have.

Ah Long Pte Ltd TicketLibrary.

Community library. . . just a personal comment, I think the library nowadays is not conducive for quiet study anymore. Most of the teens will go to the library for study, and they go in a group, to discuss about the projects, and computer things. And there are parents who brought their kids, and they would run here and there, crying and shouting. Though librarians are patrolling around, and telling people to be quiet. But the moment they leave, they would start talking again, and it really irritates me. There are some, who would put their bag down to reserve seats, and run to dunno where. I find this as quite a selfish act, because it leaves no chance to those who would really wants to study.

In the end, I ended up back home, to square one, to study.

One of my most memorial piece, is I was looking for a seat in the community library, and I chanced upon a table, and there is one girl sitting on it. She is taking two space, and I went over and ask whether is there anyone sitting on it, and she replied that her friend is coming. As there is no seats left around, I tell her whether can I sit down for a while. And she said her friend will be coming soon. I just put my things down, and signal my friend to come over, and we sit down, and do our study. After three hours have gone by, I finished my assignment, and so is my friend, and we just pack up and before leaving, I tell her, “Your friend is still not here? Three hours already leh.”

A bit sarcastic. Hee hee. Anyway, it happens years ago, so there. But then again, at that time, I can get very angry if I did see this sight though.

27th Feb 2008 L Changed the World.21st Feburary 2008

Yup, this date, is the start of the show, “L changed the world” I am so looking forward to it, and it is a Japanese, and it doesn’t matter to me, cos they do have subtitles. Anyway, I have checked and found out this is the show, telling the 23 days of L, who is going to change the world, by solving a crime problem the first and the last time, he is going to solve it without the help of his faithful assistance, who is killed by Misa’s Death note, and he have to solve it physically. Formerly, he solves crime problem with the help of his assistance, and also he does it in front of computers, and now, he have to walk out. Misa is one left alive, so in the third installment, will Misa plot her revenge on L or not.

How come L got his last 23 days is because he made a bet with a detective to uncover Yagami as Akira. The detective who is the father of Yagami, do not believe that yagami is the Akira, and in order to convince him, L wrote his name on the death note, and made a bet. In the end, Yagami died because the death god betrayed him by writing Yagami’s name on the death note. So when the second part ends, two death notes remains. Yagami’s death god’s notebook, and Misa guardian god’s death note.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Last day of Chinese New Year.


Elmo, to everyone especially for those who are in European country, Elmo is the red little puppet from the sesame streets. But to me, Elmo, is a dog, a Maltese.

This dog, is from a cousin of mine, who now owns two doggie. Amazing, and unbelievable, but with two dogs, one can be a companion of the other. But a bit tiring for the owner though. Ha ha.

Owning a dog, in Singapore, is really a big sacrifice for the owner, because the expenses of the vets, and food, and even the toothpaste, is more expensive than those used by humans. Ha ha

Anyway, Elmo, is a very adorable dog. It’s white fur is very nice to touch, and the mouth, is very cute. Sometime, I just like to open up its mouth, and look inside. See if it is eating anything. Ha ha.

Sometime, Elmo keeps on barking at me, dunno why is he doing that. But there are certain timing one. An he seems to be afraid of me, reaching out to him. Like I am going to catch him, chop and cook into stew. Ha ha.

I once took Elmo home, to take care of it for a few days, and he likes it a lot. Cos he get to go down walk, and sniff around. And of course, pee all over the place, and on every trees. But as long as he like it, it doesn’t really matter. But one thing I find it tiring about owning a dog, is that we have to be home almost all the time, and someone at home, have to look after them, and feed them. For me, this is not my lifestyle, unless I got a partner who likes dogs. And also, I like the things they are, cos part of my flooring is carpeted, and the room is maintained well. Looks like owning a dog is out of question for me, unless I got myself a pent house.

Pent house.

This is my target, a setted target, to get a pent house, on top of a condominium. Will be saving up, for a peaceful top of the floor penthouse. And get away from this place, where the road I just few meters away. If I get a pent house, I would like to be on the roof, well, overlooking the city. I was at this place in punggol yesterday, and saw this place, which have 18 storey high. As I climb up, I saw the view is magnificent, and very windy. It is actually overlooking the city, a fade image. Really quite nice. But the block is fully sold, so too bad.


Ah Long Pte Ltd

Chinese New Year MovieSecond day of Chinese New Year

Second day of Chinese New Year, I was so tired, cos I was woke up and have to wake up to go out to eat this dim sum in the morning. As is the routine of the Cantonese, my relatives brought us to the Fortune Restaurant in International Building to have a feast. It really cost quite huge, but everyone have to pay their own. Ha ha. I thik I did not eat much, all thanks to my mum who heated up one big pot of soup in the morning from yesterday’s leftovers.

I am Disappointed in the Dim Sum in Fortune Restaurant

I think cooking up this big pot of soup is one of her scheme to stop me from eating too much in the restaurant. So I did not eat much this morning. And speaking of which, I also did not get to eat suckling pig this year. I usually have suckling pig in Chinese New year, looks like this year there is an exception because the restaurant is not the usual restaurant, and so there is no suckling pig. This is so totally sad.

After that, I went to this place around bugis, to take a look at the some big giant poster saying about the fate of the animal horoscope. To my astonishment, it says this year, my luck is a totally downturn, and this goes with my health. I think I should take care…… After that, I went over to look at some of my friend’s. One of them, who is a rooster, says the luck for rooster is good, and only the fact that have to take extra care for the health, everything goes smooth for them.

