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Monday, May 25, 2015

长龙(火炭) 鱼头炉

This is a new Tze Cha opening in Bukit Merah. 
It is gaining popular for the nice tasty crab and very well cook steamboat fish. Yummy Yummy.

The name, 
Long Dragon Fish head steamboat
长龙(火炭) 鱼头炉
Address: Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3749 Singapore 150161
Tel: 98200251

At first, the location is definitely wrong. It is in a very seclude location where there is no parking and the nearest is a multi storey carpark. Given it is along Jalan Bukit Merah, it is hidden behind some blocks of flats. The only good thing is it is close to the Bukit Merah Library, so that is one good landmark to locate it. It is away from fierce competition from those in Bukit Merah Central, yet, it is usually no people. 
Then, something was changed. Long dragon came along, cooking up nice dish and food became nice and starts attractive the crowd. It does takes sometime to attract more people come as the saying goes, so long as the food is food, everyone will flock in no matter how far it is.

As you walk pass the coffee shop, the sweet fish aroma came sneaking and seems to start entice your desire for fish steamboat. I fell for it. In fact, it is by words of mouth, we try to test and see how is it.

The waitress are very professional and take care of the order and make sure they come fast. It may takes a while for the chef to dish out, but it is worth the time waiting. What we ordered, is the fish steamboat as there is no more crab. It have been snapped up all. 
Most of the people are either eating the fish steamboat which is what it is famous for, and the crab bee hoon. Yummy.  We orders the oyster egg, long bean in shrimp paste, coffee rib, prawn paste chicken. Wanna find some flaws in these? Not a grip in sight. The fish steam boat has in my opinion, defeated one of the fish steamboat I know in Tampines. It can almost fight with the fish steamboat in Neo Teow, and probably draw. The fish and veggies are absolutely fresh and bouncy. The steamboat is packed with a lot of nice goodies and one fo them is some ffried fish head to make the soup more tasty. The charcoal is at the right heat with not too strong and keep the soup warm and able to cook the fish meat. Next is the prawn paste chicken. It is a recommended by the waitress during the ordering and it is crispy and have some taste of prawn. The oyster egg……the oyster may have been overcooked as it is too dry, but it is good enough to accompany with the rice, white steaming fluffy rice. Then comes the coffee rib. Sweet nice and chewy. No raw meat found as it is fried completely and not too dry. Long bean, is crunchy and nice. The waitress is very attentive on the amount of the soup. When it is nearly low, they would come and ask if you would like to top up the soup. Oh yeah.

In addition, there is a complimentary tissue for use if you get your hand dirty, but for the sake fo the green call, use only the amount that is required.  If you thinking of ordering drink, think twice because the fish soup is absolutely nice and filling. When we all finished, there is almost nothing left~! Not even the soup. 

They have set meal as well, and they are cheaper than ordering one by one. and you can upsize at additional charge as well.

Long Dragon, thumbs up~!


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