Monday, February 06, 2006

Worker's party comments in paliment

This is something very shocking to me, when I heard it in the news. The worker’s party here, a political party, wanted to scrap 4 points in the parliament. They are:

  1. No residents’ committees
  2. No ethnic quotas for housing
  3. No Elected Presidency
  4. More subsidies for lower income.

This is something that the worker’s may be bringing it to fight for the election, and I hope they will never take place.

Singapore has taken painstaking 40 years to build a nation of peace and harmony among races, and even now, I am still in peace with my neighbors, friends, and colleague from all races. This is what, makes us unique.

No residents’ committees

I believe that this is something very important. The worker’s party reason for it is that the residents’ committee is a function of the government’s eye and ear. I don’t believe it is what they are saying.

In times of crises, there are a lot of activities happening in the committee, where people sign up as volunteers and go around solving them. The latest is the dengue fever, where everyone do a carpet searching for dengue risked environment, and correct them. After some months of progress, there is a vast improvement in the number of cases of dengue fever. Without the committee, the problem may just be at a serious risk, and Singapore may be a breeding ground for dengue fever.

Occasionally, the residents’ committee may even hold some function where bored resident can go and take part. This not only cured a person of boredom, it also broadens their circle of friends, which is extremely good for the health of the mental. Imagine without them, bored people can take up criminal act to make themselves noticed. And it can also lead to mental instability.

No ethnic quotas for housing

In Singapore there is a percentage of racial allocation in every housing estate. I find that this is extremely useful, and that makes us unique from around the world.

Have you been to China? Which part of China, would you find the Chinese, living next to door with Japanese, English? I never came across yet, but in the 60s, this has happened before. Where the Muslims have their area and Chinese lives in another area. When a Chinese did something wrong, the entire village attack, and the Chinese would fight back. This has lead to the riots in the 1960s, where state of emergency was declared.

If today, one block of flat is totally filled with Chinese, and everyone plays mahjong, and another block, the entire Muslim are trying to pray in the homes, what would you think it would happen?

For me, I have a Muslim living next to my house, and a Chinese living next to me. I would turn down my volume on my TV set, when it approaches the prayer time for the Muslim, and after the time is over, I turn up again. Similarly, the Chinese next to me would lower their voices in the house, as their house is near empty state. During hari Raya Puasa, the Muslim would bring food over to our houses, and share with us. Similarly I would invite them to our house during the Chinese New year. Isn’t this wonderful?

What would make out of it, if the entire block is emptied during Chinese new year, or hari raya puasa?

No Elected Presidency

A President is one who holds the highest position in the country. He or she is to decide when to execute certain function of the finance, and to decide when to activate important events, that will benefit the country.

We do not wish to have some tom, dick or harry, to govern a country, and abuse the authority, and then bring down the whole country to poverty. This is why, we need an elected presidency.

If a tyrant man attempts to go for election, he can be brought down by election, because everyone who knows his real character will vote against him. Vise versus, If he if good, and kind, he, will be voted for, with majority win, even though there is a small group of his friends and relatives voting for him.

Our current president is a real humble man, who does not live in the Istana, which is his official resident. Instead, he continues to love in his former house, together with his wife. To keep healthy lifestyle, he jogs like everyone else, and humbly greets anyone who he meets. Although he may greet to those who may have voted against him in the past, the gesture, will melt all judgment against him.

More subsidies for lower income

This is very good question. WHY DO THEY BECOME POOR? WHY?
Think about it.

If government continuously helps the one in the lower income, they may rely on the government, and why should the government answer to the tax payer?

I am once from the lower income also. But we strive to save and cut down on unnecessary expenses, and save a lot vigorously. And my parents, learns and upgrade themselves constantly. They would continuously tell me that I should keep up with the world, and should to submit to worldly possession. We do not resort to government, because my father does not wish to own anyone any favor. He would rather cut down in meals, and having rice alone, or porridge and salt egg as two meals a day.
As for me, I would pack lunch for schooling, instead of buying from the stall, because of my father saying I am paying more than I need for the food, because I am bearing expenses for the stall owner.

Back to here, if more and more people go to the government, and wants a higher assistance for their living hood, which will benefit, in order of mathematical logic calculation?


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