For one exceptional day, my home electricity and water is switched to full power, as everyone came to my home, and switches on the power for lights, tv, aircon, everything. We were very busy attending to them. And it is finally, I get to open my panda chocolate balls, which I bought some days ago. I like the Meiji Panda chocolate ball. Very nice, and tasty.

Ah Long Pte Ltd

In the evening, we went to catch this movie called Ah Long Pte Ltd. Hmm…. It is quite a nice show, seeing how Mark Lee act as a sissy guy, and how Fann Wong act as a gangster boss. I think there is some remembrance between Fann Wong gangster and the Korean movie “My wife is a gangster”. It is a bit the same, and the settings are in Malaysia. Looks like they are filming in KL, cos the scenes are the same as the one I visited some days ago. Quite familiar. As to why they chooses KL to film, I think it is because KL is huge bah. I was so tired, I fall asleep in the show, and was woke up when muthu appears. Ha ha, didn’t catch the joke quite fast enough, so a bit blur. Overall, I think this show will be enjoyable, if you know Chinese, hokkian and Cantonese. This is because they switch language very fast.

Ah Meng Died

Today, 48 year old Orang Utan Ah Meng, an icon of the Singapore Zoo, died of old age. She is made an icon, and had been featured in over 30 travel films and 'interviewed' by more than 300 writers.

In 1992, Ah Meng received a special award from the Singapore Tourism Board in recognition of her contribution towards tourism in Singapore.

As an icon of the Singapore Zoo, Ah Meng has met numerous foreign dignitaries and world-renowned celebrities such as Prince Philip, David Copperfield, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor.

I even have a photo taken before with Ah Meng, with me, my dad and my mum. It is a very long time ago... Well, that's all.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Repairing Hard Drive

Half day today.
Today was working halfday today. And duh, Other people are resting, but I am working halfday. Why ar? Why the system is different from the management de?

Anyway, this morning, we nearly have two fire incident, and it was lucky, one was prevented by a technician, and another is avoided by yours truly.

The first fire was actually about to start, because there is a neutral wire dislodged from the connector. So, occasionally, there is some arcing sound. One technician went to verify it, and then reported the incident. I went with him, to check, and later, on top of the ceiling, there are sparks, and a small portion of the ceiling was on fire~! It is lucky it is still small, and detected early! I quickly blow it out, and cut off the wires, and went retrace it back to the main circuit board. And to my most astonishment, the distribution board is inside a shop, which rest for the day for the Chinese New Year Eve~! No choice, I have to do it, I have to do the correction under live power condition. It is really very exhausting, because when the neutral wire is disconnected from the source, the wire that I am repairing, becomes a live wire instead of a neutral wire. Live wires are very difficult to work with, rather than the neutral wire. They have the ability to give a shock, and produces sparks. It took nearly half an hour to repair it, and under those circumstances, there was no powerline tripping. Otherwise, we really have to call the owner of the shop back.

The second fire is actually inside a shop, where the transformer was burnt, and a small fire was started inside the light box. We have to get the extinguisher ready in case of anything happens. Oh duh. It is again me. Why do I have to operate so often? This lamp is ever harder than the one I dealt with earlier. Because it have ignitor and capacitor, which may explode under high heat. I have to quickly dismantle it, and cut off the supply wires, and put it under the nearest diffuser to quickly reduce the temperature. I really fear the safety of my technicians, because it is an urgent, and dangerous job for them, and a slightest wrong move, it can give a electric shock, or explode. That is why, I have to do it myself. I hope this will not happen again, so suay and tired.

Hard Disk number 3
One of the hard disk, actually faulted and stopped few months ago. And it is today, I take an opportunity to open up and check it out. It is an independent drive, so with or without it, the PC can still function. The only purpose of it is to become a storage drive. And restore when either of the hard drive failed.

How to repair a faulted hard drive. Hmm….


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stephen Returned.

Yup, no network, cos I have ben out off the pc for 3 days.

I was off the network, because I have been out oversea~! yuppie~! this time, I went to KL, and it is quite fun, cos it is
Number 1, a Free and easy type of vacation.
Number 2, Get to do pre-chinese new year shopping
Number 3, Get to take three type of train rides
Number 4, Get to fufilled a dream of mine, going to a place many year ago,
Number 5, Shop, Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop, Eat,
Number 6, get to know how rural life looks like.

I think these are it. I have not yet sorted out the photos.
I actually bought some presents for my close friends, and then foun out that one of them is on a long leave too. So good. it is only when I found out when I was about to go and look for him, and found out from the email that he is on leave. Think he went back to malaysia to celebrate his Chinese New Year bah.

Just as I touched down Singapore from KL, I got a call to says someone was actually complaining about me at work. What kinda news is that to give to someone who have a refreshed day? DUH~!

Anyway, I worked tody, and find it quite nice, and happy. While I was happily working, I did not realised that a friend of mine is working sad. Somehow, I feels, I am quite useless, because I am not a sensitive person bah. My logics always gets me away from the emotional point of view de. I wish......I have the ability of Anthony Robin, or Adam be able to persuade a person to look at different point of view. Why Why why.

What is the Use?
What is the use of a extreme powerful technical knowledge, and yet do not have the ability to see through body language? What is the use?

Chinese New Year
Anyway, Chinese new year is coming soon, So here comes the rare chance of yet anohter year, where all shps closes for 2 days.



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